jail stories

Shared by Brad Enlow on April 8, 2014

damn homie i know its been a while since u been gone and i want u to know how much i miss your crazy ass. i got to fav memories of u first is when me u and devan farley made the whore list in b block with like 3 and a half jail pages full of hoes man that night was a blast talking about all them hoes next is when donk beat up the chomo from letcher county and we raised hell to the realest at 6 in the morining raising hell with the tv wide open just to show letcher county boyz they was in our jail lol and when donk beat the shit out of the dude and u blasted him and knocked him into the phones and me and nelly held his .ass from checking out. man i love and miss ya dawg i hate u gone but i bet u looking down on me smiling right now i love ya buddy and u will never be forgotten as long as im living RIP JUSTIN MUNCY


my best friend

Shared by Dewayne Holland on May 6, 2013

I cant think of one story that would describe the friendship we had. Everytime me and justin left the house u could write a story about it. We got into everything! from a very young age back in grade school we hit it off , and it was the start of the best friendship a man could ask 4. Justin was the type of person that would give u the shirt off his back. He was all about his family. I havent never meet a guy that cared so much about other people.Some people could read this and say thats not the turth, but those people didnt know the Justin i knew. There not a day goes by i dont wish we had him back. Everything i do reminds me of him. We could always think what the other one was thinking. He always had my back,the same as i had he's. He was the brother i never had.Why this happen to such a wonderful person ill never know.I try my best not to be mad at him. It was something we could never do,stay mad at eachother. but this time has been different, i dont have the chance to ask him why.Its been almost 2 year now and my heart hurts the same. I miss u everyday. love u always ur best friend dewayne.

just fun

Shared by Glenn Cox on April 6, 2012
Well I have to say I had more fun with Justin then anybody I ever got out with but we always got into something every time like one night we went to middlborro and picked up carmela he drove me down there cause I wanted to do something with her everybody prolly knows what I wanted but anyway we went and I let him drive the mustang that night we sat down there and got a buzz and then had to sneak her out from the dude she was with we got her out but justine ran the car in a ditch and then while we pushed it out broke the spoiler off the back and got all muddy by the time we got out and we had to rush cause of having to sneak old girl out the dude catch me and shit Justin had to talk him out of shooting me and it was a mess he said after all this was over he didn't even get any pussy I was funny and he saved me from a ass whipping maybe from getting shot. I love you man always

Sugar Gravey!!!

Shared by Joni Chasteen on February 11, 2012

All I have to say is Justin made some Good!! Sugar Gravey. Heck that was all me and little Tommy lived on when he baby sit us. Mom and dad where away at work. He made for it breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We would get up for school and he would have it ready on the table for us. He was so funny always doing something to make us laugh. Plus that was all he knew how to make!! HA! HA! and he wasn't going to let anyone starve. Needless to say mom and dad was so proud of him for taking such good care of us. I miss you more than anything Justin can't wait to see you again in heaven. You always put a smile on our faces. R.I.P!! I Love You AlWAYS.

Frog legs

Shared by Kimberly Smith on September 2, 2011

Justin wanted some frog legs so bad, so he went down to the river or the creek and caught him some frogs. I was completely mortified by the whole process, but I stood there in a trance while he cleaned them. He put the extra junk in a Wal-mart bag and tied it up. The problem was...how to dispose of the waste.

Beside our house was Mammie's delapidated house and it was all grown up and there was some junk in the back yard. Justin figured he'd throw the bag over into the house and no one would be the wiser. However, he overshot it. BY A LONG SHOT. It went all the way to Jessie's house, straight through Treva Gail's bedroom window, and the BAG BUSTED ALL OVER TREVA GAIL'S BED!

"-OH-GOD-NO" Justin hollered. I turned to run in the house (so I could act like I didn't know anything) but it was too late; the phone was already ringing. It was Jessie and he was in BIG TROUBLE.

Me and Daddy

Shared by Courtney Helbert on September 2, 2011

I new my daddy for 14 years!! We fit often but over the littlest things! But he always was there! He looked out for me and my brother!! He was the greatest guy ever!! I cant possible imagine what hes doing in heaven! Problly playing heaven poker with my uncle kenny! My daddy had very few enemies! My heart herts so bad! I have cryed so much! Cameron really dosent know how to take it! But me and dad were just alike i think! We looked alike and acted the same! He made me into the tomgirl i am today! He let me wreck and ride my first fourwheeler! I love and miss him so much! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH DADDY! :'(

When Justin was growing up.

Shared by Johanna Lewis on September 2, 2011

During our childhood yrs. we all was playing they was five of us. Me, my sister, and my brother and Justin and his sister Taffy.  We was playing hide and seek this was in the 70's.  So Justin throw a rock at my sister and cut her forhead.  She still has a scared from it but that was the good days when we was growing up about Justin.  Justin said Linda let me hit you.  He got in trouble.  Well we all did get in trouble.  But now we look back at that day and we all had fun times with our bad times.  What a great cousin Justin was.  We all would fly Kites together.  Justin and my brother would play when they was growing up.  I miss you Justin and now I know you are with the Angels looking down on us.  We Love you Justin.  And you are with JESUS!!!

Shooting off the front porch of little house

Shared by Stephanie Humphrey on September 2, 2011

I am sharing this story because a few weeks before passing Justin and a bunch of us went camping and this was a story that we shared at our camping trip. I remember watching and listening to him laugh when I told it....He remembered!


Everyone who knows our family knows that behind my mamaw's house used to be a little house. It was small only 1 bedroom, bathroom, living room, and kitchen, but boy how just about everyone had their turn living there...And everyone who knows my family knows that when we were growing up I was right on Justin's heels. Everywhere he went I wanted to go. Everything he did, I wanted to do too. Fishing, cleaning squirrels, riding his dirt bike, or as in the story I am about to tell shooting his guns.

So on this particular day. (I can't remember which family that was occupying "the little house" at the time). I only remember that Justin and I was on the front porch and he was firing off rounds with this .Browning 12 gauge shotgun. Of course I was aggravating Justin to "let me shoot it, let me shoot it" so he did...He showed me how to hold it by standing behind me and postioning the butt of the shotgun just under my shoulder. I was probably 11 years old at the time and a small girl. Justin then says to me "make sure you are steady Stephanie Lynn cause it might kick a little". I closed one eye and took aim, then squeezed the trigger just as he had showed me. BOOM! The shotgun went off!  It was no little kick as he previously mentioned... It knocked me back into Justin who was standing behind me, I dropped the shotgun, and about that time Justin staggered back and his leg went right through the floor of the front porch. He was laughing and cussing. ...I was laughing... Even though his leg was through the wood of the porch, We just laughed......


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