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Shared by Silke Melles on April 7, 2021
I was an exchange student at Mayville High in 85/86. I had two teachers which impressed me very much this year. One was my English teacher Mr. LaGraff the other one was Mr. Hamilton. In his government class I learned a whole lot about the US. Mr. Hamilton was always interested in us exchange students, our countries, our point of views, the differences between cultures. I had a lot of respect, because he wouldn't take any **** from nobody, but he did it the right way. His mustache was huge and his laugh even bigger. When I returned after my stay I went to see him a couple of times in his home in Mayville. And I was happy and pleased that he actually took time for me and enjoyed seeing me again. What a teacher! I bet his loss is hard on the family and friends. My dearest condolences to all of you. Mr. Hamilton was a very special person.
Shared by Neil Walker on April 5, 2021
Although I only met Bill a handful of times I got to get to know his son Jason very well these last few years working beside him day to day. Jason is a hard working, competitive spirit, a giver from the Heart, a loving husband to his Wife Carrie, a loving Father to his boys Patrick and Dillon, a caring Spirit for those in need, a true friend, a mentor, and blessing to know him. Bill did a great job instilling these attributes into Jason and molding the man I work beside everyday. I strive for these values daily in my own life with my own wife and kids. Thank you Bill for loving Jason the way you have throughout the years as it has impacted my life and many others daily and forever. 
Shared by Barb Kohl judd on April 5, 2021
Bill & I managed to get into a lot of devient over the years, including raiding The Dairy Bar & our graduation from Lakers. Your trip to college & my adventures by going to work at The Pentagon & my NASA career. My love is always with you & getting you & Tricia connected with Dwight & Nancy Hewitt (one of those Elkton classmates who were at our 50th class reunion.  All love &’prayers your way.

Life’s lesson

Shared by Kelly (Brooks) Pendrick on March 29, 2021
He taught us a lot in school. His 2 pet peeves- 1) misspelling A LOT. We had to capitalize it only for classroom purposes so it stuck in our heads; we had to make sure there was a space between both words and spelling it was on a test! 2) counting back change. He needed to be sure we all knew how to count back change. I’ve had jobs over the years where I needed to count back change. I’m happy for the education so I looked like I knew what I was doing! 

One of the last projects that I was blessed to be able to complete with my Dad.

Shared by Jason P. Hamilton on March 28, 2021
Known as the range--something my Dad has wanted for a very long time.

The last project-spending more quality time.

Shared by Jason P. Hamilton on March 28, 2021
What a great Dad. Love you and miss you already.

My Forever Memory

Shared by Tricia Hamilton on March 28, 2021
Walking to the waiting room of the out-patient department at Scheurer Hospital in Pigeon Michigan, I could hear “Here comes Stan now” ... Sure enough there stood Bill Hamilton escorting his dad in a wheelchair for an appointment for an echocardiogram. Big smiles on both his and Tricia faces upon seeing me. I’ll never forget his courtesy and respect toward me or the many great questions he would ask about Ultrasound and the physics involved, once the study was completed.... My forever memory will be of a pleasant, friendly and personable gentleman. I’m comforted in knowing he was immediately welcomed into the arms of our Lord, Jesus Christ and I hope to hear “Hear comes Stan now” once again. 
Shared by Jason Hamilton on March 28, 2021
Will fondly remember our most recent trip with my family to Dad and Moms (Up North) prior to their seasonal trek to South Padre Island, Tx.
Shared by Karen Hascall on March 28, 2021
Always with a smile, May your family be blessed with many memories of your full life. You will be missed. God bless 

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