Let the memory of William be with us forever
  • 34 years old
  • Born on April 25, 1955 in kingston, New York, United States.
  • Passed away on November 5, 1989 in mesa, Arizona, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, William Gittings 34 years old , born on April 25, 1955 and passed away on November 5, 1989. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Joyce Henz on 6th November 2018
Although it's been 29 years, my nephew Bill, hasn't ever been forgotten. He still holds a warm place in our hearts and sweet memories. Bill was a very special, bright, fun and cool guy.
Posted by Sue White on 25th April 2018
Happy Bithday Bill. I can’t allow myself to mourn your death today because then I can’t honor your birth. It was a happy day the day you were born and every day after. You left beautiful successful legacy’s that carry your torch. When I miss you I visit their face book pages. They are full of life and adventure just like you. I miss you Bill- Bart
Posted by Joyce Henz on 25th April 2018
I still remember, with a smile, Bill's cute, funny sayings whenever he would visit at my house in Saugerties, NY. He was an adorable 3 year old then and became a witty, very bright, friendly, cool guy who still lives lovingly in our hearts. I hope that his daughters, who were only about 2 or 3 years old when Bill passed, know what a great guy their dad was and how much he loved and cherished them.
Posted by Suzanne White on 5th November 2017
3 of you there, 2 of us here. Days spent with empty birthdays and depressing death days. Your body may be gone but your memory is still very much alive. At least I knew you & can tell my children about you. Your children and grandchildren never will. I continue to love and miss you every day since that horrible night. I hope you have peace and love where you are.
Posted by Joyce Henz on 5th November 2017
It's truly amazing how much time has passed and yet, we will always remember with great fondness my nephew Bill because of all the outstanding things attributed to him in truth. He was all those things. Bill has two lovely daughters who can be very proud of the father who loved them dearly.
Posted by Joyce Henz on 25th April 2017
Although almost 28 years have passed since Bill left us, he is still lives in our hearts and minds. We remember him fondly and we smile at the fond remembrances of Bill. Our prayers are with his loving family.
Posted by Joyce Henz on 5th November 2016
Bill is not only remembered today, but almost every day because of his winsome smile, personality, fun-loving spirit and big heart! He left a beautiful legacy. Bill is deeply loved and missed by all who knew him.
Posted by Karen Gittings on 5th November 2016
It seems impossible that it has been 27 years. I remember the our loss so vividly and the terrible weeks and months that followed. I know you are still watching over your girls. Suzie and your mom miss you so much still.
Posted by Justine Gittings on 11th May 2016
Your wedding anniversary will be in a few days. Wasn't it a beautiful day for the family? You looked so handsome in your gray tux and didn't Denise look pretty in that lace wedding gown? Deane looked adorable in the pink dress I made her. I think of your wedding every May 15th. Your memory lays heavy on my heart. You looked more handsome every year as you matured. I love you forever, dearest son!
Posted by Karen Gittings on 25th April 2016
I was so amazed by your loving spirit and sincere sense of family love and loyalty. Your contribution has been missed. Your loss broke Tina and Dick. They were forever changed in losing you. Everyone was changed. I like to think our Billy has your loving heart. Si many memories of such a short time with you Denise and the girls.
Posted by Justine Gittings on 25th April 2016
Today is your 61st birthday. Can you imagine...61? I can only think of you at 2..3...4...5......34. You were an incredible guy. So intelligent and so charming. Pretty darn handsome, too. You were always so positive. We all brought our problems to you to solve. Remember your 18th birthday? You and Eddie Lee played hookie, bought some spirits, and then rolled Corky's car. You loved Denise, Ali, Cassie and Deane, sooo much. The girls missed so much not having you there while they were growing up. You now have 4 grandkids: twin girls and a singleton girl. Plus, you now have a grandson! You'd be teaching him how to overhaul a car by now. It's a terrible shame that they are missing out knowing you...and all those hugs and kisses you'd be giving them. Oh Billy Boy, the years haven't changed anything. You've been gone 27 years and it still tears my heart. I love you dearest son....and always will.
Posted by Justine Gittings on 26th April 2015
HAPPY 60th BIRTHDAY DEAREST SON! IT'S HARD TO THINK OF YOU THIS AGE. you'll ALWAYS REMAIN A YOUNG MAN IN MY MEMORIES. YOU HAVE 3 BEAUTIFUL GRANDCHILDREN NOW, THE AGES OF YOUR BABIES WHEN YOU DIED. How I wish they could know what an incredible man you are. Keep your eyes open for your daddy and little brother, Collins. They passed very recently so should be there somewhere. I have to think that my "3 boys" are together again. But I'm going to be selfish now. I want to keep your big brother, Corky, and little sister, Suzie, here on earth with me. One day all 6 of us shall be together again and the world be be full of joy again.!
Posted by Donnalee Gillen on 25th April 2015
Thinking of you fondly on your 60th Bill. God bless the Gittings family!
Posted by Joyce Henz on 25th April 2015
We think of you so often, Bill, and miss you, your brother Collins and Father, Dick. We love you all dearly and are blessed with happy memories of each of you and what you contributed to our lives.
Posted by Wendy St.Pierre on 25th April 2015
Happy Birthday Bill! I hope you are celebrating with your brother Collins and your Father! You are all truly missed!
Posted by Donnalee Gillen on 4th November 2014
Bill was a great teacher. He taught me to love nature. I am forever grateful to have known him in our college days. He loved his family very much.
Posted by Joyce Henz on 12th June 2014
I remember my nephew Bill fondly. As a small child he was quite comical. Bill was about 2 or 3 years old and I was drying him after his bath when he commented, "I don't have any fur on my legs"! He often made such comments that would make one smile and chuckle. As Bill matured he was fun to be around with his fun-loving spirit, energy, winning smile and positive outlook. Bill was an athlete, playing sports such hockey, rock climbing, skiing, etc. with his older brother Corky and brother Collins. He and his brothers were very protective of their "baby" sister Sue. He remains in my heart forever.
Posted by Brother Bill Van Bramer on 25th May 2014
I was in Germany with the Army when Bill was born, so I missed his earliest years. But later, when I got to know him, I realized what a cool kid he was; very bright with an exceptional personality. Then you moved to Arizona where Bill adjusted to the Western style of life quite rapidly. Once again, I wasn't around enough to spend time with him the way I would have liked. However, I was able to tell what a special person he was in our limited times together to the extent that I have continued to think of him in the warmest possible way. Miss you, Bill!
Posted by Wendy St.Pierre on 5th May 2014
I am blessed to have so many happy memories of our 2 families growing up! I miss your smile!
Posted by Mark Wheeler on 5th May 2014
I am so glad.we had all the fun we did when we were young ! The best of times camping together with our families, watching movies and playing tinker toys while our folks played cards and then all those weekends at one of the best playgrounds in the world at Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome , we even had a tank to play with ! Miss you buddy!
Posted by Justine Gittings on 5th May 2014
I miss and love you so much, my Billy Boy.

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