Let the memory of William be with us forever

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, William Wiens (Bill or Billy).  We encourage you to share your memories with Bill's friends and family.

Billy loved to laugh and never tired of learning.  He lived life his way and often made a bold impression on the lives he touched.  Many four-legged friends owe their happy lives to this man.  His heart for their well-being will always be remembered.  In honour of his memory, donations may be made to Urban Wildlife Care (http://www.urbanwildlifecare.com/, contact: Cara Contardi). 

A celebration of his life was held in Cambridge on Saturday, March 29, 2014. 

Feel free to also email his family at inmemoryofbillwiens@yahoo.ca.

Posted by Lana Holmes on 26th May 2016
Today is a day to celebrate for sure! The day my big brother was born! Still looking for rainbows and thinking of you. Love, Lana
Posted by Ronna Weatherly on 28th February 2016
It is hard to believe 2 years have passed since your passing, Dad. I am constantly reminded of how you influenced my life and who I am, and I am increasingly thankful (which I didn't know what possible) for you! I'm so happy you are my Dad. Love you and miss you always!
Posted by Jill MacMillan on 28th February 2016
So many precious memories. You will always stay close in our hearts, loved and remembered every day. Never forgotten, forever missed.
Posted by Ronna Weatherly on 28th February 2015
Today is a year since we lost you. I have missed you every day. You are and always will be someone who helps shape my life and, because of that, you will help shape your granddaughter's life too. I love you and miss you so much.
Posted by Lana Holmes on 28th February 2015
I am grateful for all the memories. The song is very fitting. Love, Lana
Posted by Ronna Weatherly on 1st June 2014
No words are ever enough... It was beyond difficult not having you here on your birthday and with Father's Day fast approaching, the loss is magnified. I miss you every day, but this time of year is particularly hard. Always in my thoughts and heart. Love, Ronna
Posted by Jill MacMillan on 26th May 2014
Thinking of you today on your birthday.
Posted by Pat Mahony on 22nd March 2014
Hi Bill, Forgive me for being pissed! We and others, spent a lot of time together for more then a decade and then you dropped off the map.I tried to make contact,calling, leaving messages to anybody with the surname Wiens to no avail.I would tell people that" he is in the Witness Protection Program"--.Bill,"Wieners",The older I get,the more I appreciate the past and I appreciate you being part of my past Rest in Peace, Pat Mahony
Posted by Lana Holmes on 22nd March 2014
Violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red - the colours of the rainbow that Billy taught me – he used to tell me all the things he learned from Mr. White in grade eight science class. He never stopped trying to tell me things he thought I should know, although over the years they became more complicated, and we didn’t always or even often agree. But the love between us was always there and I appreciated his support and good counsel – and quick, quirky wit. And the gentleness he sometimes tried to hide. We could count on Billy to bring us down to earth in the family email round robins on some subject we thought was serious until then. He had many difficulties to bear but never lost the ability to look on the funny or bright side. I’m imagining what pithy comment he might put in this tribute and can’t help smiling. I’ll always be watching for rainbows and thinking of my big brother Billy - and his smile. With love, Lana
Posted by Jill MacMillan on 20th March 2014
Beloved brother, forever missed.
Posted by Rachel Macmillan on 20th March 2014
My loving and always supportive Uncle, you are missed.
Posted by Jessica Ifbb Pro on 20th March 2014
I will forever miss you my brilliantly funny and kind Uncle.

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