Posted by Sharon Gobey on October 17, 2019
So Grandad, today would have been your 100th birthday. I can just hear you asking ‘how old do you think I am’? I miss you every day and wish you were here for a celebration. I’ll raise a glass for you tonight. Love you xx
Posted by Sharon Gobey on June 3, 2019
Grandad, thinking of you today and missing you with all my heart. I bought some sweet William flowers today as they remind me so much of you. Love you always. Sharon xx
Posted by Julia Moore on June 2, 2018
Miss you Grandad, each day, every day, all the time
Posted by Julia Moore on October 17, 2017
Happy Birthday Grandad. Not a day goes by when you're not in our thoughts. You were a huge part of this family and are sorely missed. Nana is doing great and living life to the full for the both of you. Love you always xxx
Posted by nancy haken on October 17, 2016
Five years have passed now dad .We often talk about you .Miss your jokes ,your smile and sense of humour .xx
Posted by nancy haken on October 28, 2015
Four years have gone now dad .I miss you so much ,miss your smile and sense of humour .bye dad x
Posted by Sharon Gobey on October 17, 2015
Wishing my grandad a happy 96th birthday! You are continually missed and thought of often. The sun is shining for you today. Love always Sharon xx
Posted by tracy hinde on October 18, 2014
Happy birthday grandad ,miss you so much always remember you sitting in garden when little sun out,im a grandma you would have loved him he is my little chunck miss and love u always what fantastic husband,dad,grandad ,great tracy carl jessica jamie and baby harvey xx
Posted by Sharon Gobey on June 2, 2013
Thinking of you Grandad. I can't believe it has been 2 years since you were taken away from us. You will always be the best grandad in the world. Loving you always. Sharon xx
Posted by Julia Moore on June 10, 2012
Grandad, can't believe you left us over a year ago now. In true Luke tradition we celebrated your life with a meal out! Nana I know you used to like to treat us all whenever we were up to visit. We also planted some lovely plants in Nana's new garden as we know how much you loved the garden. I think about you every day and have your photo on my phone, love you always, Julia
Posted by Sharon Gobey on June 5, 2012
It's hard to believe that a year has gone by since you were taken from us; but there is not a day goes by without you being thought about. Nanna is doing really well and has settled in her new flat. We've bought some gorgeous plants that have been planted in Nanna's new garden; she is able to look at them out of her window and be reminded of you. Loving you always, Sharon & Tom xx
Posted by Sharon Gobey on October 17, 2011
Grandad, I'm thinking of you today on what would have been your 92nd birthday! You are missed by all the family & thought about every day. You will always be the BEST GRANDAD in the world. Loving you yesterday, today and forever. Sharon & Tom xx
Posted by nancy haken on September 13, 2011
dad i miss you so much ,i cannot believe i will never see you again .i have your photo at home and in turkey where i can see you all the time .one day we will meet again im sure .love you always your loveing daughter nancy .xx
Posted by nicola radjenovic on June 19, 2011
Thank you for being a wonderful grandad. We will never forget you. With all our love Nicola, Carl, Luke and Lucy xxxxxx.

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