His Life

Who was William E. Dewberry

William (LaWilliam is what family called him) was born to Connie and William as the fifth child, but the second son. He was born smack dead in the middle of three older sisters and one older brother who did not live at home; so little brother was on his own with all these sisters! My brother was raised by a single-hard-core mother. My brother did not play when it came to his sisters! He was there for us no questions asked! He had no fear of another man when it came to being a man. He lived on his feet and not on his knees unless he was praying to God! He had the kind of heart that I actually witnessed on several occassions, him take off his shirt and give it to someone who needed it. This sort of thing he did all the time for the people he loved and respected! My lil brother had the heart of a warrior and demanded his respect. I've been told all my life that he was the male me; but to me he was one of a kind.