This memorial website was created in memory of our sweet boy, Weston Schwarzfeld. We will use this space for now, to provide information about Weston's Celebration of Life. Following the Celebration, we will use this website as a space for us and our friends and family, to remember Weston and share stories about our boy.

Please help us celebrate the life of our sweet boy Weston. We hope to have a celebration that reflects Weston's joy for life and his happy and goofy personality.

Weston loved parties and we want to have a celebration that he would have loved to attend. We would like to see people laughing, dancing, and hugging (yay vaccinations!). We know this event will include a lot of tears but we also want to celebrate Weston's life in a way that represents his joyful and fun personality.

Information you may need for the Celebration of Life:

Wednesday, August 4th
Start time: 4pm
Location: Fraser River Lodge, 7984 McDonald Rd. S. Agassiz, BC, V0M 1A2

Clothing: Weston loved bright clolours, party dresses, bow ties, and costumes. He could often be found riding his bike in his firefighter or Batman costume. Please wear whatever makes you comfortable, but we would also love to see bright colours and costumes on kids and/or adults! Weston loved playing "manicure salon" so we also encourage painted nails! 

Drinks: We will have one drink ticket for every adult guest who would like one as well as a cash bar. 

Accommodations: Fraser River Lodge is located in Agassiz which we know is a bit of a drive for some. If you do not want to drive home following the Celebration, there are some hotel and AirBNB options located 10 minutes away from the lodge in Harrison. 

Details for the Event: There is a games room located at the Lodge with a pool table and other games as well as a piano and guitar. We encourage guests to use this space, have fun, and enjoy each other's company as we celebrate the life of Weston. 

-Please feel free to leave whenever you need to as we know some people may need to get home for their kids' (or their own) bedtimes.

Cards/gifts: We have received so much love and generosity and are so grateful for the GoFundMe and other donations. Please just bring yourselves and help us to celebrate Weston's life. If you really want to bring something, we will have a box for cards and donations that will go towards a bursary in Weston's name at the University of the Fraser Valley as well as towards a donation in Weston's name at BC Women's Hospital where Weston spent the first three weeks of his life. Again, we are so grateful to have received all the love, support, and donations we could ask for, and we would just love to see you.

COVID Protocols: We are following all of the Provincial Health Guidelines and will update you if anything changes.

Our hearts are broken and we would give anything to have Weston back. We look forward to seeing you all and finally being able to celebrate the amazingness that is Weston Jay.

Posted by Cathie Williams on June 9, 2021
I miss playing "monster" with you and hearing you giggle when I catch you.
Posted by Mallory Manley on June 7, 2021
I miss you every moment of every day my sweet boy.

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Posted by Cathie Williams on June 9, 2021
I miss playing "monster" with you and hearing you giggle when I catch you.
Posted by Mallory Manley on June 7, 2021
I miss you every moment of every day my sweet boy.
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Shared by Mallory Manley on June 19, 2021
Thank you Arthur for leaving a picture and letter for Weston at his memorial table 

Car City

Shared by Jennifer Foik on June 11, 2021
Weston and Arthur loved to play "car city". They would get all the matchbox cars they could find, including Arthur's big brother's cars (Weston was the only friend of Arthur's that was allowed to use them, because "Weston is so kind and gentle with them") and they would draw a city out of Chalk in front of the mailboxes in our complex.

They would giggle and laugh and make plans for their next city, before they even finished planning the one they were working on.

I am SO GRATEFUL we got a small snippet of Weston in our lives. He was the most kind hearted human being I've ever met, with the BEST giggle.


We miss Weston so much. Especially Arthur, who talks about him often. Usually as hes falling asleep. We talk about how we can talk to Weston whenever we want, and tell him how much we miss him.

In his short 5 years here, he made such an impact on the people around him. He's a ledgend.