Let the memory of Wendy be with us forever.
  • 64 years old
  • Born on February 20, 1954 in United States.
  • Passed away on February 3, 2019 in United States.

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you all for all the support you have shown in the last few weeks for our family. All the emails, card, and phone calls were much appreciated and have certainly helped us through this difficult time in our life.

Wendy was such a bright spirit and so full of life. She loved to waterski, snow ski, hike, and bike. She was always full of adventure. It is easy to imagine her pulled by Tickled Pink on an endless trip up the Sacramento river, probably with a few pit stops for a glass of wine :)

It is in this spirit that we announce the memorial for Wendy’s life. The event will be from 5PM-9PM on Saturday March 9th, 2019 at the Delta King in Old Sacramento.

Saturday March 9th 5PM - 9PM

1000 Front Street

Old Sacramento, CA 95814

Come celebrate with a night of dinner, dancing, and memorializing Wendy’s life. One of Wendy’s last requests was that her memorial not be a dull drab event. She wanted everyone there to eat, drink, and be merry.

The menu for the night will be a buffet, with tri tip, salmon, salads, fruit, and bread. There will be a bar available for drinks. Bring some cash as once we hit our cap it’ll become a cash bar. We will have a microphone set up for those of you who would like to speak and share your special moments about Wendy’s life.

If you have photos you would like to share, please upload them to this site. 

Please RSVP to this event via this site or contact Christina directly at Christina.lima25@yahoo.com

Lots of love to you all,

Tim, Andrew, and Christina

Posted by Toni Horvath on May 16, 2019
I just heard today about Wendy’s passing. She was an angel to work with. She was a great support with such difficult transitions in my life. A professional that really listened and respected me. She helped me use my voice with my healthcare. I am forever grateful. I hadn’t gone to see her since getting cancer 2 years ago. I sent many women to Wendy. I’m so incredibly sad. Her light will continue to shine. My heart goes out to her family. She spoke with so much love for you. God bless you all.
Posted by Kercy Adler-Resnick on March 9, 2019
It started out being a very professional relationship for over 13 years and turned into a great friendship that included a fun summer of a lot of skiing, laughing, and listening to great music.
Wendy helped me in so many ways including transition through difficult times and balancing my hormones to keep me from going crazy...
I was once told she was the smartest woman around with woman's hormone health and she really was. She helped so many of us be as normal as we could possibly be reaching this more mature time in our lives and for that, I am forever grateful for all of her help, knowledge, and humor. 
She shared with me how to laugh at the stupid things we have no control over and just embrace my uniqueness. She will always be in my heart and I'll always have those memories we made in our boat on the Sac River this past summer.
Soar High Wendy and Ski the glass in Paradise!
Posted by Cari Chenkin on March 6, 2019
I was a patient of Wendy's for over 10 years, and always looked forward to seeing her. We'd get the medical & health stuff over with quickly & would spend the rest of our visit chatting about everything under the sun! She was a wonderful practitioner & a warm & joyful spirit. I will miss her, and wish peace & healing to her family. May your wonderful memories comfort you in your grief.
Posted by Jeff Oleson on March 5, 2019
I always looked forward to seeing Wendy at the SunRiver family reunions, as she was definitely "the fun aunt". But she was also so sweet, kind, authentic and just present with people.
I'll always remember her and Uncle John's wedding. I was 13 and I had a good amount of champaign handed to me behind my parents backs. It was the first time I ever felt buzzed, but it was around a bunch of people I loved, including Wendy. That lady could dance.
Posted by Trish Brown on March 5, 2019
What an amazing powerful creative loving women we were blessed with knowing! Wendy Wells you will be missed. I am so grateful for knowing you the past 20 plus years. Our relationship grew from our love of water-skiing to many shared adventures, celebrations, family stories, building your Optimal Women's Wellness practice, sisterhood, and spiritual discussions. We knew each other's joys and sorrows. I love remembering all the memories from river trips, birthday celebrations, Easter egg coloring, pumpkin carving, water skiing, snow skiing, hikes, bikes, and mostly just sitting and talking about life, our struggles, our joys, and our hopes for the future. And I love remembering your laugh and your enthusiasm for life and adventure. You lived life on your own terms, you spoke your truth, and you touched so many lives for the better, including mine.
During this past year Wendy shared with me how her relationships with her family had grown closer and deeper, and how much that meant to her. Her brothers Russ and Chris, her children Tim, Andrew, and Christina, and all grandchildren all were so special to her. She was so impressed with all her kids and how they were growing in life. And all her grand-kids brought her so much laughter and joy.
I'm so grateful for our last year memories of the "sisters" (Kate, Wen & I) water-skiing behind tickle pink and our last snow ski outing on Christmas Day 2018.
Wendy had the courage to be vulnerable and share her truth, she'd laughed often and enjoyed people and life, and she embraced growing, learning, and new adventures. I aspire to bring more of those qualities of Wendy into my life. Hugs forever Sis.
Posted by Bruce Wheeler on March 4, 2019
Wendy - you will be missed but always be in my memories. You are the hug lady, always with a smile
Posted by Kathleen Wright on March 1, 2019
Queen of Fun with a hard-working, spiritual side. Not only was Wendy my sister-in-law, but my sister-in-reading. We exchanged book titles on a regular basis, enjoying historical fiction, Jodi Picoult, impossible love stories and adventures. I wonder if she read Letters from Skye which I just finished. I missed our book shares these last 3 years but know Wendy is in a place where there are unlimited books and unlimited time to read.
You will be missed, Nurse Wendy, Love Kathy
Posted by Toni Lenthe on February 26, 2019
Wendy and I first met in 1980 in Granby CO. She was doing an internship to become a NP and I was fresh out of Rad Tech school. She was my life long friend and I will miss her dearly.
We gave Wen the nick name “Wild Wendy” during our time up in the Winter Park area and after seeing this wonderful collection of photos, I realize how appropriate the name fit her.
She truly was larger than life, and
will forever be in our hearts.
Cheers my friend.
Toni Roth Lenthe
Posted by Judy King on February 26, 2019
Been friends with Wendy and Johnnie since we moved to this area in 2001. Many of funny, happy, crazy, good times! First met them at a game night when they answered the door in whacky clothes and hats. I'll always remember Wendy as the "hat lady." Will treasure all the memories from camping trips, boating, game nights, wine parties, spiritual conversations, yoga, book club, outings, etc. She also saved me through menapausal years with her practice, which my family still owes her greatly, ha ha. I'm sure she's on the other side just in awe of what life here and there is really about. Love you Girlie! Judy
Posted by Kate Anthony on February 21, 2019
I love you Sis. I will never forget all of the great times we shared.

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