• 60 years old
  • Born on December 23, 1948 .
  • Passed away on August 15, 2009 .


my mum was just the greatest she was born in london on 23rd december 1948 and passed away on 15th august 2009 aged just 61 she had been ill for a v long time with various ailments but she never complained even the day she was taken into hospital as my brother phoned for an ambulance she was saying all this fuss for nothing but it wasnt for nothing u see my mum had angina,emphasemia,lung infection,chest infection and phemonia alot to deal with and sadly her heart cud take nomore  she is missed by my brothers christopher dean myself lee and deany her granson but she raised him as her own so to everyone he is her son my dad is heartbroken 43yrs together ALWAYS WILL B REMEMBERED MUM LOVE U FOREVER XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Posted by Karen Smith on March 3, 2011
hi mum feelin alot better today still missing u so much but i no ur out of pain and not suffering ur an angel looking after us all x x x xlove u always and forever
Posted by Syndell Smith on March 2, 2011
i miss you so much you always new how to make everyone happy and i miss when you used to play doctors with us and u made up realy cool funny name's and you always made us laugh i realy miss you nd i wish you was here if i could do any thing to bring you back i would watch down on us and keep us all safe i love and miss you every day
Posted by Emma Smith on March 2, 2011
i miss u loads u used to make me laugh wen you gave us an x-ray and say ohh ohh i love you loads XxXxXxxxXx
Posted by Karen Smith on March 2, 2011
hi mum i so wish that u was here there would be none of all the crap thats going on as u would sort us all out i miss you so much and i am praying u will come threw and talk to me when i go see colin fry i no it might be hard for you but pleade mum just try i love and miss u so much it hurt x x x x x x
Posted by Karen Smith on March 1, 2011
mum im so sorry i have not been on for a while but please remember you are always in my heart each and every day i love and miss you so much you are the best mum in the world and so so special please take care of us from up above x x x x x x
Posted by Susan Mash on March 1, 2011
hi wendy miss you and always remember you on news year how you used to welcome it in by banging your pots and pans together out side at midnight x love susan
Posted by Janice Parkin on March 1, 2011
love and miss you always you are such a beautiful lady and you are so missed by all and if you have my baby with you look after him till i get there i miss him so much x x x x x x x x x
Posted by Sarah Brookes on March 1, 2011
i only new wendy for about a year but in tht time we spent nearly everyday together she was a very special women an very special friend too we spent most of the time in the kitchen we talked about everything all i can really say is im glad i met wendy wen i did missed by all of us love sarah deany tom leo an bump pheobe or ryan not 100% wat sex yet xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Karen Smith on August 30, 2009
mum each day gets harder i love and miss u so much y u y did u have to go please just show me u r happy and ok please mum
Posted by Karen Smith on August 26, 2009
hi mum been a bit emotional today just wanted to tlk to u and hear your voice see ur face i cant cope mum knowing im not going to get that agin LOVE AND MISS U ALWAYS
Posted by Karen Smith on August 25, 2009
hi mum i wish u was here mum i miss u so much i no i lived so far away but just ringing u wen the kids dont feel well or wen im having a bad day love u always and forever my darling mum
Posted by Janice Parkin on August 24, 2009
Posted by Karen Smith on August 24, 2009
to my beautifull mum who will forever stay in my heart i love and miss u so much mum its hurting like crazy love u forever sleep well mum xxxxxxx
Posted by Karen Smith on August 23, 2009
Posted by Karen Smith on August 23, 2009
night mum keep shinning down guiding us and giving us ur strengh u was a angel on earth and now an angel in heaven i hope u r happy mum please look after dad he misses u so much
Posted by Caroline Butterfield on August 23, 2009
sweet dreams wendy you was an amazing lady and i know you are still amazing up in heaven plz say hi to my mum dad and jamie for me and i hope you all being good up in heaven xxxxxx love caroline xxxx

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