Justin's passing......

William Justin Muncy, 38 of Hulen, formerly of Wallins, passed away Monday, August 22, 2011. Justin was a native of Harlan County, a lifelong coal miner and outdoorsman.

He believed in the Pentecostal faith.

Justin was preceded in death by his mother, Sandra (Sue) Cobb; grandparents, Rosa (Mae) and Oble Cobb; Jonie and Lewis Muncy; his aunt, Gabrielle Muncy Chasteen.

Survivors include his wife, Rebecca Simpson Muncy, Hulen; his father, Lloyd L. Muncy, Bledsoe; two daughters, Brittany Nicole Muncy, Massachusetts; and Courtney Leann Gilpin, Harlan; two step-sons, Wyatt Moses and Matt Moses, Hulen; one brother, Nick Wilson, Grays Knob; one sister, Tabitha Gregory, Wallins; step-sister, Cathy Lemar, Wallins and a host of other family and friends.

A Husband and precious love.

Sometimes I tell myself, that you’re not really gone.
I feel you’re tender touch and no longer feel alone.
I see us walking hand in hand like we use to do.
It’s hard for me to accept.....
That your life on earth is through.
There were so many dreams we had not yet fulfilled,
All The hopes of a future that we were going to build.
All our friends and family have been so very kind,
They try hard to ease my broken heart
And my troubled mind.
But how can my heart be mended,
When it has broken in two?
Part of my heart is still on earth,
The other part left with you.
It is hard to see tomorrow,
When I can’t accept today,
Because the “Love of My Life”
Has been taken away.
I will always miss you, Sweetheart,
Time will not erase the pain,
All the raw emotions of losing you,
Words will never explain.
I will cling to the warm feelings
You brought into my life,
Maybe somehow it will ease my confusion
And emotional strife.
Someday we will be rejoined in Heaven up above,
But while I’m still on earth I will cherish
Every memory of our precious love.
Somehow those precious memories
Will have to carry me through,
Until the time comes for us to walk hand in hand
For an eternity...... together.......me and you.

A Dad

He's rough and lacks in etiquette,
Society would say.
He has no classy attributes,
To help him on his way.
He's not a fancy dresser,
And he's not so trimmed and neat.
With simple clothes and simple shoes,
He wears upon his feet.

He doesn't belong to a club,
Or drive a shiny car.
And when he takes vacations,
He does not go very far.
He doesn't dine on fine cuisine,
To him fast food's a treat.
And he may use a plastic fork,
When it is time to eat.He works long hours at his job,
To make an average pay.
And even if he's sick or tired,
He goes to work each day.

He loves the simple things in life,
For riches doesn't thirst.
He knows what is important,
And his family is put first.
To others he's a simple man,
And fame he's never had,
But he's the greatest man one could know,
He is also a dad.



You are a quiet strength

That is known

For tenderness and devotion

A friend to all

An enemy of none

Gods precious treasure

In life's setting sun

A Brother's Love

A brother's love knows no bounds.

It's a lot stronger than it even sounds.

A brother's love is tough to find.

But when it's found it's one of a kind.

A brother's love catches you when you fall.

And wipes your tears as if they are nothing at all.

A brother's love is being a friend.

Especially when you're tired and at your wits end.

A brother's love can be annoying it's true.

But he only does it because he really loves you.

A brother's love comes from the heart.

That's where it all has to start.

Only One Uncle


 Millions of stars in the heavens above.

Thousands and thousands of flowers and trees.

Hundreds and hundreds of mountains and seas.

Everything multiplied over and over.

Robins and butterflies, bees in the clover.

Many good friends to think the world of,

But only one uncle to cherish and love.





Justin was special to a lot of people. He touched many lives in different ways. He was loved by so many of us. He wore many hats as the old saying goes. He was a Father, a Husband, a Son, a brother, a Uncle and Friend. He was a coal miner, a fisherman, a free spirit, a ginseng hunter, a mountain man, and a butterfly chaser. Although he has departed this life the many memories we have of him will last forever. Everyday that passes we are one more close to being reunited. Heaven is a special place for special people.

This page was created and dedicated to my uncle. A very special person in my life for many years.

Below is a collection of poems from random author's who in my eyes describes the man he was.