Some thoughts

You started walking at about 10 months. Your brother Jimmy was born 1yr 4 days and 4 hours after you on the 15th Sept 1972, Lisa followed in August 1974, Jason in January 1977 and then Simon in January 1982. You never met you Grandfather, he passed away a month after you were born, but he met you.

You got yourself into some trouble but I was always there for you no matter what. There are so many stories I could tell.

You had a few relationships but you had two children who meant the world to you, your daughter Alison and your son Ethan Your daughter Alison was your pride and joy even tho you lost contact with her, you were lucky enough to be able to rebuild your relationship with your son Ethan tho. They are both so much like you.

You have nieces and nephews, and countless friends who loved you to bits, you were always there for them. Sometimes it seemed as if no one was there for you tho.


I went into labour with Wayne on the 10th September 1971, I was watching The Virginian on TV, everyone said I should go to the hospital, but I told them I wasn't going until The Virginian had finished. Once it finished I said I was ready to go. Wayne was born at 2am Saturday the 11th September 1971, drug free. I remember the nurse telling during delivery, that she could see your hair, when I asked her what colour it was, the stupid B told me it was green, boy was she wrong, you were a red head, the only one with red hair out of all of you. I was only 16 when I got pregnant with you, I don't regret one moment of having you. You were the eldest of 5 children, with only one sister.