Posted by Ken Schneck on April 26, 2021
Lyrics from "Safely Home" sung by Steve Green. You can hear him singing it on YouTube. Be sure to have a box of Kleenex handy while listening.
"Children, precious children; I know you're shaken, a loved one taken. Oh, but hear me, come draw near me, their pain is passed now, they rest at last now, safely home. Chorus: [They are strong and free, they are safe with me. ]       This life is merely shadow; today there's sorrow but joy tomorrow, safely home, safely home.
One day you will join them, all together, this time forever, safely home, safely home."
Posted by Todd and Julee King on April 21, 2021
Isaiah 46:4 NASBS
Even to your old age I will be the same, And even to your graying years I will bear you! I have done it, and I will carry you; And I will bear you and I will deliver you.

Happy birthday Dad. Love you
Posted by Mark Watkins on April 8, 2021
While sitting in the Hot Springs in Banos, Ecuador 12 years ago, my wife overheard a man talking to some guys about being from Colorado (where we are from). After chatting awhile with these guys, this man turned to my wife (Sandi) and asked where she was from. When she replied, "Colorado Springs", a special friendship was started. This "stranger" and his wife (Wes and Donna) invited Sandi over to their home that night for hamburgers. Sandi learned about how Wes ended up in Ecuador, the missions work taking place at El Dulce Refugio and how the love of the Lord and the saving knowledge of Jesus was spreading throughout their small community.

Upon returning home, Sandi told me about her experience with this doctor and the orphaned boys they had taken in off "the streets" and were caring for. Knowing that I am interested in this type of ministry, she suggested I get in contact with this doctor and his wife to see how I might be able to help with their ministry. I ended up making a trip to Banos to meet Wes, Donna and the boys of El Dulce Refugio and see firsthand what incredible miracles were taking place there. In fact, I have made 4 trips to the Kings' home and each trip was full of fun, friendship, work, and experiencing the presence of God that can only be explained as miraculous. I have learned so much from Wes, the least of which is trusting in God and finding the glory of God in everything we do.

Wes lived his life with God's command to "Love one another" as his guiding principal. He welcomed strangers, he was generous, kind, and compassionate, and had very corny jokes/humor to share. There is no doubt in our minds that upon entering heaven and being introduced to Jesus, our Lord and Savior, Wes was told unequivocally "Well done, good and faithful servant". Yes, Wes will be missed on this earth, but our prayer for all of Gods children is that we will "finish the race" strong as Wes did. We look forward to seeing Wes again and spending eternity with our brother and friend.

Mark and Sandi Watkins- Colorado Springs
Posted by Ken Schneck on April 7, 2021
This is an addendum/correction to my March 25 tribute. I was reminded (complete with photographic proof) that dear Lindy was present at her mother's funeral! She has forgiven me for this memory lapse. Still covering Amy, Todd, Dale, Lindy and families with prayer. "When we all see Jesus, we'll sing and shout the Victory!"
Posted by Audrey Hendrikson on April 6, 2021
Ten years ago I made a trip to the beautiful country of Ecuador to be "interviewed" for a teaching position in an orphanage full of obnoxious boys. I fell in love with the boys, hit it off right away with the man, and I have never looked back. Wes King changed my life forever and for the better.

You are in no more pain Doc. You now know perfection. We who are still here know the pain of having to let you go. As God opened up the gates for you this morning, we could almost hear him say.....
"Well done, good and faithful servant".

RIP Wes. We will all be missing you and loving you!!!
Posted by Virginia Reese on April 6, 2021
Met this precious couple in 1998 in Florence, Oregon. We were invited to their home for lunch after church. Little did we know that God was giving us lifelong friends. After lunch we gathered around the organ and piano and we sang until dark. They insisted we stay for dinner. We began singing again and it was waaaay into the night when we went home overflowing with thanksgiving for our new friends. Later on we went as missionaries to Japan and they went to Ecuador. Our love continued as we prayed for each other and encouraged each other through email. What a privilege to experience the love of God through these beautiful people. Brenda and Wes, we will always love you.
Posted by Stephanie Shropshire on April 5, 2021
This memorial is such a beautiful tribute to a beautiful life lived for The Lord and his family. I have such wonderful memories of singing around the piano, Ponape(Pohnpei) trip & always so much laughter and wit. I count myself privileged to have known you all. So sorry for your loss yet happy he is Home. Love and prayers to you all.
Posted by Larry Kinsel on March 29, 2021
My story goes back to Sept, 1960 when Wes and I started for California where we would both be Freshmen at Pasadena College. We left Delta and before we reached our first town I ask Wes to stop because I had to go to the bathroom. He told me that He was not going to stop and I had to hold it. Well, as many of may you know, I did not have holding power, and if you do not stop, I will go on the floorboard of the car. Well, I guess I was convincing enough, so, He stopped. 

We arrived in Pasadena where we spent the night with Arlene, His sister. We awoke in the morning with our lungs feeling heavy because of the smog. As the story goes, the window was open and we heard the coughing of all the birds.

Wes and I were roommates our Freshman year. Well, if you know Wes, He was quite a teaser. So, our first few weeks we enjoyed several water balloon exercises with the other dorms, stuffing one of the students room with paper, and many other extra curricular fun times.

Wesley was my Dear, Dear friend and cousin, always willing to help in school curriculum. I needed all the help that could get. The good news is that He and I will have a wonderful, rejoicing time together when we see each other in Heaven. Oh, what a day that will be, when we all see Jesus, Praise the Lord. 

My Mother and Father and us two boys went often to be with The Kings during our summer break. I remember when we were hungry, we would make a mayowich. Oh yeah, 2 slices of white bread, with a thick layer of mayonnaise in the middle of the 2 slices of white bread. It was quite a treat. Oh my, many more stories. However, I will have forever, the memories gathering around the piano at Aunt Dorothy's and all singing our favorite Hymn's. Thanks Wesley for loving me, and helping me see Jesus in your life.
Posted by Lindy Böhmer on March 26, 2021
A letter from Andrès, their first son in Ecuador, remembering Mom & Dad...

I am writing to tell you I am sorry for the loss of your dad. My condolences for you all. It's hard for me like it is hard for you because he was here most of my life . Now, my mom, Brenda and my dad, Wes, are both gone.

Thank you for sharing your mom and dad with me. I will always be grateful to them for giving me a better chance at life, and at a larger family, and for teaching me about Jesus and how pray and listen to the voice of Jesus. I will never, never forget that.

I know God sent them to Ecuador to help save my life and the lives of many others.
They will always be in my heart, and my only peace is that they are together in heaven. They both finished their mission here, on Earth. It was time for them both to go home.

May God bless all of you , and provide strength, and comfort to us. May we always remember the many wonderful things they taught us. For their love was enduring , and faithful, and they loved Jesus. May we carry on their legacy in our lives, and families.

Your brother in Christ,
Aldofo Andrès
Posted by Ken Schneck on March 25, 2021
First met Wes, Brenda, and their young family of three in 1976 at Kwajalein, Marshall Islands where I worked as a water quality/vet med tech. They were there less than a year, but took time to share their love of the Father and His Son, Jesus. They returned in 1978. While they were gone, through the prayers of Betty Sawyer, and the witnessing of a new Christian, John Snyder, I began my walk with the Lord. There were a lot of Believers on the island and they welcomed me into the fellowship, Bible Studies, prayer meetings, etc. The very day Wes and family arrived for the second tour, I went to their house and told them I was now a Christian. Well, that started a relationship with the King family that continues to this day. Wes and Brenda had a heart for new Christians, especially those on “unaccompanied status”. There were Bible studies, prayer meetings, and hymn sings at their house, with Wes on organ and Brenda on piano. What a blessing. Of course they often invited me to dine with them - always appreciated. At some point, I stayed with the four kids while Wes and Brenda were off island together. Wes helped me with the chapel youth group, and actually planned a week long trip to Pohnpei with 14 teens/preteens, Chaplain Richard Quinn, his wife Marjean, and several chaperones. That’s a long story. Anyway, the last time I saw Wes, Amy, Todd, and Dale was at Brenda’s funeral in 2004. (Not sure if Lindy was there). That doesn’t matter, because whether I see them again on Earth, or when we meet again in our Heavenly Home, it will seem like it was just yesterday! I loved Wes and Brenda, my brother and sister in Christ. Their legacy lives on forever. Will continue to pray for or with Amy, Todd, Dale, and Lindy and their families. Blessed be our Lord our Saviour, Creator, Redeemer and Teacher, Jesus Messiah. Holy is the Lord, and Worthy to be Praised! Amen.
Posted by Lindy Böhmer on March 24, 2021
He was –

A pragmatist.
A deep thinker.
A wordsmith.
A go-against-the-flow individualist who wasn’t afraid to wander off the "beaten track".
A bird watcher and possibly a “bird brain” (2nd portion contributed by my brother, Todd and a perfect example of the punny sense of humor our father taught, modeled and raised us up in!!!)
A player of games (board games, cards and anything in between!!) and a quiet, but deadly, adversary. (He never just "let us win"!!!)
A doctor.
A generous friend.
A green-thumbed lover of nature and God’s majestic beauty.
An unabashed speaker of truth.
A craftsman of macramé, gardens and so much more!
A seeker of adventure.
A giver of wisdom and one able to answer almost any question posed to him.
A world traveller.
A teacher.
A rock hound who found geological gems, infecting his offspring with the same rock-seeking tendencies!
An artist who created rock masterpieces including rock gardens, planters and waterfalls.
A Southern Gospel music-playing pianist (his mother always said it sounded like he played in a honky tonk!!! LOL I just loved how his fingers bounded over and "tinkled" those ivories...)
A duet/trio/quartet-singing partner who was always ready for a song! Southern Gospel was our genre!!!
An inspiration who always pushed me to excellence.
A jokester full of the DRIEST humor to be found and one who teased incessantly.
A lover of all things “linguistic”.
A master storyteller.
A poet who did “know it” and a rhymer extraordinaire who also excelled in the art of puns.
A praise and worship leader.
An encourager of his kids, who spoke life and worth over each one.
A father who was quick to affirm and say “I love you”.
An amazing example of the Father’s heart.
A teller and commemorator of God’s faithfulness.
A missionary.
A reader and memorizer of His holy Word.
A father to the fatherless.
A distributer of the love of Christ.
A giver of Godly heritage and legacy.
A brother… A grandfather…A husband.
A Son of the Most High God.

And he was my father!!!!
Preparing your heart for impending loss and experiencing it are two different things.

He may not have been perfect. And he might have been all too aware of his own faults and short-comings… But when I remember him for who he was, his heart was FOR THE LORD AND HIS GLORY, AND TO MAKE HIM (Jesus) KNOWN. From childhood he was determined to fulfill the call of God upon his life and he never shied away from giving Jesus Christ his all!!!

Many times I told him that I would NEVER have chosen a different father, and I remain incredibly thankful for the fact that Our Father chose to bless me with a man such as he. The rich, rich heritage I possess from both my father and my beautiful mother, Brenda, is incomprehensible. He definitely earned some major kudos for having chosen such a rare treasure as my mother. This was a lady who was the epitome of I Corinthians 13... These two loved each of their children so uniquely and completely, and modeled lives submitted wholly to Christ. What a blessing and privilege that is to be able to say that that is my heritage!!!

I also am thankful that the Lord brought another special lady to love him, stand along side him, and to care for him. Her servant’s heart has been such a blessing... Thank you, Donna, for your sacrificial love and support and for your desire to see him finish his race strong!

I now rejoice (through many tears) in his opportunity to stand before the Maker of the entire universe, our Lord and Saviour... to stand with all who have gone on before him (including my sweet, sweet Mommy!!!) and I know he will hear “well done, good and faithful servant”!!!

What a precious hope we have in Christ – that all who are called by His name will one day be reunited before the Throne, before our King and Redeemer!!! What a Hope!!! It is this Hope that he gave his life for - that all who would believe in, rely on and trust in Jesus would find eternal life!!!!
Posted by Amy Clemons on March 24, 2021
          by Wesley King - 1996

It all seemed to be such a regular day,
Until the rain came and washed her away.

As it swept her along down that Tillamook street,
She called to the wind, “What’s wrong with my feet?”

As through that cow-town she continued to float,
She wondered, “How is it that I’m now a boat?”

But, alas, her equipment was just horns and udder,
When she really needed a sail and a rudder!
Posted by Amy Gray on March 24, 2021
He will be greatly missed our hearts and prayers are with you. ERIC AND Amy Gray.
Posted by Gideon King on March 24, 2021
Just Waiting...
A poem by Gideon King
In memoriam of his Abuelito

Like Burning.
It hurts above the point of no returning

By a moment that's beyond my taming

Was it real or products of my dreaming

To live so long and never lack for meaning

No Erasing.
A single hug with loving words preceding

A list of everything you did amazing

Standing on a rock in waters raging

Just Waiting.
For the King to show what he's creating

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