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Ocean City

Shared by Ann Spross on December 5, 2012

I remember walking on the boardwalk with them and  just sitting there enjoying the sunshine and watching the people walking by. 

Also, driving up to Gateway all ready to "Cruz" away with his sunglasses on and ready to roll.

Ocean city flounder

Shared by Ed Edwards on December 2, 2012
We were fishing in the east channel of the assawoman bay in ocean city Maryland. It was very near first street. We were with my brother in law Dave Glaze. It was a summer day and this was the one and only keeper flounder we caught that day on my boat. Dad was very proud of the fish. We did have it for dinner.


Shared by Christine Minot on December 2, 2012

My Dad was fun and easy going, always cheerful.  He loved to go to the beach for vacations and we did every year!  When he retired,my parents bought a trailer and headed to the campsites from Maryland to California.   I am so grateful that I grew up in a fun and loving family and the memories I have will last me for a lifetime.   

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