Love and memories last forever...
  • 61 years old
  • Born on July 15, 1956 .
  • Passed away on July 6, 2018 .

William “Wild Bill” Kozma, Sr., 61, passed away Friday, July 6, 2018, at Jefferson Memorial Hospital in Washington Township, N.J.

He was predeceased by his parents, Rubena and Mike Kozma, who brought him into the world July 15, 1956 in Oak Hill, W.V. He is survived by his devoted fiancé, Bonnie Davis, by his beloved sister Sara, and by his children, Tammy Shaffer, Crystal and her husband Al Nappa, Jaime and her husband Mike Kaganzev, Bill Kozma, Jr. and his fiancé, Roxanne D’Amato, and Marc Kozma, as well as many cousins. Wild Bill was a loving grandfather to 11 grandchildren: Sean, J.B., Nicholas, Skylar, Mikie, Jocelyn, Mailee, Caitlyn, Mason, Sophia and Anaise.

He was happily retired after his 13-year career as a truck driver at Action Supply. He and his lifetime friend, James Keeney, had a passion for motorcycles, and would often take long trips and take part in charity runs. He enjoyed all outside activities, from camping in Ocean City, Maryland, to fishing out of the bay. With quick jokes and humorous riddles, Wild Bill was always able to find sunshine on the cloudiest days.

Wild Bill always enjoyed bringing people together, so please join us for memorial services that will take place at The Elk’s Lodge located at 1815 E Broad St, Millville, NJ 08332 on Sunday, July 15, 2018 between 10 AM- 2 PM.

Posted by Marcie DeJong on 12th July 2018
I am very sorry for your loss, my love and care is with you all. God has something that he wants all mankind to know in his historical book. The Scriptures indicate that it is possible to be reunited with your dead loved one in the near future, not in an unknown heaven but right here on earth under peaceful, righteous conditions. And at that time humans will have the prospect of enjoying perfect health, and they will never have to die again. ‘But surely that is wishful thinking!’ some may say. To believe in a promise, you would need to be certain that the one making the promise is both willing and able to fulfill it. Who, then, is it that promises that the dead will live again? Jesus Christ boldly promised: “Just as the Father raises the dead up and makes them alive, so the Son also makes those alive whom he wants to. Do not marvel at this, because the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his [Jesus’] voice and come out.” (John 5:21,28, 29) Yes, Jesus Christ promised that millions now dead will live again on this earth and have the prospect of remaining on it forever under peaceful, Paradisaic conditions.Since Jesus made the promise, it is safe to assume that he is willing to fulfill it. But is he able to do so? If you accept the existence of God, you should have no problem believing in the resurrection. The Book of John chapter 11 gives us the true answer. For more information please go to the website.

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