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All these roses in 7 days!!!

Shared by Jan Savage on May 9, 2019

Check out the roses as of today - day 7 since they started.

Roses from Bill - 4 wks after death

Shared by Jan Savage on May 6, 2019

Bill loved flowers - especially roses. He always wished he could grow them like his mother did - large healthy blooming rose bushes. He tried many times - planting them near the carport hoping they would climb the trellis. He had a few beautiful roses about 20 years ago but no luck since then. Exactly 4 weeks after Bill’s death (onMay 3rd ) about 3 red roses showed up!  This photo shows his roses today. Red roses are supposed to symbolize love. I think his Mom (deceased for many years) helped him send good energy to cause these roses to bloom now. A loving gift from him.

Shared by roxanne harding on May 2, 2019

one story that comes to mind is this:

We had been staying at Jan and Bill's and I needed a part for my truck before heading home.  Bill took me into Norman to the parts store.  When we left the store he said we should stop for coffee and a donut.  I was anxious to get back and get my truck fixed but Bill said" Sometimes you just have to take time for coffee and a donut". So we went to this little cafe and talked for an hour while drinking coffee and eating a donut.  In that hour I learned how much Bill loved Oklahoma, Jan, his family and friends. How important it was not to take things for granted. 

To this day, I often remind myself to take time for coffee and a donut.  I think of Bill and smile. I'm sad he is gone to soon.  I know he lives on in the hearts of all the lives he touched.  He certainly lives on in mine and I will never forget him.

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