Posted by Leah Crone on April 12, 2021
When I think of Whitney, I will always think of her in high school chemistry class. Whitney was the new girl at school and the youngest person in chemistry class (she had jumped a grade in science because she was smarter than the rest of us!). As I remember it, the rest of us struggled to learn chemistry due to suboptimal instruction (surely nothing to do with our own lack of motivation/focus) and Whitney, the young, pretty, new girl, was our on the fly tutor after learning each lesson from Mary. She is the reason that we all survived chemistry together. From that point forward it was clear that Whitney was super smart, confident and a force to be contended with but also an amazingly kind hearted team player. She showed her strength over and over again in the years to come in ways that no one should ever have to AND she did it with a smile on her face the whole time. The world needs more people like Whitney and she will be greatly missed.
Posted by AJ Thomas on April 9, 2021
Whitney, I had never met you but I knew you.

I listened to your voice as you described your battle.
I admired your courage as you faced each test, conference and treatment.
I saw your determination to live and fight every single moment.
I felt your love for all those who were a part of your life
I knew your regret that they were on this journey with you, although you knew, that there is no place on earth they would rather be.
It was clear that your Faith was always with you and that Faith calmed a part of you that only God could calm.

.......and I know that now your Life has just begun.
...... and I know you continue to be near all those who needed you so much and in ways we cannot understand but will certainly sense.

There is so much there about our Love for each other that we are not yet meant to know but now you do.

To understand Gods comfort for us we must hear what our ears do not hear and we must see what our eyes do not see.

Those we love may not stand in front of us but I feel they are always a part of us and in many ways. It may be a soft breeze on our cheek, a butterfly, a rainbow, the sound of the sea or watching the ripples on a quiet lake, noticing a wildflower, or the words of a song that now mean so much, the sound of a childs laughter or a particular moment finding a comforting Peace.

Yes Whitney, I never did meet you but I did know you and knowing you has Blessed me and countless others with more strength in our Spirits and more Peace in our hearts.

Posted by Kirby Zimmerman on April 9, 2021
Whit, You are the true definition of a hero. You will be missed beyond words. You have touched the lives of so many. I am so blessed God let us cross paths so many years ago and we were able to create so many memories together. Because of you, my college years were so much better and brighter. I love you so much and will forever be grateful for our sisterhood and our friendship.
Posted by Ashley Teyechea on April 7, 2021
Whitney you were such an inspiration. I know I did not meet you physically but we did talk about our sarcoma journey. Each time we spoke, you had a positive attitude, a smile on your face and even when you were struggling you always asked how I was. I’m so sad to lose but you got your wings. I will miss you sweet Whitney.
Posted by Claire Natt on April 7, 2021
Although I didn't have the privilege of meeting Whitney until last year, I felt as though I knew her already from hearing so many wonderful stories about her from her "Nannie Trish." Last winter when she was recovering from surgery in Naples, I was fortunate to spend lots of time getting to know her. Her inner beauty, ready smile, and ability to find joy in the smallest things was contagious. She was pure joy to be around, and SO BEAUTIFUL, even with her bald head! I often complimented her on her beauty, especially her eyes. She enthusiastically shared some of her make up tricks, especially her expertise on false eyelashes. She told me exactly what kind of lashes to order, right down to the glue! When they arrived, she invited me over to teach me the proper application, along with some insider tips. Every time I see those eyelashes I think of her and that fun night being under her tutelage. I will always treasure her memory and am so thankful to have had the privilege of knowing her.
Posted by Crystal Chubb on April 7, 2021
I'm sad not to see this beautiful face and joyful voice. Whitney worked for Quantum Analytic Sales and we met on a sales call and training. She is and always will be delightful. Her light will shine from heaven. Heaven is for Real. May God bless her and all the family knowing she is healed forever.
May we live as she did with Grace, Peace and Love, looking forward...
Posted by Gail Brown on April 7, 2021
I worked with Whitney at Coverall. She was an incredible woman that enjoyed every moment of her life. She was positive at all times and her smile brightened up a room. She loved everyone and everyone loved her. I found a poem that just seem so Whitney, an object of beauty and strength. You will be missed.

I Am Standing Upon The Seashore

I am standing upon the seashore.
A ship at my side spreads her white
sails to the morning breeze and starts for the blue ocean.

She is an object of beauty and strength.
I stand and watch her until at length
she hangs like a speck of white cloud
just where the sea and sky come
to mingle with each other.
Then, someone at my side says;
"There, she is gone!"
"Gone where?"

Gone from my sight. That is all.
She is just as large in mast and hull
and spar as she was when she left my side
and she is just as able to bear her
load of living freight to her destined port.

Her diminished size is in me, not in her.
And just at the moment when someone
at my side says, "There, she is gone!"
There are other eyes watching her coming,
and other voices ready to take up the glad shout;
"Here she comes!"

And that is dying.
Posted by Rob Robinson on April 6, 2021
My favorite Whitney story!

Many of you know that Jon and I played football together from 5th grade thru our Senior year highlighted by winning the State Championship as Seniors. When you go through the pain, sacrifice, sweat, tears and time you develop a ‘Band of Brothers’ with everyone on the team, especially those in your graduating class. Mary Ann and I met briefly in HS, our friendship really began in college at EKU. I played somewhat of a role in fixing up Mary & Jon, a story that is true, but as all stories, grows with time, LOL. To this day we remain great friends. I do not consider myself a part of their inner circle, however our friendship is rare in that we can go months without seeing or communicating with each other but when we do reconnect it’s like no time has passed, we laugh, share stories and enjoy each other’s company without expectations.

On to my favorite Whitney story. About 2-years ago, Whit had been released from Children’s Hospital having completed Chemo. She was home at her house in Ft. Thomas. Her spirits were high. I telephoned Jon to talk a bit about business at Agilent, where he still works and the company I left in 2014 to create the Ft. Thomas Antiques & Design Center and Highlander Event Center. We of course talked about Whit and how she was doing. I had been experimenting with Thai recipes and asked Jon if she like Pad Thai. Jon said it was one of her favs, so we made plans to meet the following week at Whit’s house, share some vino and I would show Whit how I prepare Pad Thai with shrimp so she could prepare it anytime she craved it. Dinner was great, the vino flow (maybe too much so for everyone but Whit). During dinner and after Whit had so many questions about our days in college and how things came to be with her Mom and Dad. We didn’t talk about HS glory days this was about how Jon & Mary Ann began dating in college. Whit was enthralled, wanted to hear all the details, the timeline and how it all came to be. She had heard some of the story in broad strokes but wanted more granularity, all of the details! 

It was good to see her eat well, laugh and relish in the story of her parent’s college courtship. Whit was born in August 1988, my oldest son Jordan in November 1988. Just another common link between myself, Mary and Jon. Whit will be missed however her strength, smile and courage will continue to inspire all of us who had the privilege of knowing her.

With loving regard,
Rob #55
Posted by Linda Sprague on April 6, 2021
Whitney’s courage throughout her battle with cancer was grace-filled and inspiring; however, what inspired me the MOST, was her never ending concern for others. I remember specifically a time when she asked all those who were prayerfully supporting her to please remember her friends with cancer as well ....... she certainly set the bar high for selfless love ❤️
Posted by Mary Ciafardini on April 6, 2021
Whitney's bright light lives on forever. The courage and love she showed and shared is a testament of her amazing beautiful soul -- a gift to this world -- now enjoying her reward in Heaven during this beautiful Easter Season and for all eternity. Abundant love and prayers to family and friends!! Thank you for sharing Whitney's journey with all of us and the opportunity to be truly touched by her tremendous Spirit full of life, love, and hope in all circumstances. With incredible courage and amazing grace she showed us how to fight the battle before her. Enjoy your victory -- sweet beautiful child of God. 
Posted by Kelly Sutkamp on April 6, 2021
I met Whitney in 1989 when she was 6 months old and she was known as "Whitney Bob" - she was always "busy" playing, exploring, and just being a little girl. She and her sister Samantha were always a team, always together.  She became my niece when I married into the family and I was so excited to become "Aunt Kelly."  Her giggles were the best.  I remember after she had a biopsy from her ear when she was little I was working that day at St. Luke in Ft. Thomas and went to the recovery room to see her. She was so little in that bed and I just prayed that God would watch over her.  She ended up getting pretty sick after that. I had the honor of staying with her overnight at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital when she was about 4 or 5 and she was so sick all night.  She was a warrior back then and pushed right through. She had her port "Petrie" and did not let anything stop her; she kept moving forward with the love and dedication of her family and friends.  She is a bright light and my life is forever changed having known her.  The dedication of her parents, Jon & Mary, through her ENTIRE life has been extraordinary.  The world is a better place because of you, Whitney Sutkamp.  Your Louisville Sutkamp family loves you and will miss you sweet girl.
Posted by Cynthia Falk on April 6, 2021
I only met Whitney once last February at her Nana's in Naples, Florida. I had just completed treatment of 2nd round of breasr cancer. Though decades in age difference we were both bald. She was an inspiration of positivity. She epitomized strength and a warrior attitude. She embraced life. Rest in peace, Whitney.
You are my hero.
Posted by Erin Benton on April 6, 2021
Whitney was a dear sweet friend. She loved and lived so fiercely and was a bright ray of sunshine in my life. I know once the sadness of her passing settles, it will be replaced by smiles as I remember all the crazy shenanigans we got into. To the Sutkamps, thank you for raising such an amazingly beautiful soul. She will continue to inspire us all and we are all better for have knowing her.
Posted by Jan Majors on April 6, 2021
I did not know Whitney personally but know her mother. Whitney was diagnosed with sarcoma right after my sister in law was diagnosed with the same horrible disease. Whitney fought the battle with grace and hope as did my sister in law. Both went to heaven within months of each other. I hope that they can meet up and help others from above. Whitney was an amazing young lady.
Posted by Nicole Brooks on April 5, 2021
I connected with Whitney and her mom, Mary Ann, about 3 years ago through a sarcoma social media group. When I saw her mom comment that her adult daughter had this same diagnosis, was being treated at the same hospital, Cincinnati Children’s, as me and was from northern KY, I really wanted to meet her. It was so hard to find anyway to talk to about everything I was going through that really, truly understood. Not just understood the nasty disease of cancer or what a toll it takes on someone in all aspects of their life but understood my type of cancer, who was also close to my age and being treated by the same doctors. Whitney was that person for me. I will miss you warrior️
Posted by Laura Smith on April 5, 2021
Whitney and I spent years together dancing at Pearman, followed by Kaleidescope Dance Company. There was never a class that didn’t involve a laugh with Whitney. Her personality was one of a kind - charismatic, personable, fun to be around. Sending prayers and love as we reflect on her beautiful life.
Posted by Dan Davis on April 5, 2021
I admit that I knew Whitney’s parents more personally than I knew her, I did have the pleasure of meeting Whitney at my veterinary office. Whitney had such a love for her family, friends and pets. Within the past year I saw her compassion for her family cats and dogs. It is such an honor to be entrusted with the care of people’s pets which makes their time on earth happier. I hope I was somehow able to make her smile through having the love of healthy pets or ease her mind that her pets would not suffer. Her love for her sick kitty was undeniable. She had the luckiest pets because they were truly loved. I’ve had conversations with Whitney’s family regarding her cancer. One of my family members shares in that diagnosis. I appreciate the advice, consoling and conversations. There truly are no words! My most sincere sympathy. All the mysteries of the universe are revealed to her through God now!!
Posted by Jenn Heun on April 5, 2021
Whitney Sutkamp, you and I have never met face to face in person, but your beautiful soul entered my life for a reason... your spirit and positivity gave me the courage as we fought this horrible cancer battle together. Our nightly chats in the hospital and our conversations in the car as I drove to Drs appointments... I remember you telling me how much you loved Sponge Bob as a kid to you always cheering me up with your videos of your nephew, who you adored with all of your heart. We planned to meet and celebrate and hug each other in Naples, Florida as the warm sun shined on us. Whitney, you were a true fighter that endured beyond what most can imagine. My heart is shattered from this news... May you forever be at peace and my thoughts and prayers are with the Sutkamp family. May Whitney’s spirit forever be a beacon of hope, love and positivity for all that have known her. ✝️
Posted by Casey Blades on April 5, 2021
I had the pleasure of meeting Whitney at a mutual friend’s bachelorette party. I was the only girl to attend the trip that didn’t grow up in the same area and was nervous showing up to the house with so many girls. I shared a room with Whitney and she made me feel so at ease and at home the entire trip. She was such a happy person to be around. A beautiful soul and light to the world. ♥️
Posted by Yvonne Whitehead on April 5, 2021
I have so many younger memories of Whitney...from Mary coming into the office for a pregnant test to watching her grow up to a beautiful woman. I have vivid memories of watching Whit and Sam when you lived in Highland Heights. I remember being so nervous having to put medicine in her port once and Whitney, at 5 or 6 years old, walked me through it. She's been a warrior for a long, long time. I remember her liking her arms scratched with a comb . She would be falling asleep and rotate her arm so you didn't miss a spot. It's hard to find the right words to say to you, Jon, Mary, Sam and Jack. Abundant thoughts and prayers for all of you. Whitney will always remain a super hero in my eyes. Her constant fight with positive attitude every step of the way is such an inspiration and reminder to live every day to the fullest. Much love, Yvonne Whitehead ❤️
Posted by Nicole Nixon on April 5, 2021
Whitney was one of the strongest, sweetest and positive people that I’ve ever met. She was one of those people you could call for something work related and then talk for an hour without even realizing. She was a warrior. No words can express how much she will be missed
Posted by Evelyn Rath on April 5, 2021
I had the opportunity to be one of Whitney's preschool teachers. I remember a sweet child and a family with a very strong Faith. Whitney touched a lot of lives and showed us how to stay strong . Thoughts and Prayers for the family.
Posted by Nicole Diaz on April 5, 2021
Sending lots of love and prayers to the Sutkamp family. Whitney is such a bright light and will be remembered by many!
Posted by Lisa Kelly on April 5, 2021



I will always remember your infectious smile. Love you forever.
Posted by Kristina Bolte on April 5, 2021
Whitney was one of the brightest people I knew. Not just in book smarts (hello biochemistry major), but in personality and in the light she shines on everyone around her. The irony that the symbol for sarcoma is a sunflower is not lost when it comes to Whitney. She was bright, fun and beautiful. I don't think I can pinpoint a favorite memory with Whitney because there are too many. From classmates to friends to sorority sisters to Twittles to roommates... Whitney has given me (and many others) so many good memories. There are so many songs from our "get ready" playlist that will forever be an anthem of our friendship to me. From Kid Rock's "All Summer Long" to David Bowie/Queen's "Under Pressure". I will miss having full conversations quoting the moving Enchanted back and forth with you. I will think of you every time I hear Hakuna Matata since you ingrained it in my head to think of you after you manipulated my phone to play that every time you called. I will be sad to not hear that play anymore when my phone rings. I'll never forget going to the Counting Crows concert together the night after I met my (now husband) and you advised me to ignore his first call while we were there because I needed to be "hard to get". I will miss getting dressed up with you to go out on an adventure with no plans. Thank you for always being fun and silly. Thank you for always being supportive. Thank you for being my friend. I love you Twittle. -Kristina
Posted by marianne verkamp on April 5, 2021
Faith, Hope, and Love. The greatest of these is Love.... and she is loved by so many.
Whitney is forever in our hearts

Marianne, David, Josh and Nina Verkamp

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