Let the memory of William be with us forever
  • 86 years old
  • Born on January 23, 1928 in United Kingdom.
  • Passed away on January 18, 2015 in United Kingdom.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, William John Selsby, 86, born on January 23, 1928 and passed away on January 18, 2015. We will remember him forever.Loved by all who knew him. R.I.P. Dad with your Sisters Rita and Nancy who also passed away all within 1 month.We will remember you all with love in our hearts forever. Also our Beloved Mum who sadly passed away 3 months from the date we lost you safe in each other arms once again. xxx

Posted by Julie Hamblin on 10th February 2019
Love you Dad miss you more than ever xxx
Posted by Kath Barrow on 18th January 2018
Thinking of you all. Always connected.
Posted by Julie Hamblin on 10th January 2018
Wish i could hear your voice see our smile and hold you one more time missed forever xxxx
Posted by Julie Hamblin on 28th December 2016
Miss you both each passing day. Life goes on but memories stay. Loved and missed forever in my heart xxxx
Posted by Julie Hamblin on 24th August 2015
Well Dad we laid you and our Dear Mum to rest yesterday ( hope you like the spot we have chosen for you both ) A nice tree in your favorite courting place in the park.....We hope we gave you both the send off you deserved. Love you both and miss you everyday. Take care watch over me till we meet again. Your still broken hearted Daughter Julie <3 xxxx
Posted by Julie Hamblin on 25th April 2015
Dear Dad up above Wrap our Mum with tender love Together in death as you where in life Reunited as husband and wife. You called her name that fateful day Who are we to make her stay. All we ask don't be alone Until the family trees regrown. Until we meet up once again We know your both free from pain We know you'll guide us as time gos by Our special parents in the sky. Love you both Mum and Dad miss you forever your heart broken Daughter Julie xxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Julie Hamblin on 12th April 2015
Dad if you can hear me Please listen to my prayers Help Mum through her pain And take away our fears. We love you both so dearly And we know you done your best To stay with us forever But you had to go to rest. We need you more than ever To send a loving hug Wrap your arms around Mum And give her all your Love. Please don't let her leave us Dad So soon after we lost you Send us down a Angel Dad To help to see her through. Love and Miss you every day your broken hearted Daughter Julie xxx
Posted by Julie Hamblin on 5th March 2015
Miss you more each day Dad xxxx
Posted by Julie Hamblin on 24th February 2015
Dad i want to hold your hand To look upon your face again But that can be no more And all i can feel is pain. I want to tell you i love you And see you smiling eyes I miss you Dad it hurt so much Because then i realise. You are no more with us Dad My heart is broke in two I know your now at peace But i want to be with you. My nights are full of memories My days i just go on I still cannot believe it Dad That you are really gone. But i must carry on this life And pretend that i'm ok But never will i forget you Dad Or the day you went away. Love and miss you everyday Dad Your Heart Broken Daughter Julie xxxxxx
Posted by Cheryl Adams on 21st February 2015
This is a Tribute small and tender of a loving Brother Willy and his Sisters Nancy and Rita,who I will remember . You touched so many lives and now remain in our hearts forever .treasured memories to keep , now reunited with Their Mum and Dad and Nancy's son Phillip .RIP I am sure this is Earths loss but heavens. Gain xx love and Safe keeping with The Lord xxxxxx
Posted by Maggie W on 19th February 2015
Uncle Will, the last time I seen you was only at the beginning of last year when you came to visit your Beloved sisters Nancy and Rita my darling Mum who I am sure you are now with in heaven putting the world to rites with a glass of whiskey or brandy with nanny and grandad and all our other loved ones who have passed over to the great beyond. You came to Llandudno with Aunty Jean, Alan, who I had not seen in years and Ian, we had such a laugh cause when you all got together you all made such fun out of anything and you were great company together. I remember my mum crying when you all left cause she said that you had said to her, this is probably the last time we will see each other and she said she hoped not but I think you all knew in your heart of hearts that it was true. I kept meaning to take my mum and Nancy to see you all in Liverpool but as it happens life gets in the way of the best of plans. Just want to say that I loved you Nancy and my Mum very much and that I know your all together with your mum and dad, our nanny Mary and grandad William who you were named after and also to say your legacy's will live on in your children, grandchildren and great grand children and all of the extended family who's lives you have enriched. Good night and God Bless Uncle Will, Aunty Nancy and my Mum Rita, we will love you and remember you always for the good times we shared. RIP until we meet again. Xxxxxxx
Posted by Julie Hamblin on 19th February 2015
Dad i'm sitting all alone thinking thoughts of you, The times you took us to the park and sometimes to the zoo. I have so many memories dad some vague and not so clear, A memory i have of you is sitting on a chair. We would all gather round you dad and wait and wait to see, Who would be the first of us To sit upon you knee. You loved us all sincerely dad my heart is broke in two, Cause all i have are memories To share from me to you. The last time that i saw you dad i sat and held your hand I told you that i loved you dad I hoped you'd understand I know you had to leave us dad but that cannot ease the pain, The family life without you dad will never be the same. Loved and missed forever xxxxx
Posted by Alison Monaghan on 16th February 2015
My grandad,i will miss you forever i love you untill we meet again i know you've gone to a lovely place with your sisters and your looking down and still looking after us all..my memories of you are so fresh and will stay forever,we had some laughs grandad even when we were trying to hide you smoking from nan so she didn't shout and your smile would just light up my day..the kids miss you so much too grandad even though my heart is hurting i am happy because i know your hear close by and you always will be love you forever and ever Alison and kids xxxxxx
Posted by Craig Bisby on 8th February 2015
Uncle Willy as you were known to your family in Llandudno. I only met you a couple of times when you came down to see your sisters (my nan) Rita and Nancy both who also recently passed away. I remember you used to have us kids in fits of laughter. They are all now in peace xxx
Posted by Julie Hamblin on 4th February 2015
Dad i cry so many tears Enough to fill the sea If they could make a wave To bring you back to me I would cry until the end of time If only this was true I have never felt such pain Dad As i have of losing you. I know your watching over me I feel it in my heart But i cant stop the tears Dad Why did we have to part I know one day we'll meet again And i can dry my tear's Until then i have just memories Of many happy years. Love and miss you so much heart broken Daughter Julie xxxx
Posted by Julie Hamblin on 4th February 2015
My beautiful grandad Shared by julie currie on 02/02/2015 He was a man I looked up to fair but firm , I daren't give him cheek I was to scared but if you needed a cuddle he was never short of giving you one , can feel him hugging me now walking me through botanic park and Sefton park and taking me more famously to the pier head were we would have chocolate peanuts he liked them always had a sweet tooth maybe that's were I get it from , you grandad :) , going on the ferry and to west Kirby , I remember going to see nanny two ( your mum) in Llandudno happy memories , i have plenty some are clear and some start to come back to me right now while writing this I'm thinking of your slippers and I don't know why sounds silly but maybe will become clear to me , love and miss you grandad look over me love forever button moon xxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Linda Kirkham on 4th February 2015
i couldnt be there at your resting place i,ll always remember your smiling face you departed this world what can i say god picked on you and took you away your loved ones are waiting with arms open wide they will guide you to heaven hold your hand /side by side i will look to the sky for a twinkling star i,ll always know you are not very far and when you reach heaven to those big pearly gates you,ll see all your loved ones even your mates good night god bless dear brother in law sorry i never got to see you more bye for now i,,ll be thinking of you for a gentleman who brought happiness and love through and through R.I.P bill dear brother in law love you loads m8 miss you always lynne /tony and familys xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Kath Barrow on 3rd February 2015
I only met you once but it was one of the best days of my life. All the pieces of the jigsaw were complete when I met you and your wonderful family. I thought about you many a time following our first meeting. You'll always be in my thoughts. RIP Grandad. ❤️
Posted by Edna Finnerty on 3rd February 2015
bill ,u were a unique person,i was proud to be your sister in law,i loved you so much,remembering all the good times when I was young,r.i.p.now you have earned it ,never forgotten
Posted by Peter O'Leary on 3rd February 2015
This is so hard and equally heartbreaking to put into words those memories I have of you, Grandad. What gives me strength is knowing that your life, and all those memories that we all have of you, are all good, all positive and we can all celebrate your life and what you meant to us all. Grandad, I have many memories of you from when I was a child growing up. Most are from the times that me, John, mum and dad went to visit you and nan at the home you all lived in as a family for many years, at 2 Ashfield. I remember the roast dinners, the way you would often make us laugh or tease us (you called me "Pedro" a few times, I remember that so well). I remember you reading your newspapers. Grandad, you always knew how to lighten the mood, I never saw you arguing with anyone or saying a bad word towards anyone. Of all the memories I have of you, there is one in particular that stands out vividly in my mind, even though it's a humble example. It was very sunny day and we travelled up to Southport, by train if I remember correctly. I remember how sunny it was when we arrived and one of the first things we did was sit down on a bench in the shade and eat sandwiches. I even remember what we had on them. Ham, cheese and pickle. It must have been the first time I ever tried pickle. I have liked that combination ever since. It's a simple memory, Grandad, but so vivid. I want to finally say that you will always be an inspiration to us all. I, personally, will take a lot of that inspiration from you in my own life. R.I.P. Grandad!!! Deeply missed, loved and remembered so fondly by all. Peter xxx

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