Posted by Jeannie Wood on September 12, 2021
I miss you every day and you are always in my thoughts. I sit here listening to music remembering how we would sit out on the porch or the deck listening to music and sometimes singing along. I wonder what you would think about what is going on in the world today, what you would have to say about it. I am saddened and sometimes weary, but carry on day by day and still have hope for the flowers.
Posted by Leslie Hendon on September 12, 2021
Brad, I am sharing today that we miss your presence in our lives. Jeannie will always love you for your spirit, your intelligence, your care for your patients, and your brilliance of wit. May all know forever forward that Jeannie is healing. Jeannie is a light among the stars. My love to all in Jeannie's family, particularly her daughters.
Posted by Jeannie Wood on November 9, 2020
I think I loved you from the first time I saw you and dreamt of you before then. I miss you every day. I love you.
Posted by Melanie Laurance on September 22, 2020
Here is a link to the memorial service:
Posted by Melanie Laurance on September 18, 2020
Brad introduced me and my sisters to a little-known band called Cloud Cult. They became one of my favorite bands and now I'll always think of him when I listen to them. I hope he is at peace, and that he knows he was loved.

Cloud Cult - Light Chasers Album Playlist
Posted by Leslie Hendon on September 18, 2020
May the light of all that is Good surround you. May the Peace of all that is good be within you. I send Light to all family and friends who experience the loss of Bradley. May the rivers of our energies join in remembrance of Brad and the lives he touched in friendship, family, and his patients at UAB NICU.

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