Let the memory of William "Bill" be with us forever
  • Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States.
  • Passed away on May 14, 2015 in Port Charlotte, Florida, United States.

William "Bill" C. Kockler, Jr. of Pt. Charlotte, Florida and Thornhurst, Pennsylvania passed away quietly in his sleep May 14, 2015. He was 89.

He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and lived there as well as in Livingston, New Jersey.

He is survived by his wife of 68 years, Frances "Chickie" Kockler, his son William M. of Pt. Charlotte, FL, his daughter Janet Cole of Yulee, FL, and his daughter Carol Kockler of Naples, FL, as well as 3 grandsons, Darryl Cole of NC, James W. Kockler of FL, and Scott Cole of NJ, and 5 great-grand children, Vincenzo Kockler, Brielle, Ashlyn, and Shaylie Cole, and Faye Cole.

He was preceded in death by his parents, William C. Kockler, Sr. and Eva Elizabeth Kockler.

Bill was a WWII Veteran and recently traveled to Washington, D.C. on the Honor Flight to visit the WWII Memorial. He was a graduate of Temple Technical and spent his career of 49 years with Channel 13 in Newark, NJ and New York, NY as cameraman and was a member of IBEW. Bill worked on MacNeil/Lehrer, Bill Moyers Journal, Dick Cavett, Charlie Rose and all of the other productions when Thirteen was in the business of production.

Bill will be deeply missed by his very close and loving family.

Bill may be kindly remembered at icscremationandfunerals.org and on Facebook at facebook.com/icscremationandfunerals

Posted by ICS Cremation And Funeral... on 14th May 2016
R.I.P. Bill
Posted by Jim Kockler on 12th June 2015
When I was a young boy, I noticed the holes or "ports" in the back of our clothing dryer were the same as the holes in your dryer, Pop. I imagined in my young mind that I could yell into my dryer, and by some mass communication network of dryers, you could hear me. Light, electricity, and magnetism, according to many of the greatest scientific minds in human history, are side effects of something beyond our 3 dimensions, within a higher dimensional hyperspace. So it is with great hope in a long shot, as I send this message in a virtual bottle, by way of electricity, magnetism, and light, within these network wires, that somehow it might make it's way across dimensions, and in an even longer shot, make it to you in an altered state of consciousness. The chances are infinitesimally small, but so are the chances that our universe exists as it does, and an unimaginably smaller chance still, that you and I existed at all, and that I had the honor of you being my Grandfather. You seemed transdimensional as it was, something intergalactic about you. A beautiful happy bald reflective head, your kind eyes peering through those big cosmic glasses. An uncanny ability to disappear in an instant, and reappear from nowhere, as if you were vanishing from this plane altogether, earning you the spacey nickname, "Telstar." But, it was more than this which set you apart and gave us strength. The consistency of your character, always bold and true, right down to your last day and breadth of this celestial atmosphere. Happy and content just to be with your family, we were your treasure, and need for excess and riches was none. Your kindness and positivity was something not often witnessed, and it never wavered. The storms you must have endured in your 9 decades, the losses you suffered, the darkness you confronted. Three years on the ground in WW2, The Great Depression, a son in Vietnam, loss of loved ones over time. Yet, even with all the reasons one would ever need to fold down and buckle with the weight of 30,000 days on your back, you would look at me with so much hope and light in your eyes, a laugh and smile, and say, "Well, Better days are coming, Jim!" You were our great Captain in the storm. The Captain, flying your cessna tonight into the "Wild Blue Yonder." The love and devotion you had for your family was apparent on every day I knew you, it's reflected in all of us, and in the testimonies of all that knew you. The times you and I spent together, going to work with you at Channel 13 in New York City, watching you run the broadcast camera for The MacNeil / Lehrer News Hour, or the days you skipped work altogether so we could build snowmen in the backyard; the nights we spent tracking down the Big Dipper in the starry skies at the cabin; playing in the river together; or some other wondrous adventure, they will live with me forever. I am so grateful for the 10 years you were able to spend knowing my son, and those experiences will live with him forever, and so continue your legacy. You taught me through your actions how to be a better man and a great father. I hope that under the wings of your wisdom, I might one day live up to your example. I love you with all my heart, as does all of our family. Now I must say goodnight to you, as we have done so many times before. The typical gesture of "rest in peace," seems to me to be at odds with a universe which does not do well with rest. I will therefore simply wish that you forever be with Peace. Goodnight, Sweet Pop. I love you. "See you later, alligator." --- Jimmy
Posted by Larry Cutrone on 28th May 2015
Bill Kockler was everything in a parent and a friend you'd ever hope for. He was forever kind and generous to everybody fortunate enough to have been in his company. My "time" with Bill on a regular basis only amounted to about five years. But oh what I learned from him in those years! Bill I (we) shall never forget you. You truly were "one of a kind".

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