• 92 years old
  • Born on April 6, 1926 in Berkeley, California, United States.
  • Passed away on March 10, 2019 .

In loving memory of our dear friend Mr. Willard Wright, a magnificent heart and a beautiful soul. 

This online memorial is created so that we can all share and remember him always in our hearts.

Posted by Clark . on May 17, 2019
Happy Anniversary my dearheart Bochie poop. With great love and affection, thank you for 19 beautiful years. 
You will always be the great love of my life.
Posted by Bri Seoane on April 6, 2019
Uncle Willie,
Today you were supposed to turn 93. Today we were supposed to marvel, once again, at your immortality, bask in your joie de vivre, and give thanks for another year well lived. It still doesn’t feel real to me that you’re gone, someone who aged but never got old. 
You humbled us all that night on the dance floor when you exclaimed “this is how we dance to Gaga! Come on now, I saw it at a club last week in the City!” At Johnny’s wedding in Cabo, you wouldn’t be outdone when the wedding party jumped in the pool. After carefully removing your suit and folding it neatly on the deck you joined us stating “sorry for the delay, but there’s no way in hell that linen suit was coming in the pool!” We didn’t mind the wait.
Time spent with you was always beautiful- learning about Asian art, enjoying expertly prepared meals always served on “the good plates,” listening to you hum soothing melodies as you dutifully attended to your guests. As a kid, there was nothing more thrilling than sipping sparkling cider from one of your crystal goblets while thumbing through the pages of your heavy, expensive, coffee table books. Your living room was where I first saw Maplethorpe’s photographs, glimpsed the glorious Cinque Terra, and read about World War II. I will never forget my first nibble of baklava sitting in your kitchen in Fairway Park. Every delicious and delicate layer was to be savored because “the Greeks do food perfectly.” Your home made all of Hayward seem cosmopolitan.
We had the best time planning my travel to and from college. Checking in with you on the flight loads was just an excuse to catch up, cackle a bit and share naughty jokes. Your final words before we hung up were “don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. Hell, I’ve done it all!” The time I took the last stand by seat in first class, relegating Barbara Boxer and her carry-on ball gown to coach, I couldn’t wait to land to call you. The senator, who hoped to get a good night’s rest ahead of Clinton’s inaugural ball, had lost out to a college student on a companion pass with 40+ year seniority. “We voted for ya, but you aren’t getting my first-class seat!” we howled. Oh! And that whole “free champagne” pro tip you shared before boarding our flight from Paris has remained a secret until now.
Christmas was how you showed your love. You sent us mint chocolate layer cakes every year until the company went belly up in the late 90s. We cut the special treat in to thin slices and enjoyed it for weeks (sometimes for breakfast). You gifted me ornaments from Gump’s or Neiman Marcus. You’d sit next to me and tell me all the reasons why the ornament reminded you of me. Because of you, perfect lace angels, marionette ballerinas, sequined elephants, elegant sleighs and cheerful snowmen and dozens of stories about them don my tree every year. They will forever remind me of your wonderful, generous, thoughtful spirit.
You were the most elegant man I ever knew. The perfect hat, the perfect layered look, the perfect depiction of Banana Republic’s latest floor set. You bought me my first pashmina. You gave me a gorgeous beaded evening bag that belonged to your mother for prom. Years later when I couldn’t find the right necklace for a cocktail party, you gifted me a piece of her vintage costume jewelry. You were flawless, timeless, and classic.
The world isn’t as beautiful, as bright, or as interesting without you in it. It seems small and dim and lacks glitter. It is hard to imagine your absence from all of life’s moments to come since you’ve been a part of every single one up until now.
I’m particularly sorry you’ll miss Trump’s impeachment. We will not be riding around in your car with the windows rolled down, middle fingers up, as you yell “I’m an old white man and even I think he’s an asshole!” I can promise you there will be champagne, however, and I’ll drink enough for us both.
I love you forever and always,
Posted by Phillip Wooldridge on April 6, 2019
Hey my friend, I miss saying that to you. Its that time again birthday boy. Wish you a great day!! Happy Birthday, you will always be in my heart.
Posted by Sherry Wooldridge on April 6, 2019
Happy Birthday my dear Uncle Willie. you are missed daily and forever loved
Posted by Clark . on April 6, 2019
Happy Birthday my dear Bochie. I love you so much.
Posted by Henry Manayan on March 30, 2019
Billy, you were always a ray of sunshine in my life, and I'm sure to all who knew you. I will always treasure our close friendship and feel blessed that you were a part of my life and my family's. You are a kind and gentle soul. I have so many wonderful memories of your beautiful Christmas trees and holiday decorations, your garden, our dining adventures, becoming close to your family and circle of friends, your gourmet cooking and constant learning of new recipes and techniques. I cherished seeing you and will miss our engaging conversations about life and politics. Midway through my professional life, when I decided to get involved in public service, you were always so supportive of my political career, campaigning, walking precincts with me, and talking to voters. It meant a lot to me and directly contributed to my success. I will miss seeing you, your sense of humor, your youthful spirit, and just hearing your voice. You have a permanent place in my heart forever.
Posted by Cary Seoane on March 27, 2019
Uncle Willie and my Dad were life long friends. He was a special man; kind, generous, funny, loving, caring, loyal, a gentleman and talented. Visiting his home was an exciting adventure full of objects I had never seen before. Oh how he loved to show me around his garden. There was always a sweet treat to be tasted and a small treasure to take home. That really didn't change even as I attained adulthood. Christmas at his house was magical and I never tired of seeing his beautifully decorated Christmas trees. He always had a joke or two to tell and stories to share. He always made me feel special. I think that was truly his greatest gift, making others feel special. I know he is reunited with his beloved mother and catching up with my Dad. I shall miss you dear Uncle Willie. Love you forever.
Posted by Sherry Wooldridge on March 25, 2019
My dearest Uncle Willie, A true friend from the moment we met 39 years ago and you gave me a place to stay. You were the best man at our wedding and never seemed to mind our children on your white carpet. Always gracious with your love. You will never be forgotten. You hold a special place in our hearts and have been there for us over the years. Your friendship and support meant the world to us as you were a part of our family. May you always rest in peace my friend, until we meet again.
Posted by Keith Ennenga on March 19, 2019
43 years of friendship, what a blessing. I am truly thankful for every moment I spent with you Billy. Like playing backgammon on the beach in Guam whenever you had a flight layover. Drinking coffee in your garden or enjoying meals at our favorite restaurants. Plus the all the parties and the interesting people you introduced me to over the years. You will be missed my dear friend, but not forgotten!
Posted by Peter Roshko on March 15, 2019
I first met Bill on a Pan Am flight in 1984 from Asia to the US. I was in coach and my buddy was in first. Bill brought me all the first class goodies throughout the flight. My family visited him over the years in Hayward ... He was a bright light, a gentle soul and a good man through and through ... I and the world will miss him!
Posted by Tim Morris on March 15, 2019
Bill has had a loving impact on my life for over 50 years. As my family grew his love grew to include my wife, children and grandchildren. Grandpa Bill is part of our lives and we will miss his gentle caring presence. Rest well my dear friend. You are loved and remembered! It is my honor that you called me “son”.
Your Son Tim❤️
Posted by Phil Tiemeyer on March 15, 2019
I met Bill about 10 years ago in SF, when I was writing a book on the history of stewards in the US. Bill was one of my very best interviews and a total delight as a human being. My favorite memory of him is when we did a joint interview about stewards at the LGBT History Museum in SF. He stole the show! Had the crowd eating out of his hand as he told hilarious stories from Pan Am's past. Thanks for the memories, Bill!!
Posted by Phillip Wooldridge on March 14, 2019
Willie, you have been a friend through out my life like no other, I still have never met a kind soul like you have been, you truly can not be replace by any other person. You were my best man at my wedding and have been in my life ever since and I have been blessed to have a friend like you. We were going to see each other this week but I will always see you and talk to you. Thank you for being there and helping me the last 2 months with my situation, you will always be in my heart and we will see each other again, I will miss you until
Posted by John Chung on March 14, 2019
A friend I've known for 39 years, working at Pan Am and onto United. Bill was always a Gentleman and always a kind soul who will be truly missed, and his friendship stays forever in my heart and memories. I feel truly blessed knowing him. RIP my friend. Comfort be yours in heaven.
Posted by Vicki Tepper on March 14, 2019
There were NO bad days with you or for you dear Uncle Billy, Lovingly Vicki and Mark
Posted by Bruce Blouin on March 14, 2019
The spirit and love from (and FOR) Bill will remain forever in my heart. A finer soul there cannot be, so rest in peace my dear friend. ♥️
Posted by Wanda Seoane on March 14, 2019
I loved Willie so much. He will be dearly missed. Because of his young at heart and uplifting spirit I thought he would live forever. Miss you Willie, you are in a wonderful place with all your loved ones that have passed.
Posted by Clark . on March 13, 2019
The memorial service is being held on Saturday, March 30th at the Holy Sepulchre Cemetery

26320 Mission Blvd, Hayward, CA 94544

Visitation begins at 10 AM and the memorial service starts at Noon.

In lieu of flowers, consider a gift to the UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland.

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