Posted by Glorymar Molina on May 1, 2021
Hay wilberto cuanto me hace falta si ustd fue mi papa y yo no lo supe balorar me arepiento mucho de todo lo que hice gracias por ser un papa tan bueno con migo me acuerdo que todo ustd nos daba con Noemi esa mejer es una persona muy buena tambien los quieriero mucho. Y sobre todo lo quise mucho y lo apfesie mucho y gracias por ser mi papa y siempre lo sera lo quiero mucho que mi dios lo tenga en su santa gloria.
Posted by Sarah Hastings on April 28, 2021
Pichie was my brother in law. He was so fun before he got sick. He was a hard worker as a mail man and he enjoyed being a DJ. He was a good dad to his three kids and all the ones he fostered with my Sister Noemi, who was and is a very supportive wife. He made mistakes but nobody’s perfect, he came from a family that serves Jehovah and that helped him in the end, because having strong faith in Jehovah helps through any trial. His mom who passed away was funny and when we visited she rolled out the red carpet. We all had so much fun that weekend. That’s when we saw a Broadway play and took a horse and buggy ride through Central Park. His dad came to visit us in Puerto Rico when we lived there and it was so enjoyable. What a nice person. We love him. May Jehovah be with all the surviving family keeping them strong. We can all remember the good things and forget the negative memories. Like Jehovah we sift out the good. Hopefully when we see Pichie again he will be smiling appreciating the fact that he served Jehovah the best he could. He will be looking forward to a good meal, a cold beer and good music to dance to. Loosing a love one is a hard thing but welcoming them in Paradise will be a blessing, and it’s...”just around the corner”.
Isaiah 25:8, Psalm 37:29, 1 Corinthians 15:26, Revelation 21:4, John 17:3,
Posted by Noemi Camacho on April 23, 2021
Yazmin and I miss him everyday. We think about the good times and how much he made us laugh. It keeps us going. 

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