Shared by Tim Allen on March 7, 2019

From 1990 til 2000 I may have spent as much time with Bill as Carolyn did. Bill and I rode around the tri state area in his Honda Civic convincing people to trust us with their communications services. He came straight to ATX from the exterminating business, a logical step for his career.  I remember those days with fondness. Riding around with Bill, eating at diners, strategizing how to win business and talking about Carolyn and Buxton at first and then Chelsea, Chandler and Chase,  Bills hard work,dedication and intelligence enabled him to become one of the top revenue producers at one of the fastest growing communications companies in the US. He was a standout. We went separate ways after the ATX days but always kept in touch. And then as fate would have it, both of our daughters were playing field hockey and we started running into each other at tournaments up and down the east coast. We shared meals, drinks and stories of work and of our families and even got to watch our girls play against each other a few times. I was always happy to spend time with Bill and we always ended up at the bar til they closed. I will miss running into Bill and reliving the years at ATX. They were some of the best years of our lives. To Chelsea, Chandler and Chase I want you to know that your father glowed when talking about you all. He would go on and on and it was great. I loved learning about your growth and watch how happy he was telling me about your latest achievements. 

So God Bless you all. I’ll pray that somehow you are able to keep your mind focused on celebrating the life of your Husband and father. I know he felt so blessed to have you all in his life and he would want you to be happy when you thought of him.

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