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my brother william

Shared by virginia luke on November 26, 2011

my brother Bub went to be with God nov 19.2011,i love u very much bub,you will be missed-a very caring ,loving,commpassion person,,I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER THE GOOD TIMES TOGETHER,MY BROTHER LOVE TO SMILE and spend time with family,i will miss u blowing me a kiss,every time i came to see u and was leaving,thank u for all u did for me growing up.,forever in my heart,sister,virginia

Shared by Carolyn Smith on November 22, 2011

Dear Dad in Heaven


I sit here and i ponder how very much


I'd like to talk to you today


There are so many things


That we didn't get to say


I know how much you care for me


And how much I care for you,


And each time that I think of you


I know you'll miss me too.


An angel came and called your name


And took you by the hand and said


Your place was ready in Heaven, far above . . .


And you had to leave behind, all though you dearly loved


You had so much to live for, you had so much to do . . .


It still seemed impossible, that God was taking you.


And though your life on earth is past, in Heaven it starts anew


You'll live for all eternity, just as God has promised you.


And though you've walked through Heaven's gate


We are never far apart


For each time that we think of you,


You're right here, deep with-in our hearts.

Shared by Carolyn Smith on November 22, 2011

In Loving Memory


I know you're now up in Heaven
As I'm reminded day by day
I just can't stop thinking about you
And all the things you used to do and say




I try to hide my heartache
And say that I'm just fine
I go about my usual life . . .
With everyone around me being oh, so kind.






People keep on trying to ease my troubled mind


Many try to comfort and tell me time will heal


But I know that time can't erase the memories


Or the undying love for you that I still feel



I know you truly loved me
And don't want me shedding tears
I know you'll wait for me in Heaven
If it takes a hundred years




And even though I'm still on Earth,
I miss you more each day
How can I look forward to tomorrow
When I still can't accept today?







How can I mend my broken heart
When my loved one has gone away?
Only God can help me through this
And oh, how much I've prayed . . .






They think my day now starts without you


And that we are far apart


But you will always be a part of me


You now live within my heart.



No one can ever take your place
I've stored the memories of our love
They are my only comfort until I can join you
For all eternity in Heaven above. . .



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