Shared by Jenilee Shaw on February 15, 2013
I meet you at course ya always picked_ me up and dropped me off .we used to go ti night clubs together just so you knew i was safe. from the day nikayla and skyla were born ya classed ya self there uncle. you di,d a lot for them and aaron and chloe. ya spent christmas day with my family one year. you took me and the 2 girls to the beach before i meet jimmy. I'm thankful for the help ya gave me after health died if it wasn't for youon't know what would of happened you stuck by me the hole way i,.was lucky to meet you and even luckier to be apart of ya family and having my kids as a part of your family to love you always. ya always in my heart and always be in the kids heart miss you heaps xxx

my big brother

Shared by Lisa Welch on January 8, 2012

well i could just about write a book about the things we used to get up,so many good times i just wish life had of been kinnda to you then you may still be here life can be so unkind and you of all people did not deserve some of the shit you put up with, you the one who would go outta yr way to help where ever you could for anyone that was your nature im so proud to call you my brother,your niece and nephew miss you so very much but they lucky they have our gift and can talk with you when ever the need arises, im so grateful that you are watching over your babies and your nieces and nephew god bless you Wayne try not to play up to much hahaha i no you can't help yourself you with all our hearts sending you lots of warm fuzzies love from me ,Ben and Gracie xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox                                    

Shared by Alex Welch on January 8, 2011

I remember when uncle was at my mums wedding and i did not know that he was there untill i turned around and saw him i ran towards him and gave him a huge hug. uncle wayne was the  biggest thing in my heart. uncle had a heart of gold. i remember when uncle lived in oamaru and i always went into his music room and we would always sit there and listen to his music and drawed pictures and we would always talk. I MISS YOU UNCLE AND I LOVE YOU ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU WILL ALWAYS BE IN MY HEART.


Shared by Rachel Rankin on January 8, 2011

I remember meeting you when I was with your brother Jimmy. I thought you were abit of a swagger but you had a heart of gold and a wicked sence of humour. You loved your music and that rubbed off on everybody. You loved your Neice Alexandra from the day she was born and she loved you with all her heart. You had alot to give. You left us way too soon and left alot of unfinished business. Alexandra often crys when she thinks of you and knowing she will never see you again. You will always be in her heart and in her memories.

Shared by James Welch on January 7, 2011

you use to get on my nerves alot i rember when we were little up in waikairi liveing with mum she was watching coro st like how boreing but any way we kids had a tv in the lounge and you got on my nerve just once to many so i sent you flying over it lol we all would fight amoungest each other as family do but you asways had my back when i need you and we all had yours no matter what you were my big brother and my friend you would keep an eye on my kids for me with out a problem i am thankful to you for being abig part of our lives i will always miss you bro and so will my kid's aj,alex,stefhan,aaron and chole they will sadly miss there uncle and nw you got me owning a bloody holden but its only cos of you as they were your style of car nt mine lol once again bro give me a ford tht more me but i'll try nt to sell the holden love you bro always have no matter how much you got on my nerve's thinking of you alway's.

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