My name by mistake :-(

Shared by Muriel Corcoran on 10th February 2019

Hi! I am sorry my name is somehow attached to a story-less story.  Obviously I didn't know what I was doing when I tried to post a note to the family.  Maybe if I just say I am thinking of everyone, I loved all I heard about Wendy at the service, and again I wish I had known her better, my name will disappear.  :-)

She doesn’t like snakes.

Shared by Bee Jungers on 9th February 2019

When me and my siblings (her children) were all kids, we would come out side to help my parents with the gardening (Actually, we would play most of the time).

When Rachel, her oldest, was shuffling through some bushes, she came across a new friend! A little green Gardner snake, and she grabbed it up in her tiny little fist and ran over as fast as she could to show her dad. “Look what I found, daddy!” She said excitedly.

“Wow honey! He sure is handsome!” Jim got a snake of an idea in his head and grinned his mischievous grin. “Why don’t you show mommy? I’m sure she’d love to see him, too!” And off Rachel ran to the front of the house, where her mother was hard at work in the flowerbed.

Jim waited a few minutes as his daughter disappeared around the side of the house, then had a hearty laugh when he heard a shriek from the front yard that of course belonged to his wife, who held in her heart a stark fear of snakes.

However, the laughter stopped when he saw Wendy come around the house, knowing exactly who’d put her daughter up to the prank. Some legends say Jim is still hiding from his wife somewhere. ;

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