Let the memory of Bill Banks be with us forever
  • 75 years old
  • Born on September 26, 1940 in Albany, Georgia, United States.
  • Passed away on July 21, 2016 in Hialeah, Florida, United States.

Welcome to our memorial website, created in memory of Bill Banks, 75,
born on September 26, 1940 and passed away on July 21, 2016. 

Posted by Jan Cockcroft on 21st July 2018
You are missed by everyone. Give Tammy a big hug and tell her she is also missed very much.
Posted by Faye Ritchie on 21st July 2018
Two years and still miss him every day, Bill was such a rock for everyone and especially my rock. Bill and Tammy are both gone too soon but now together - love you both,
Posted by Dave Fetter on 21st July 2018
Has it been 2 years already? Hard to believe. Billy Banks, is the name I call him because he always announced himself, "...Billy Banks calling...", when he would call, not to talk with me, of course, but with Tammy. Still missing Billy and Tammy Banks, as we always will.
Posted by Jan Cockcroft on 27th September 2017
Happy belated birthday Wee Willie. You are missed and Will never be forgotten. Give my daughter a big hug for she is also missed
Posted by Peg Yeager on 27th September 2017
Bill, You are forever in my heart! Peg
Posted by Faye Ritchie on 26th September 2017
Bill, where to begin? You were my rock, always had my back and just believed in me. We loved each other so much. We were three siblings and always close. First we lost JoAnne and were so sad together. Now I have lost you. It's been over a year and I have just begun to accept it. The poem "Forever In My Heart" seems to say it all. It follows: A limb has fallen from our family tree! I keep hearing your voice saying "Grieve not for me. Remember the best times, the laughter, the songs, the good life I lived when I was strong. Continue my heritage;I'm counting on you. Keep smiling and surely the sun will shine thru. My mind is at ease, my soul is at rest, remembering how I truly was blessed. Continue traditions, no matter how small. Go on with your life, don't worry about falls. I miss you all dearly so keep up your chins; until the day comes that we're together again." Happy Birthday - we had so many happy family birthdays. Your "Sister Faye" You called me that so much that some of your friends were surprised to learn that I was not a Nun.
Posted by Dave Fetter on 26th September 2017
Happy Birthday, Billy Banks! I know how you feel about drinking it. But, I Suggest you join Joann and Tammy, today at about 5:00 for their ritual Cuban Coffee break. Bring a cold one with you, if you like!
Posted by KEVIN RUSK on 9th August 2017
Billy Banks was and is my best friend! I cherished every minute I spent with him. When I would leave the last thing he would say is "I will be thinking of you".That is such a kind and thoughtful gesture. I spent 5-6 days a week building the firetruck mailbox for Sean with Billy from september untill christmas and that was one of the most enjoyable times of my life. I love you Billy
Posted by Sharionmarie Padgett on 21st July 2017
I miss Bill more today than yesterday and each day forward i will miss him more. I have not been able to process his passing and i still expect to hear him calling to go fishing. And i am also grateful that we had him as long as we did and I believe it was Thanks to my Aunt, Ms J, who took so much time and loving care of him. She helped him enjoy a few more years than we would have had, I really believe that. GOD IS GOOD! We love you Uncle Bill and we will never forget you.
Posted by Peg Yeager on 21st July 2017
I miss him everyday, he was a tough cookie. To share emotions was not easy but when things got tough he was the toughest of all. I loved him as a big brother and when I think of him I just remember how he always made me feel loved. Now I carry his memory with me everyday! OXOX
Posted by Dave Fetter on 21st July 2017
A year ago, today, was a very tough day for the family. A Father, Grandfather, Brother, Husband, Uncle, Cousin, Father-in-law, Friend and hero to all who knew and loved him, had left this life. Bill Banks, left us with great memories of a life filled with fun, laughter, and, of course, some sadness. But, he will be remembered most for how he touched our hearts and lives.
Posted by Dave Fetter on 16th December 2016
Today would be Daughter, Tammy's 56th birthday. Just added the following note and photo to the gallery tab above about Granddaughter, Sara Katherine Fetter graduation from College on December 11th, 2016. "From the time she was a little girl, as the first Grandchild of Tammy's Mom and Dad, Sara was encouraged to go to college and become the first in their family to get a formal college degree. Although Both Her Mom and Grandfather passed away, before she did it. Sara never forgot."
Posted by Jan Cockcroft on 26th September 2016
Happy birthday Bill. Wish you were to celebrate it. You are missed. Jan
Posted by Peg Yeager on 11th August 2016
Bill, I'm still having trouble wrapping my mind around the fact that you are gone. Gone to an adventure that I can not yet be a part, you always made me feel important. I only hope you knew how important you were to me and so many others. I will try not to cry because I have to let you go on to explore the joy of being with those who went before you! Please know how hard it is for me to be left behind but I look forward to seeing you in the future, OXOX
Posted by Bill Carter on 8th August 2016
I don't have any idea how to write this tribute. How can I say whats in my heart without getting all emotional and teary eyed. Uncle Bill was around during some of my toughest years as a little boy. I vaguely remember him or another person with him, driving mom around some old empty warehouses looking for me because that's usually where I went to hide when I would run away from home because of my dad. He was always so encouraging and patient with me during those years. Granddad made me a water cannon that after it was pumped up, would shoot high up in the air. Granddad took it from me after I did something bad (I don't remember what). It was uncle Bill who got it back for me. As the years rolled on, He's given me money, he's given me lots of little jobs to do and when I moved back to Miami from Texas and he saw me trying to open a repair shop, he bought me a bunch of tools and an expensive oxygen/ecetelyne torch set. He allowed me to work on his bank safe vans and even his Bertram, the 'MISS J.' Uncle Bill has welcomed me in his home and garage so many times. It was him and Aunt J, who threw a birthday party for my 40th birthday and presented me with a beautiful safe with my name painted on it, 22 years ago. My memory isn't as sharp as it used to because I'm unable to remember a lot of my past in detail, but Uncle Bill was a very important and very loved person in my life. Nothing but fond memories of him!! I love you Uncle Bill
Posted by Ronnie Lasseter on 7th August 2016
The feelings that come with the loss of Uncle Bill are best described by my wife Felicia Sherree, “It’s like losing our Lion King”. I’ve found comfort in knowing that with all the people that have loved him he will always be alive in memory and spirit. In my early 20’s he was my mentor and best friend, he helped be my guidance when I was just a kid. We shared a lot of time together boating, fishing, diving and most of all “loving life”. When Uncle Bill Married Janet, I remember him being so full of happiness and love. It was such a wonderful thing to see the love in his eyes. His feelings for her showed me what kind of love was possible. He made me want to be a better person (like him) so I could be as deserving of a love like his. So I modeled myself as best I could after him . He’s the reason I met the love of my life. Uncle Bill and Miss J had hosted an art showing at their house that family, friends and I were invited to. The young lady that was doing the showing was so beautiful and radiant I was instantly love struck. I asked Bill and Miss J. about her (Felicia Sherree) and they said “no, not a chance.” Well, because of Uncle Bill and his influence on me I can say I am still crazy in love with my wife Felicia Sherree after 24 years. Thanks Uncle Bill you defiantly made my life and world a better place. Uncle Bill, it’s not goodbye, it’s see-ya later. With love, Ronnie
Posted by Sharionmarie Padgett on 6th August 2016
It is hard to find the words to express the lost I feel with the passing of my Uncle Bill. For all of my life he has been a strong presence and him not being here is just not something I can put into a few lines. He was the strong backbone for the entire family and for me personally I felt a deep connection. He accepted me and seems to even encourage me to be myself. I can remember lots of fun visits when he and I would enjoy listening and singing off key to hard core country music and drinking shots while everyone else suffered from our crazy antics. Like the time he got us to fix Bob a "special" drink with every kind of liquor plus milk and hot sauce, honey mustard, etc. And after Bob drank it and passed out, Uncle Bill got us to paint Bob up with markers. Haha, good times. He always seems to get more enjoyment for making someone else happy then for himself. I remember when he and Tammy hid a treasure chest after we had rented a metal detector to try to find Ms J's lost ring. They "Helped" me find the chest, I thought I had hit the mother lode. Of course, since it was all new coins I knew I had been had. I sure will miss him. There will never be another to take his place. I hope one day to see them all again. I love you Uncle Bill and I will always miss you.
Posted by Patty Jackson on 5th August 2016
What can I say? Although Bill was my step-father, he came to mean every bit as much to me as my father. We shared so many wonderful times together. He fully embraced, and went out of his way, taking on the role of "Grandpa" to my son Sean. Bill was like a father to him. They enjoyed fishing, boating and many more activities together. We enjoyed numerous outings together, but one of his (and my) favorites was Captain Hiram's Resort in Sebastian, Florida. Bill always put a smile on my face. He was always so kind. He gave great joy to my mother (Janet) and cherished her so much. He was such a wonderful husband to her. I can only guess how much she will truly miss him. He will remain in my thoughts and heart (and so many others) forever. What can I say? Everybody loved Bill!
Posted by Barry Jackson on 5th August 2016
Bill Banks warmly welcomed me to his family when I married his step-daughter Patty. In an instant I had a new father-in-law, but what I did not know instantly was what a great friend he would become. He was more like a big brother than father-in-law. We shared many outings together... birthday parties, Christmas, Thanksgiving, July 4th and more. He was always kind, generous, helpful and just a pleasure to be around. And Bill liked to stay busy, always doing something or starting a new project. And so many times his projects were a work of love, a gift for others. I know that Bill left smiles in so many places, he will be dearly missed by all who knew him.
Posted by Rick Fetter on 3rd August 2016
I'll never forget Bill. He was one-of-a-kind. I'll also never forget what he did for me many years ago. He and his family were so generous and so much fun. I really feel for my dear sister, Sara, as she is too young to be dealing with these losses in her life. My sincere condolences to Janet, Faye, and the rest of the family. Forgive me as it has been so long that I cannot remember other names, though I definitely remember you all.
Posted by Dave Fetter on 2nd August 2016
When Bill Banks and I first met, Tammy and I had just begun dating. He welcomed me and we seemed to get along quickly. But he had to test this "Yankee from New York" brought home by his older daughter. Soon enough we found ourselves out in his garage, his 2nd favorite place, I would come to realize. His first, favorite place, was aboard the "Miss J" on open water. He put on some Hank Williams, Sr songs on the boom box he had out there, and I recognized Hank Williams. Hank Williams is one of the few names I knew, back then. Although I had become fond of country music in general, at an earlier time in my adult life. He was impressed. He put on some other artists, that I couldn't name, but recognized the music. I told him honestly I had no idea who was singing, But I liked it. I guess this impressed him too. It was the beginning of what became a strong friendship, separate from being my father-in-law. I will always cherish some great laughs we shared, over the years, as well as some sad tears. By now, I'm guessing Bill, Tammy and Jo are dancing. Although I've never been a dancer. It was always a pleasure to watch them enjoy dancing so naturally. Whenever the time comes that I may be with them, I'm cutting in. Keep laughing, Billy Banks! Soon you'll have all the angels laughing with you.

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