His Life

Billy was a precious son.  He lost his way to drugs and alcohol.  He would want to go straight and tried so hard many timesHis drug friends always seemed to be there to help bring him down again.  You have to have will power and remove yourself from these people whom you call friends.  My son finally lost all hope of living. 

He left behind a sweet precious son who doesn't understand why his daddy cannot be healed.  As he calls it fixed.  He will pray and ask God to make his daddy better so he can come back.  He left behind a grieving Mother, Father,  2 sisters and 1 brother. 

If you are doing drugs or drinking excessively, please think about the people you affect by your actions.  Drugs and Alcohol kill people everyday.  They are not recreation, they are dangerous. 

God be with all who may read this.  Jn. 3:16

I miss you my son and will see you in Heaven again.  I love you.