Weldon Howze
  • 85 years old
  • Date of birth: Sep 3, 1930
  • Date of passing: Dec 11, 2015
Let the memory of Weldon be with us forever

Weldon's memorial was held February 27 @ 3pm in Santa Barbara. 

Memorial Program:  


Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Debbie Garven on 21st January 2018

"At this time of year, I'm still thinking of our dear brother and missing his comments in our hall (and of course, the emails.) I cannot wait to see you again and catch up,,,so much in such a short time."

This tribute was added by Ron Maurer on 11th December 2017

"Weldon you are missed.  I miss all the emails from friends from all over. I enjoyed being with you at the table at the college. You would be so happy to see us with 6 lit carts and 2 A-frames in our congregation. Looking forward to seeing you soon."

This tribute was added by Sparkie Edwards on 11th December 2017

"As I sit I here in Pennsylvania and think of the terrible fires in California and as I spoke and text some friends out in Santa Barbara area we fear for them , but a little comfort our brother Weldon can sleep through it all.
We pray Jehovah will be with all the rest that are dealing with the disaster out that way. May Jehovah's kingdom come soon. Love to you all your brother Sparkie & Pam"

This tribute was added by Sparkie Edwards on 3rd September 2017

"Wow close to  2 years have passed since we lost a dear friend, bother and a wonderful man. He was a brother who had so many years helping different ones learn about our father Jehovah, My wife Pam and I are still using something we learned from Weldon and that is visiting the friends, you see every time we visited our brother we would go to the farmers market and get a little something as a gift and go visit some one from the congregation. We cherish that because we get a gift and Pam will make a pie and we will make a appointment and the two of us will go visit different ones in the congregation to let them know they are loved. If we wouldn't have met and visited our brother we would never have know that. Pay it forward is as is said and we are so happy to have learned that from our Dear Brother Weldon whom we all miss so much, but as this old system comes to its end, we know the day will come to welcome him back. May all of us copy Weldon's faith and win life forever to see him again. we send our love to all

Thank you for keeping this site alive."

This tribute was added by Paula Giegerpaulagieger@gmail.com on 31st December 2016

"Unlike most of the tributes, I didn't know Weldon.  My very special friend, Eleanore Grigg forwarded his emails to me.  I am disabled from
Lupus and am rarely able to leave my home.  Receiving an email was like finding a gem.  Hopefully I will meet and thank him in the coming paradise."

This tribute was added by susan young on 13th December 2016

"I can't believe a year has already passed. I miss his e-mails and all the encouragement he brought with them. Each day he is closer and closer to a Resurrection. I am going to be so happy to meet this Brother who brought so much joy to my heart."

This tribute was added by Debbie Garven on 12th December 2016

"Hardly a week goes by that we don't think of our dear brother and miss his warm & loving comments and experiences from brothers all over the world! And of course, those emails full of encouragement, photos, and so much love. Sage and I look forward to your resurrection party, dear Weldon! We will have so much to share from even this last year jam packed full of updates from the faithful slave. Until then, sleep well, dear brother.  Warmest Christian Love, Debbie and Sage Garven"

This tribute was added by Lorna Steele on 12th December 2016

"It seems WAAAAAYYYY longer than a year!  I have to say, I feel that my 'family' has opened up even more so than Weldon would have imagined.  These notes about Weldon are actually an encouragement to me as well.  I’m looking forward to seeing our loved ones again in Jehovah's New System. Much Agape’ to all..."

This tribute was added by Ron Maurer on 11th December 2016

"I miss Weldon and all those emails and letters he sent out. I got the "bug" to do table witnessing from visiting him and working with him ONE day at the college. When the branch finally came out with the cart program I was overjoyed.  It has been three years or is it four now and I am always excited by what happens at the carts.  Does anyone still receive any of the emails from the friends all over the world?  I wish these could still be received and sent out."

This tribute was added by David Newborn on 11th December 2016

"Weldon had that spark that made everyone around him better just for being there. He is truly missed by so many!! See you my friend when Jehovah finally says enough is enough!"

This tribute was added by Rita Violet Scott on 11th December 2016

"I so miss receiving Weldon's encouraging e-mails. It is hard to believe that a year has gone by but that soon in Jehovah's New World we shall see him again. What a faithful brother he was and it was so obvious when I met him in Santa Barbara his sincere love for Jehovah! What a gracious man Weldon was, for when I sent Weldon crochet tea towels I would make for him to wipe his hands as he cooked for himself I would receive an enormous thanks. We were e-mail pals for many years from the time I lived in Alberta to British Columbia. As I received his beautiful encouraging e-mails I would send them along to others who appreciated the experiences from around the world. They all were sad when I no longer sent e-mails to them. The e-mails often lifted friends up who needed that spiritual shot in the arm so to speak!...yes indeed, Weldon is truly missed! :)"

This tribute was added by Eunice Perkins on 11th December 2016

"Hard to believe it is a year gone already. Weldon was a dear brother who gave love and comfort to many. I miss his emails."

This tribute was added by Daniel Allen on 30th November 2016

"If Weldon had so much energy in his imperfect state think of the energy Jehovah will impart in a perfect body,and when he awakens from this enemy death,and he will need this energy like the gazelle so he can spend a few thousand years with each and every individual he left his imprint with .
around the world like a gazelle,in his travels,many thousands of years one day I hope to meet Weldon,I want him to show me how to wash Windows without leaving a run at top .maybe we can take a few hundred years and share our experiences and years leading up to end of wicked world.what a wonderful time is ahead ,not only Weldon but all our loved ones,close friends in congregation who we long to welcome back.what a marvelous,loyal,full of integrity,and love, God we have,Jehovah.joy will abound,we are a happy people,we have a happy god Jehovah."

This tribute was added by Joy Libert on 30th November 2016

"Hard to believe it has almost been a year since we lost such a caring man. Many times this year I have gone to my list of email addresses and looked at Weldons name popping up...wishing I could hear a cheerful message from him. We all look forward to the day we can once again listen to him give a talk at one of our conventions or read another report from him...and tell him how much he was missed!!!"

This tribute was added by Terry Curtis on 29th November 2016

"In less than two weeks Weldon will have been missing from this world for one year but certainly not our hearts.  We have read and re-read the tributes, the stories, and looked at all the photos many times over and we find Weldon just as alive as one year ago.  This is due in part to the many wonderful expression you, our dear brothers and sisters have shared with each of us of whom you have not known except that we all loved the same man and he inturn loved each of us. Makes you feel sorry for the rest doesn't it."

This tribute was added by Sparkie Edwards on 20th November 2016

"I am writing to thank our brother Dana Rossi for the continue hosting of this web site. Weldon was a wonderful brother and friend.
We all miss him and as this old world coming closer to its end when Jehovah and his son will make all things new, the clock will start ticking for the day when Jehovah's day to bring him back !!  
Thank you again our brother Rossi
Sincerely your brother Sparkie"

This tribute was added by Herbert Silver on 3rd September 2016

"My friendship began with Weldon some 66 years ago in a small town named Bishop Ca. where he came to help my grandmother who was Company Servant in that small Cong. He was the first one I shared in the Ministry with. Many years later I was in Bethel with him in the 50's,
I communicated with him both in person and phone and internet. We shared lunch with him when he would visit us in Tehachapi, Ca, I spoke with im and got a nice e-mail from him just two weeks before he died. He was a most encouraging spiritual brother and how I look forward to qualifying to meat him in Jehovah's righteous New World.

He worked hard and encouraged many and was well deserving to climb into that sleep compartment in that train that is speeding on to the New World. Have a nice rest dear brother and we will update you on all that you missed soon.  Herb Silver."

This tribute was added by Darrel Harmon on 3rd September 2016

"Weldon was one of the best brothers I had, thank you Weldon, hope to see you at the resurrection
                           your brother Darrel"

This tribute was added by angela Symplegma on 1st June 2016

"Weldon Howze was a unique person and a fine portrait of dignity and compassion as in the core tradition of the Jehova's Witnesses.
Howze carved a special regard in my heart for God and His will.
With his occasional appearances and Bible references, in key moments of challenge in my Life, He reawakened me to hope and favored a deeper understanding of the tests I faced, and from which always emerging victorious and rescued and what's most important, more faithful than ever before.
If ever God sent angels to help me, and enlighten me, Weldon was one of the finest among them.
He tailored His life to a most unique and unforgettable biblical example and outreach to touch the world and bridge it back to Eden, choosing the brotherly and tidy style of the JW interpretation.
JW have always appeared in my Life in moments of great challenge, and each time I SURVIVED  knowing that their appearance was a direct sign of God' reassurance that all was going to be OK.
With Weldon we often discussed the Laws of God and the difference Jesus made in this world.
His legacy to me and to all of You is to bring the importance of those Laws or Keys of Life to all those who need to know.
I was informed of Howze's departure only on June 1.
If anyone has further info about his last letter and where it can be read , please post it or let me know at: symplegmaa@gmail.com.
Thanks to all of JW for their work of faith and compassion."

This tribute was added by etty donnelly on 20th April 2016

"I am so saddened to hear of Weldon's death, he sounded an absolute dear and a really encouraging brother, I have only just read about this as I wasn't using my email for a few months.

Love to Weldon's family from Etty in the uk"

This tribute was added by Annette Bellando on 13th March 2016

"How saddened I am to hear of this dear brothers passing.. Weldon's love for his brothers and sisters worldwide was extended in his emails bringing us all up to date with news from around the world, I so enjoyed this contact and I will miss those updates.  I am so eager for that new system when the call to awaken will come for not only Weldon (hopefully I will be able to meet this dear brother) and all other family and friends who are gone. Sleep a while dear brother we will miss you."

This tribute was added by Paul Lacny on 13th March 2016

"As I was not able to make the memorial , living in Westbank British Columbia, does some one know how many were at the memorial for Weldon. and is that just at the place where it was held. There were many tie ins as well. I was at a 1 day convention in  Vernon B C " Imitate their Faith" thank you bro Paul Lacny   lacny@telus.net"

This tribute was added by Debbie Pittman on 12th March 2016

"I'm so sadded to hear about Brother Howse.  I just found this notice in my email so I am late.

I loved reading all his accounts and the progress and interesting stories of the work around the world.

A great loss, but we know he is in the sleeping car on the train headed for Jehovah's kingdom and will soon hear the call to wake up and disembark.

Love and hugs to you all from Oklahoma!"

This tribute was added by Mitizie Watson on 12th March 2016

"Correction well done faithful brother.
Mitizie Watson and family."

This tribute was added by Mitizie Watson on 12th March 2016

"We will miss our dear brother.  We treasured his internet connections.  See you in the new world under Gods Kingdom government that we pray for in the lords prayer to be right here on the earth as it already is in the heavens.  So much hope in a hopeless world.  Thank you Jehovah.  See you again Brother Weldon.  I just thought of something, Well done good and faithful slave, sounds like the Brother, who was always so encouraging.  Extranaremos,Te vamos  echar  de menos, you will be missed.  Vamos a vez, una vez mas, We will see you again."

This tribute was added by Chuck McManigal on 1st March 2016

"Just about everything that can be said about our dear friend Weldon Howze has been said.  I can add nothing further. I, too, am grateful for his wonderful letters that we all enjoyed and were encouraged by.  I also appreciated talking via phone on several occasions, the last was just a week or so prior to his death.  Weldon set a Christian standard that all of us should attain to.  We all look forward to seeing him in the resurrection!"

This tribute was added by Daniel Allen on 1st March 2016

"Truly Jehovah's promise of a new system draws us closer to him each day, each time we lose some one we love in death.what the effort and expense which went into sharing brother Weldon Howze love for Jehovah,only deepen in all Jehovah's people,is to truly appreciate Jehovah, show heart felt love for people,help as many as we can know Jehovah.Thank you Weldon family


This tribute was added by Darcy Fink on 1st March 2016

"Dear Brothers,

I was able to listen in here in Texarkana, AR.  The speaker Br Meeder (sp?) did a beautiful job, I could feel his love for Weldon and the story about Weldon dropping by at dinner time was so cute, I loved it.  But more than anything I loved all the references to Weldon's love of people.  Even tho I only knew him from being on his mailing list, I already knew how much he loved people *S*

Thanks again for all your hard work in making Weldon's memorial available to us, it was a great pleasure!!"

This tribute was added by Betty Wilson on 1st March 2016

"I wanted to say an extra thank you to all of you dear brothers and sisters who not only set up this site but also contributed your personal experiences and thoughts in reference to our dear Bro. Weldon.  An un-expected emergency arose and I almost missed the Memorial Occasion but as I frantically read and followed the instructions. When I finally got connected I  was heartsick  to only hear people milling around in the background until I heard a brother's voice request those in attendance to be seated for the last portion of  Weldon's Memorial and what a treat it was!!......  because I had lamented about the fact that I had never heard Weldon's voice except via the E-Mails!  How forsightful of the brother ,Weldon chose,,. to tape an interview with him....Once again, Weldon was teaching us not only by example but in words what it really means to be a FOOTSTEP follower of Jesus Christ our exemplar.  May Jehovah bless all of your endeavers  in behalf of the Good News especially those of you who are in far flung places around the globe........Much Christian Love to All .  
Betty Wilson..North Milwaukie Cong..Portland, Oregon

This tribute was added by Orland Gray on 28th February 2016

"Although I never personally met Weldon, he was so very dear to me.  My dear brother sent pictures, wonderful experiences and made me feel like we were getting ready to sit down for tea.  He just "just made us come."  His love, joy and loving demeanor made me feel as if I was sitting right there with him.  I am looking forward to the time when we can meet personally.  When we have our youthful vigor and are able to speak with resurrected ones to help them get to know our great God Jehovah.  When we can all be on the path to eternity together.  Boy, was that brother loved.  Won't we all love meeting our dear brothers like Abel, Noah, David, Hannah, Ruth and Naomi; and, of course, our dear Weldon.  Hallelujah!  Praise Jah!"

This tribute was added by Elaine Ness on 27th February 2016

"A poem is coming up later here, but first, a little background. I met Weldon briefly in the mid-fifties when I was pioneering in the Brooklyn Heights congregation before I went to Gilead. We didn't connect again for 50 years, when I got on his list. Then he got on my list. Over time, we became pen pals and phone pals. The last time we spoke was just before I moved to Ecuador last July. The last time we had an email interchange was a month before his death. We were always quick to mutually respond—a lesson I learned from him.

I mentioned to him that since leaving the U.S. I have not heard from many friends, even relatives, as before. Only a few on my list check in. (A fact, not a pity party.) Surprisingly, Weldon replied immediately and said 'his emails had dropped off too.' As you know, at the end of his letters he also always invited friends to share their news, however briefly.  

I have read every one of these notes about him. (Some were written as though speaking to him.) How he would have enjoyed them! He was a communicator with the sole intent of directing attention and glory to God. We all loved him for that, as does Jehovah, who has him safely tucked away in his memory.

And now, the poem: (for me. a reminder, for sure)


    Why do we wait till a person is gone
      before we tell them their worth?
    Why do we wait, why not tell them now
      they're the dearest person on earth?

    Why do we wait till a person is gone
       to send them flowers galore—
    when a single rose would have meant a lot
       if we'd taken it to their door?

    Why do we wait till they cannot hear
       the good things we might say?
    Why put it off, why not tell them now
       and share in their joy today?

    Of course, we're busy, that's our excuse,
       we've said it a million times.
    But why do we wait to speak of our love
       until it is too late?

                 (Author Unknown)"

This tribute was added by Rubelyn Patterson on 27th February 2016

"I was introduced to Weldon by friends, via email. We we started corresponding in the summer of 2010. I was in Mississippi, at the time, but I moved to Nicaragua, two years later. I continued to receive his letters by email. I'll be happy when the day comes that I can meet him in person and thank him for his kindness and encouragement. He will be missed, but hopefully, soon, we we have the opportunity to see him when our father Jehovah restores his life."

This tribute was added by Karen Nicholson on 27th February 2016

"I will miss you Weldon."

This tribute was added by Sal & Alice Gambalie on 27th February 2016

"We so enjoyed our time with Weldon, Sal while they were at Bethel together, and the both of us in Mexico.  He witnessed to everyone and was such a fine loving example to all of us.  We know that Jehovah will call and Weldon will answer, and our God will make him stand.  He will always have a special place in our hearts."

This tribute was added by John Avrea on 18th February 2016

"What can you say about Weldon. He crawled into so many hearts, and mine was one of them. He was a great friend to me, a spiritual father at times, and always an encouragement. We shared so many amazing spiritual conversations, every one a treasure. Weldon cared deeply about people, and his love, care, and desire to help people influenced my spiritual growth, and shaped what kind of brother I strive to be. We all miss our dear friend, BUT, not for long. See you soon dear friend!"

This tribute was added by Jacquelyn Kiedaisch on 3rd February 2016

"Like many of you, when I heard the sad news about Weldon I was so heartsick and somehow it was so surreal!  Weldon was always so available, can you still hear him say, "Hello, this is Welll...don"?  Were you affected like I was when he wrote regarding his telephone number:  "Please do not call, no one will answer", I have to say, my heart was in my throat!

After being in the truth since a child and knowing many, many very spiritual brothers and sisters, I must say that he was one of my most profound mentors.  He taught us how to live, and how to love and how to evolve into a better person, just by being Weldon, by having a "quiet strength" and a persona of "calm energy".  In his final letter Weldon spoke of  "we little men", but for one, Weldon was not "a little man".

Many times I asked Weldon if I could sit at his feet some evenings and write his story!  He said that a couple of others had offered, maybe one of you dear friends reading this Tribute were one of them.  Weren't his stories endless?  My husband Walter and I were able to travel in theocratic activities all over the world, and every time we had a new adventure, Weldon was our first "telephone stop".  When we traveled, we never wanted to have the friends" indulge" us for a place to stay or eat, but we wanted to show hospitality to friends of Weldon's and get to make them our new friends!  So, whether it was visiting the German Branch* or a small town in "who knows where", Weldon had a "contact", and we met so many friends, perhaps you who are reading this we have met through Weldon.  Beside, whenever anything was new in the truth (and has it ever been lately), Walter and I called Weldon for "the theocratic scoop".  The recent changes at the Bethels worldwide was something he was very fluid with, he always knew exactly what was going on at the Annual Meetings, but always staying within proper boundaries and very gracious with his compliments regarding any change.

Strangely, he called us about 10 days before December 11th, he wanted to make a trip up to Sacramento where we now live, and I had a chance to ask him "Weldon, was anyone (in the Truth) killed or hurt in the Paris attack?", he told me no.  Anytime there was any kind of tragedy, (like the children killed in New Town, Conn.) hurricane, etc, we always knew that Weldon would have the story.  What a loss for all of us, he was our "touchstone" to what was happening around the world, thus we feel very connected  to you dear friends who are reading about Weldon and mourning this very, very, phenomenal brother.  One of my foremost identities with Weldon is that, due to him, I too, go "outside the box" but he taught me to appreciate those who stay "inside the box" as well.  Are we not rejoicing that Jehovah had such a treasure that gave Him such adoration and isn't Jehovah "yearning for the work of his hands" (Job 14:15) for our dear brother.

In closing for my tribute, I want to remember Weldon by implementing the legend that he left for us, care and reach out to those in need on every level, he did that for all of us, now it's our turn.  At times he had struggles for being authentic, but he was a survivor, may we all be our best authentic selves.

We will make the trip to Santa Barbara on February 27th to remember, cry and plan together for his return.

*When we visited the German Branch in the 1990s, Weldon put us through to Ramon Templeton who serves on the Branch Committee (he and Weldon knew each other in California in the "old days").  What an introduction!  Brother Templeton was very hospitable.  Weldon loved when the December 15,2012 Watchtower (pages 17-21) came out with the Life Story of Brother Templeton and three of his friends in the article "Friends For Life and Only Getting Better".  Weldon knew all four brothers and rejoiced in the wonderful accounts of their lives, he really got a kick out of that article :)"

This tribute was added by Anita North on 19th January 2016

"Two Days Blue – Missing You
Before I came to know the truth on 12/11, I celebrated the day I was born.
On 12/12/13 my father’s death still fresh in my memory I mourn.
12/11 was no longer a significant day until I learned of Brother Howze’s death.
With glee another email from him I see. WHAT! His final letter? I can’t even catch my breath!

My own special memory of the passing of two very special men I once knew.
On two consecutive days the last month of each year I’ll admit will cause me to feel blue.
Bittersweet memories flood both my head and my heart and at the same time embraces my soul.
I smile through my tears for the resurrection promises we’ll see you both return to us whole.
Written by:  A.R. North – Mission, TX - USA"

This tribute was added by geraldine joseph on 18th January 2016

"It is a month later after you've gone to sleep in Jehovah's memory and I am still feeling the bitter-sweet pain. We are not glorifying you, but simply loving you as you loved us. Just as our Lord Jesus said would be the true mark. You have set this example for so many people of your generation. Re-reading your letters from my years collection, I am warmed each time as if I was getting a new email from you.  May we carry the flame you lit in us for the fine work of being Our God's Kingdom proclaimers. See you at your awaking."

This tribute was added by Stephanie DeSoto-Suchy on 16th January 2016

"As Weldon gets a most-excellent night's sleep, and even though we believe... 'He will call', we miss him and his encouraging chats.
Our tribute turned into a "Story".  
Please go to the Stories tab above.
S. Suchy
Fillmore, CA"

This tribute was added by Terry Curtis on 13th January 2016

"In 50 years of being honored to carry Jehovah's name my dear wife and I have enjoyed more wonderful privileges than we deserved as well as many blessings from Jehovah yet the grandest privilege and blessing was knowing Weldon for many years.  It always perplexed me as how one imperfect man could go thru his whole life and never have one unkind word come out of his mouth. Weldon was just that one man!"

This tribute was added by Simon Thorball on 12th January 2016

"When Weldon passed a month ago, I didn't know what to write. I could not quite believe that I would not hear Weldon's always enthusiastic
greeting over the phone again. I moved far from California- to Ireland,
then Sweden- yet Weldon would call regularly.  Just today I have found the photos and more importantly to me the audio recordings of his distinct voice speaking to congregations. This made me smile again."

This tribute was added by Angela Williams on 8th January 2016

"Dear Family & friends of our precious Brother Weldon,

While I will not be able to attend the Memorial Service or visit the close family & friends (and many he did have indeed!) because I am in SOUTH AFRICA,  I wish Jehovah’s comfort and strength for all of you!  [2 Corinthians 1:3,4].  Weldon comforted and strengthened so many of us with his letters of encouragement. [Romans 1:12]

Truly, as Jehovah says “death is an enemy” rightfully so!  It brings pain & sorrow  when loved ones die; but that enemy will be brought to nothing very soon by our reigning King Christ Jesus!  Through the death of a dear and precious Son of Jehovah who gave his life in love, other sons & daughters will live again!  [John 3:16 ]  We will see our dear brother along with all the other faithful ones.  Jehovah’s promises are guaranteed – they have all been made YES by means of the Christ and we have a hope that is sure!  A hope that rests on the greatest love ever shown to humankind. [ 1 John 4:10, 19 ]

I look forward as all of you do, to seeing our dear brother soon and to welcoming back many loved ones – a dear son Clayton, a brother, a father, a grandmother  and so many others as I ponder & reflect on this beautiful hope we have ahead of us! May your hearts even in pain, reflect with joyful hope on the promises of Our Father Jehovah!
[ Isaiah 26:19; Romans 8: 38,39 ]

My heart is with you in spirit and in deep love for you and for the Father of tender mercies that we all serve & who will give strength & comfort to all!  The Living and True God, JEHOVAH is his name – there is no one like Him, no one  that has shown greater love than He and Jesus have!  While we may weep with sadness in our hearts, soon we will weep with overwhelming joy under the reign of earth’s rightful King, Christ Jesus!  May you remain strong & steadfast, clinging to Jehovah Our God of love, who will not fail!

With warm affection,
Your sister in Johannesburg, South Africa

Angela R . Williams

This tribute was added by Darrel Harmon on 5th January 2016

"Weldon Howze
   I don't know where to begin to tell you about my friend Weldon, he has been there for me since days of ventura con. in 1978 and his little house on 87 ramona in ventura and washing windows with him,
  'he said nothing looks whorse then seeing life through dirty windows'
                      'LL MISS YOU, YOUR BROTHER, THANKS"

This tribute was added by Connie Crockett on 30th December 2015

"Weldon was one of the first brothers I got to know in Ventura in 1974.  He was a gregarious and zealous Witness for Jehovah, as many can attest.  Although we both moved from Ventura our paths crossed or intersected by people from all over the globe.  Once, I was visiting a congregation in Mexico and met a sister from Columbia.  Upon finding out I lived in CA, she said she corresponded through email with a Brother from Santa Barbara.  "Weldon Howze", i asked.  Her jaw dropped!  Later she came and stayed a week with me and we visited the Santa Barbara congregation and spent an evening with Weldon and friends.   I often asked myself how someone could touch so many lives.  Weldon was planted and rooted in the truth, while at the same time on the move.  I had the opportunity to visit Bethel in Oct 2003.  I walked into the lobby and who was the first person I saw?  Weldon!  What a joy it was to see his smiling face.  I'm sure all who make it into the new world will feel the same way to see him in the resurrection.  I certainly hope our paths cross again!"

This tribute was added by Anna Mae on 30th December 2015

"We are very grateful for the information about Weldon. He  meant  a great deal to us.We first met Weldon in 1972 when he and nine others from Ventura came to Idaho to help us work our territory with the Kingdom News .After that we enjoyed his e-mail so much.They made us feel like we truly had an inside tract on what was going on in Jehovah's organization. We last saw Weldon in Sept. 2011.  we and our daughter and her husband went to Santa Barbara on a vacation trip out west. Weldon certainly had a very positive effect on everyone who knew him and that certainly includes us. It would be wonderful to attend the service for Weldon but that would be impossible for us.We are currently living in Guanajuato,Mexico. Thank you again for your kindnesses to us in keeping us informed about Weldon. With warm Christian love and affection.
Phil,Anna Mae, Raul and Maggie"

This tribute was added by Sandi Millay on 28th December 2015

"I first met Weldon in 1973 when I was a new study and visiting his congregation meeting  in Ventura. He was so friendly and inviting. Years later he studied with my Father-in-law and Mother-in-law. In 1978 we moved away from Ventura County but Weldon stayed in touch. He was always so uplifting and encouraging. I still have e-mails on my computer from him as far back as 2004. Before that I would print them out and have a large folder full to reread whenever I need a spiritual boost. He will be missed by ALL who knew and loved him and those who only knew him through the forwarding of all those wonderful e-mails he wrote. We will see you in Paradise Dear Brother."

This tribute was added by Lee S on 27th December 2015

"I have to echo Tony Whites' comments. In the early 1980's, new to the truth, new to Calif. New to the life of Weldon Howze. I remember the old small Kingdom Hall & the West Cong, my first one. Although I wasn't found in the door to door work directly by Weldon, he did attend my studies multiple times. I also worked for Weldon in his window cleaning business, along with other Bros, also new in the truth -- & a few, new to secular work. I think working for him was vital to my growth in the Truth. I got to see how Christians conduct themselves in the "off hours" away from the Kingdom Hall & how he treated us as employees as well, especially for those who needed a little more guidance & his patience with them. I can clearly see him now coming over to a freshly wiped window & immediately pointing to a spot I missed. It will be great to see  & be with him in the New System.  Thank you Weldon for a great foundation in the Truth."

This tribute was added by Alan Worontsoff on 26th December 2015

"I have met and known Weldon ever since about 1990. I have stayed over his house several times in the early 1990s enjoyed those visits with him. Also enjoyed visiting Santa Barbara. I was encouraged going out in the field ministry in the Goleta area. Honestly, I would read Weldon's kind of like yearbook emails more than the JW yearbook. So much looked forward to his emails, so encouraging, so faith strengthening. Will really miss you Weldon. Looking forward to seeing you soon in the resurrection."

This tribute was added by Rune Valtersson on 25th December 2015

"It was a real pleasure to receive all these emails from Br. Howze. He did such a good work to compile all these contributions into a very encouraging email;-s, I kept many in a special file to be read once more on a hard wintry day. What an encouraging experience! It was very thoughtful of him to prepare the'Final letter' Well, we all will miss him, but now I think of him as one of those written in Jehovah's book of remembrance. Mal.3:16"

This tribute was added by Neal Cox on 25th December 2015

"I met Weldon in 1961 when I arrived at Bethel.  I was assigned to be his room mate.  That lasted about two hours.  He and Wally Frankenstein had made plans to room together, so I was reassigned.  I feel fortunant to have known Weldon and while we have not seen each other for fifty years, we have been in contact via email over the years.  Like others, I look forward to seeing him in the resurrection.  You'll recognize him because of the big crowd welcoming him back."

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