"Leave things, and people, better than you found them." Wil will be remembered and loved by all, forever.
  • 46 years old
  • Born on September 23, 1970 .
  • Passed away on August 26, 2017 .

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Wil Cardon, 46, born on September 23, 1970 and passed away on August 26, 2017.

We will remember him forever.  A service honoring Wil's life and family will be held at 11:00am on Friday, September 1rst at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Arcadia Building located at 4225 N. 56th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85018. (Carpooling is strongly encouraged due to limited parking.)

In lieu of flowers Wil's family has requested donations be made directly to the following charity to mirror Wil's lifelong commitment to making other's lives brighter:

Operation Underground Railroad
Memo/Reference:  Cardon Family children, in loving memory of their father.  

Posted by Charlene And Orin Edson on 25th September 2017
We are so happy to have spent some time, with Wil and to have experienced his smile, passion and energy. He will be remembered for his giving, uplifting spirit. Nicole, Rebecca, Parley, Bo, Ruby and Scarlett - you are in our thoughts and heart.
Posted by Marci Farnsworth on 25th September 2017
I didn't know Wil well, not for very long, but every time our paths crossed at church or at some social, he was always so friendly, wanting to spend time socially with my husband and I, which I regret were never able to do. He was just such a friendly, smart, caring guy, and a great dad. I had Scarlet in my Primary class and she glowed when she talked about her dad. We will miss you Wil, and hope to have that "date" with you and Nicole someday.
Posted by Gary Frey on 23rd September 2017
Will, Happy Birthday My Friend, You are missed around here. We had dinner last night at your Favorite restaurant in Vegas
Posted by Deise Carson on 23rd September 2017
Happy Birthday Guy! I love you and miss you so much! You were a great example to me and wonderful brother. Heaven has gained an incredible soul! Love, Deise
Posted by Byron Allen on 14th September 2017
Wil was a wonderful friend and mentor to me. Although he was only a few years older than me, his knowledge and wisdom were decades advanced of mine. He was so full of love for everyone around him and was always so caring for and generous to others. One example is a couple years ago one of my employees died of a heart attack. Wil was insistent that the company be very generous to the employee's widow and he asked how she was doing each time he came to a board meeting for quite some time. He taught our entire board of directors how we should care for others. Wil left this world a much better place because he was here. He had so many wonderful qualities that I want to develop even though I know it will take me a lifetime or longer to become anywhere near as great as Wil was. With love and admiration, Byron Allen American Savings Life Insurance Company
Posted by M I N G CHEN on 7th September 2017
I was at business school with Will and am saddened to learn that the world lost him. Super friendly with a big smile is how I will remember Will. My deepest condolences to his family. xo
Posted by Mark Selawry on 7th September 2017
Wil was bigger than life. I remember him fondly from our HBS days. He definitely brought light into our lives. Nicole and family, please accept my heartfelt condolences. May he rest in peace, now and forever. Mark
Posted by Meghan Christensen on 6th September 2017
When I think of Guy, I think of his contagious smile and the incredible sense of warmth and love he just radiated. He had an incredible gift of helping you feel important and loved. Such a special son of our Heavenly Father. We love you, Guy! And our prayers are with your beautiful family.
Posted by P J on 6th September 2017
All of the tributes posted testify how much your loved one cared for others. Will was obviously much loved. The Bible provides comfort when we lose someone we love. Psalms 34:18 tells us God is close to those who suffer from depression- those "crushed in spirit". He promises to bring about a time when we will see our loved ones again at Revelations 21: 3,4. At that time all mankind will enjoy perfect health on a paradise earth. May God comfort you during this time of bereavement with thoughts of what lies ahead.
Posted by Angela Fletcher on 5th September 2017
Jamie and I will always remember Wil's huge personality. His huge smile, big hugs, and gregarious laugh will not be forgotten. Our hearts hurt for all of you and we love you.
Posted by Philip Cardon on 4th September 2017
The last time we were together you emptied your car of your own clothes, and gave them to The Salvation Army. The last thing I saw you do was give. I will have the picture of Christ; Healing At The Pool of Bethesda in my home, as you did in your home. I miss you, I love you, I think of you often. Luch
Posted by Cindy Hupe on 1st September 2017
My name is Cindy Hupe. With respect, I do not know you but I am truly sorry for the sense of loss you, your family, loved ones & friends feel& & pray for your continued strength. . I have severe depression and your situation is the first time I have EVER heard family & friends portray this as a struggle which is fought daily with courage rather than a weakness. Thank you for the truly unconditional love, dedication & understanding for your loved ones struggle. God bless all who were blessed by knowing him & i wish you peace knowing he does not struggle anymore.
Posted by Jackie Barthel on 1st September 2017
Praying for all who loved Wil. God Bless.
Posted by Jackie Barthel on 1st September 2017
Praying for all who loved Wil. God Bless.
Posted by Jackie Barthel on 1st September 2017
Praying for all who loved Wil. God Bless.
Posted by Travis McBeth on 31st August 2017
There are so many great stories with Wil. Here is just one: Last year, Wil was experiencing one of his really "down" episodes. He needed to a change of scenery, so we loaded up a few of our kids and went up to Flagstaff to the house up there. One morning he was having an extra difficult time, we sat and talked for a long time and I realized we were not getting anywhere in the conversation. So I talked him into going for a bike ride. We got ready and went down to the garage to where all the bikes are, and realized that the only bike that was in working order was the tandem bike (that's the one with two seats). So, Wil and I (both over 250lbs and closing-in on 50), with a lot of laughter, got on the tandem bike and went for a bike ride. We laughed so hard that we cried. I will miss my friend and his laughter!
Posted by Marcia Xavier on 31st August 2017
I still remember the red-haired boy so full of energy when I served as a missionary (Sister Filippi). May the Lord comfort your beautiful family. Families are eternal and you will surely be together again.
Posted by Stacey Payne on 31st August 2017
I had the great fortune to work for Wil as his assistant. He was a wonderful boss who called me Zuul. To hear him come barreling down the stairs at the office made everyone smile as we knew his larger than life laughter was sure to follow. We will miss you greatly and pray that you have found peace.
Posted by Janet Bentley on 31st August 2017
To my little brother Wil. How blessed am I to have had the gift of you in my life. No words can express how big my love for you is and no words can express the amount of sadness I feel at being in a world without you. Rest in peace with your Heavenly Father and bask in the love you struggled so hard to feel here. Lost without you xxx
Posted by Mark Palmer on 31st August 2017
Wil always looked to do more and improve everything he touched. His beautiful smile and his infectious laugh encouraged everyone. He was quick to make a lasting friendship and extend gracious appreciation, even though he was the one bestowing favors. He loved Nicole and his children deeply. Thank you Wil for your hugs, friendship and example of strength and goodness.
Posted by Tonya Johnson Christensen on 31st August 2017
Nicole and family ~ I'm devastated for your loss. I knew of Wil in the Porto mission but was not personally acquainted with him. I was so surprised to recognize his face on my news feed. He was already larger than life at the tender age of 19. I also carry the battle scars from the long fight with my own father's depression. I can only imagine the pain Wil must have been feeling. May you find peace and healing in the fond memories you have of your lives together. Wil has found his.
Posted by Margo Evans on 31st August 2017
Wil was always so nice to me! I was so happy for Nicole when she married him. I remember being at a wedding reception. Nicole and Wil were there as well. I was on a blind date. I had forgotten my wallet and needed money for parking. The first name that came to my mind was Wil. He gave me $20.00 dollars and a hug. He always made you feel good about yourself. My heart aches for my friend Nicole and her children. Rest in Peace Wil.
Posted by Trey Leonard on 30th August 2017
A friend of everyone who came into his path, Wil loved and lived with a passion most people wont get to experience. Always eager to hear a story, or tell one of his own, Wil's charisma and belly-laugh will be missed by many. A big bear hug for you my friend, until we meet again.
Posted by Steve Hicks on 30th August 2017
I will miss our friend Wil's infectious laugh, his amazing spirit and his wicked sense of humor. God bless......
Posted by Lorita Strong on 30th August 2017
I'm so very sorry for Wil's entire family. Life is so short. Love each other unconditionally, you just never know when your chance to love was your last chance until it is.
Posted by Jeffrey Pettiford on 30th August 2017
Cardon Family, the Pettiford Family is so sorry for your loss. May God's grace and light shine down on you all during this difficult time.
Posted by Simon Bentley on 30th August 2017
I am so grateful to have known Wil and to have experienced his passion and energy. I have so many fun moments to look back on which will help fill the void that was created when he died. Nicole, Rebecca, Parley, Bo, Ruby and Scarlett - you are in my thoughts and although it is impossible to get there on Friday, my heart will be with you.
Posted by Casey Welch on 29th August 2017
My Uncle Wil was one of the most generous people I have ever met. He loved helping others and loved to make people smile. He was known for taking the Welch's to yummy food places and letting us order smoothies at the Four Seasons. My favorite memory with him was when he came to Vegas with his family and got all of the moms to jump in the freezing cold pool. I will miss him and always love him.
Posted by Mike Ord on 29th August 2017
Ever the Good Samaritan, Wil went out of his way to help others in a way only he could. I will miss seeing him tickle torture my 6 year old son, his enthusiastic recommendations, hugs, smile, and friendship. He leaves behind the best of humanity in Nicole, Rebecca, Bo, Parley, Ruby, and Scarlet.
Posted by Paul Leonard Jr on 28th August 2017
Wil's life was a legacy of love and laughter, and a living example of always wanting to make others feel good. We can all learn from and emulate that template. His loving family is a message that will resonate throughout eternity. We can all look forward to seeing him again, and being greeted with a great bear hug and that ever-present mischievous grin. Rest in peace brother, in the arms of the Savior, until we meet again.

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