Growing up.

Shared by John Comeaux on May 18, 2021
  • Will and I grew up together.  We lived on the same street. Growing up back then was easy. We played in the street and swam in the ditches. Will was like a brother to me. He loved to play basketball. We wore the grass down to dirt in his back yard. Needless to say I got my butt kick most of the time. Well maybe all the time. He was really good. I remember when he got a bow and arrow for his birthday I think. Well he had the bow and arrow and I had the target. I lost that game also. I guess we know who was the smart one. I never thought he would be a professor. Boy was I wrong. Lol. We climbed the old pecan tree in his back yard like a 1000 times  till he fell out of it and broke his leg. That wasn’t a pretty sight. That tree didn’t stay up much longer after that. That took him out for a good while. But we played games inside and kept ourselves occupied. I remember that ole Chevrolet he had. That’s one thing Will never got a speeding ticket. He was never in a hurry.  We wore highway 190 and park avenue out.I think about them days every now and then. The good old days for sure. I wouldn’t change it for anything. Well maybe him falling out of the ole pecan tree and the bow and arrow thing. This is only a few memories I can share. Then there is some I can’t share and some is for me to keep. Rest in piece ole friend. Gone but never forgotten. 

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