Let the memory of William be with us forever! To his students he was "Todos" To me he was my best friend and will always be dearly loved and missed.
  • 82 years old
  • Born on October 2, 1929 in Siparia, Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Passed away on December 26, 2011 in La Romaine, Trinidad and Tobago.
This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, William Joseph, 82, born on October 2, 1929 and passed away on December 26, 2011. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Kathy-Ann Cole on 28th December 2018
Uncle Willie, It’s been 7 years, but it still seems like yesterday that you went home. Whenever I see or hear something that reminds me of you, I tell whomever is near, “That’s Uncle Willie.” At this time of year when I listen to Handel’s Messiah, Bake Ham or hear Allegria being played, some of my favourite things, I find myself saying that a lot. Rest peacefully and give my love to Jilly. Love you, Kathy
Posted by Barbara Joseph on 26th December 2018
Another year has passed and as I listen to your favourite Christmas music I reminisce on our life together and wish that change had not come but come it must. You are deeply missed and always in my heart. Rest peacefully!
Posted by Kathy-Ann Cole on 2nd October 2018
Your birthday’s here and since you aren’t I’m sending my love upon a star to where you are. Rest Peacefully Uncle Willie.
Posted by Barbara Joseph on 2nd October 2018
Happy 89th birthday my dearest! Continue to rest in eternal peace! We miss you lots.
Posted by Barbara Joseph on 3rd January 2018
Today marks six years since we laid you to rest and the memory of that day opened the wound.But the beautiful memories cancel out the pain.Continue to rest peacefully until....
Posted by Kathy-Ann Cole on 26th December 2017
Uncle Willie, The events of this day 2011 will forever remain etched in my mind, as Aunty Barbara, Jacinta and I watched you take your last breaths while your favourite music pieces were being played. What a way to go to Paradise! You’ve moved on, but your legacy remains and the memories stay. In this season of ‘Alegria’, you are even more on my mind as I listen to the parang and am reminded of your contribution. Rest peacefully my dear Uncle Willie, knowing you are loved and forever missed.
Posted by Barbara Joseph on 26th December 2017
Six years have passed and the gulf widens but the memories remain to sustain Jacinta and me. So often we talk about you! A piece of music, an event, a beautiful scenery- all trigger pleasant memories and we reminisce about you. Continue to rest peacefully in the arms of Jesus! Love you always !
Posted by Barbara Joseph on 2nd October 2017
How I wish you were here to celebrate your birthday with us! I guess you are celebrating with all your buddies who have joined you Sheppy being the latest.Happy Happy Birthday my dearest! Love you always,
Posted by Kathy-Ann Cole on 2nd October 2017
Happy Birthday Uncle Willie, Love you and miss you. Rest peacefully with Jesus.
Posted by Kathy-Ann Cole on 26th December 2016
Happy Anniversary Uncle Willie! Today marks five years since you left us. I still remember that moment and the sadness of your passing. You are greatly missed, however there is the joyful reunion promised by Jesus which we all await. Oh what a great rejoicing that would be. Until then, rest in peace.
Posted by Barbara Joseph on 26th December 2016
How time flies! Five years and it seems like yesterday. I can only describe my feelings in the words of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow "And a feeling of sadness comes o'er me That my soul cannot resist: A feeling of sadness and longing That is not akin to pain And resembles sorrow. only As the mist resembles the rain. Continue to rest peacefully my dearest with Jilly in glory until we meet again.
Posted by Joyce Georges on 26th December 2016
Rest In Peace dear Willie. You made a great contribution as your former students can testify. Enjoy your well deserved rest listening to the music you so dearly loved.
Posted by Kathy-Ann Cole on 2nd October 2016
Dearest Uncle Willie, 'HAPPY BLESSED BIRTHDAY' I miss you and always will. I think about the many times we all shared. Great and fond are those memories. It seems as if it was just yesterday that you left us. Continue to rest with Jesus and our loved ones who are already there.
Posted by Barbara Joseph on 2nd October 2016
Memories are all that are left and so I hold on to them as they ease the pain of your passing. How I wish you here to celebrate your 87th birthday with Jacinta and me! Know that we love you and continue to miss you.Sleep on beloved and rest in the arms of Jesus until we meet in glory! Happy Birthday!
Posted by Barbara Joseph on 26th December 2015
Four years have gone by today but they cannot erase the fifty three years of memories.which I carry in my heart.We missed you and Jill at the Christmas dinner table yesterday and celebrated your lives. Descanse en paz mi amor en los brazos de Jesus.
Posted by Kathy-Ann Cole on 26th December 2015
Dearest Uncle Willie, Today marks four years since you left for your new home in heaven and where you await us all. I miss you very much. I look at your chair at Jessie's table in Tampa and imagine seeing you having pawpaw and offering me some. That's just one of my pleasant memories of you. Happy Anniversary of your arrival in heaven, where I trust that you must be celebrating today with Jilly, your Parents, the Aunties and Uncles of the Joseph clan, other relatives and friends. Enjoy until we meet again. I'll drink a toast to you today. Happy Anniversary!
Posted by Ruth Evans on 17th October 2015
A great person ,that I was privileged to have known. I will always miss your words of wisdom,you were totally non-judgemental. .Fond memories of you will forever be etched on my mind.
Posted by Barbara Joseph on 2nd October 2015
Feliz Cumpleanos mi querido! Me gustaria poder volver atras en el tiempo y traer de vuelta esos hermosos momentos que tuvimos juntos.Te echo de menos y me encantaria que siempre. Descanse en paz mi amor hasta que nos .encontremos.
Posted by Kathy-Ann Cole on 2nd October 2015
My Dear Uncle Willie, Happy Birthday up there! You must be celebrating with your loved ones. Today you would have been 86 years young if you were here. I always think of you, your caring, kind and generous ways. We are all celebrating with you today and you will never be forgotten esp. on this your special day.
Posted by Bernadette Joseph on 2nd October 2015
Querido Willie, Muy Feliz cumpleaños. Phylma, Hugo y yo ofrecimos la Santa Misa para ti esta mañana, el día 2 de octubre de 2015. Te recordaremos siempre como "Ángel", el nombre tan apropiado dado a ti por nuestros padres. Que Dios te bendiga querido hermano.
Posted by Jacinta Joseph on 2nd October 2015
My dearest Dad, You will always have a special place in my heart. I will always remember all the wonderful times we spent together as a family. You are forever missed,and love you always. Happy Birthday"
Posted by Kathy-Ann Cole on 21st June 2015
Feliz Dia del Padre! You were such a loving earthly father to me as well. You taught me many things which I carry with me today. You continue to father as you watch over Jessie and I and take care of Jilly in heaven. You will always be 'Forever Missed'.
Posted by Jacinta Joseph on 28th December 2014
My dearest Dad, you will always have a special place in my heart. I will always remember all the joyful times we spent together as a family. You have always been a very loving, caring and devoted Dad. May you rest peacefully.
Posted by Ruth Evans on 27th December 2014
I want you to know how privileged I am to have known you.I will be forever grateful towards you for your kindness,and generous spirit.God sent you my way at the right time.Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge to me. May God truly bless you.Happy Birthday!
Posted by Barbara Joseph on 26th December 2014
Another year and the gulf between us widens. Yesterday at the dinner table two empty chairs stood out - stark reminders of yours and Jilly's absence. But we recalled occasions of happier times with anecdotes and jokes to ease the pain. We miss you Willie and Jilly and love you dearly. Rest peacefully.
Posted by Kathy-Ann Cole on 25th December 2014
To: Dearest Uncle Willie From: Kathy-Ann You'll always be in our hearts. You and Jilly, rest with the Angels
Posted by Ruth Evans on 19th October 2014
"A very generous and caring individual,I will never forget.Despite his level of attainment he was able to selflessly be compassionate to all.I will never fail to remember his support to me when I was at my lowest.A great human being .
Posted by Kathy-Ann Cole on 2nd October 2014
Whatever the reason, He has taken you from us. Please remember you are loved And will be Forever missed! Happy Birthday Uncle Willie
Posted by Barbara Joseph on 2nd October 2014
The pain lingers even with the passing of time. Life will never be the same again.But we hold on to the promise that we will meet again in God's time. Happy Birthday beloved! Love always Babs.
Posted by Kathy-Ann Cole on 26th December 2013
On this 2nd Anniversary of your passing I want to tell you, that today I remembered that you told me the fried ham skin is called Chicharon. This was the correct answer to the question on the radio. Of course I proudly called and told them, since it came from the Master of Spanish. I'm writing this while in Jilly's home and remembering how proud of it she was. We all spent Christmas here together. The memories of you live on and so we will always be connected in spirit. May you continue to have peace until that glorious day when we all meet again. Love and miss you, Kathy-Ann
Posted by Barbara Joseph on 26th December 2013
Today brings back mixed memories. Sad because two years ago Jacinta, Kathy- Ann and I helplessly watched you slip away and I could do nothing to keep you with us. Happy because I remember the good times we had together. Sometimes it's hard to accept that you have gone. So many times I want to share an experience with you or seek your advice or get your opinion on something and then I'm faced with the stark reality that you are gone forever. I know that we will meet again in God's time. Until then enjoy your rest with Jilly and the angels in paradise. Love you always Babs.
Posted by Barbara Joseph on 28th November 2013
Today brings back sad memories. It marks the anniversary of your hospitalization - the beginning of the end. If only I had known your days were numbered! So many things were left unsaid. Sleep on beloved and take your rest until we meet in glory.
Posted by Sr. Kathy Joseph on 23rd November 2013
In this month of November as we pray for our faithful departed, I remember you in a special way Uncle Willie. May God grant you eternal peace with Him. Thank you for being a great role model for us. With lots of love and prayers for your eternal rest. Your niece, Kay
Posted by Barbara Joseph on 2nd October 2013
Remembering you today on your birthday.I see you and hear you in everything around me...a song, a flower, a piece of music, the whistling of the birds in the trees...all those things which we enjoyed together. Sleep and take your rest and know that you are always in my heart and I miss you every day
Posted by Jacinta Joseph on 2nd October 2013
I want let you know that I have been blessed to have had such a caring and devoted dad like you. I will always remember the fun times we had together talking, laughing and listening to music. I will always love you. Happy Birthday"
Posted by Kathy-Ann Cole on 2nd October 2013
Uncle Willie, I dream of you often and you always are happy, so today on your birthday I want to remind you that you are truly missed and loved. I'll keep you in my prayers always, so continue to rest in peace. My love also to Jilly whom I constantly think of. Until we meet again, Happy Birthday.
Posted by PAULA ANNE HENRY on 25th July 2013
I love you. You would be forever etched in my memory as a family man, exercise enthusiast and a great Educator. Forever.
Posted by Keith Joseph on 23rd July 2013
Tío Guillermo José era un instructor español fluido fantástico y un intelectual. Su presencia se debe perder. Él será siempre en nuestros corazones. Uncle William Joseph was a fantastic fluent Spanish instructor and an intellectual. His presence shall be missed. Yet he shall always remain in our hearts.
Posted by Ruth Evans on 3rd July 2013
A very generous and kind person.I felt able to consult him during my time of need of guidance.Always willing to impart knowledge,also very witty Iwill always have fond memories of MR.Joseph.. Heaven and the saints will embrace him.
Posted by Barbara Joseph on 7th April 2013
Today is an important day in our lives- our 55th wedding anniversary.I thank God for the 53 years we had together. I wonder if you remembered and are able to note it. During Holy Week I attended a recital of The Seven Last Words of Christ by Theodore Dubois and Faure's Requiem.Thanks to you I knew the music and it brought back beautiful memories of you. Happy anniversary! Love always Babs.
Posted by Kathy-Ann Cole on 22nd March 2013
Uncle Willie, I know that you and Jilly have been together since your passing, and I know that you are taking care of each other. So on this 6th anniversary of her passing, I want you to give her a special hug for me and let her know that she is always in my thoughts. Rest in peace, in heaven, both of you.
Posted by Barbara Joseph on 22nd March 2013
Today marks the 6th anniversary of Jill's passing.Only you know how hard it was for us. Now you have joined her and I know you both are looking down on Keith, Jessie,Kathy and me and all our loved ones. I miss you both very much.You are always in my thoughts and prayers and I will love you always.
Posted by Bernadette Joseph on 25th January 2013
Any problem or concern we had, we promptly called him; and his thoughtful response and invaluable advice--- often assisted by Barbara's imput--- always "soothed" the situation and brought us peace of mind. Very often subsequent phone calls would follow, addressing further the problem discussed, from a different perspective, making sure that we were satisfied.
Posted by Bernadette Joseph on 25th January 2013
And oh! THE MUSIC...! Our valued collection of classical, religious, in fact----" ART MUSIC" is a result of his unstincting generosity. Stainer's "Crucifiction" and " The Seven Last Words" are two of the many works he so generously shared with us. God rest your soul , Willie. You have been a wonderful brother... a peaceful soul! Rest in Peace.
Posted by Bernadette Joseph on 25th January 2013
Candle lit by Bernice and Bernadette Joseph on 25th January 2013 Born on October 2nd, Feast of the Holy Guardian Angels, our parents named him William Angel---- indeed not a coincidence.To us his sisters, Phylma and Bernice, Willie was a "Guardain Angel". He was quite protective of us...so caring! His frequent phone calls can attest to this
Posted by Barbara Joseph on 23rd January 2013
Today I thought of you when I listened to a concert featuring the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. Thank you for introducing me to that beautiful classical music which I came to love and enjoy and which we listened to together for hours at a time. Love you always Babs
Posted by Gregory Rigsby on 6th January 2013
willie, two memories:as teaching colleagues at pres i never spoke to you in the masters' room.know that archer and i always looked at you in awe---so devoted to your work and such deep concern for your students.next, the day by a beach with babs(then your girl) and zee and me. you ran a good race; now rest in heaven .gregory
Posted by Marcia Edwards on 30th December 2012
I remember Mr. Joseph who was renowned for his Spanish skills. He was quiet and unassuming. His daughter Jillian and i were good friends, and i remember Jillian as i write this because that is when I learned she was no longer here. if there is a good place for those who lived a righteous life, I am sure that he is now there.
Posted by Errol Jaikaransingh on 30th December 2012
Always The Gentlleman and one of the great Pres teachers. Willie remained a great supporter of The College all his life. He gave me great moral support when I needed it. Strange that I came upon his funeral program yesterday while sorting through some of my papers. Always fondly remembered " Todos " .
Posted by Kathy-Ann Cole on 29th December 2012
Dearest Uncle Willie, Slowky here again. I remembered you on your first anniversary and dedicated my Burt Bacharach cd to your memory. You introduced me to his music which I'll always love. You are gone but certainly not forgotten. RIP until we meet again.

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