My Little Man

Shared by Carole Buckley on March 19, 2011

I had never seen William Anthony as happy as he was his last day here.  I spent the day with him & Josie & he was laughing & smiling all day. I honestly don't remember him crying at all that day. I even told Josie, " I can't get over how happy he is. He is watching every move you make" It was like he could not get enough of her.  Every time she looked at him he smiled at her. He just lit up. I know now that he knew he was going to leave her & he wanted her to remember how happy he was & how much he loved her. She will have that special day & memory to see her thru the rest of her life. He made sure when Chase came here that we would all see & remember him forever. I am so grateful to have been his grandmother & to share his life, even as short as it was.  He made everyone who came in contact with him a better person. I thank God everyday for this very special angel. I love & miss you "My Little Man"



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