This "Celebration of Life" website was created in memory of our loved one, William Michael Melton. We will remember him forever.

The Texas Memorial is being held Saturday, May 18th, 2019, 2pm graveside service at Prairie View Memorial Cemetery in Prairie View, Texas. 

Michael's Celebration of Life in Los Angeles, California took place June 29, 2019. Service at 1pm, Repast followed. All video's have been uploaded and can be viewed in the gallery section. 

Thank you to everyone who attended and made this a very special celebration.

Posted by Christina Hill on April 13, 2022
Dear Michael I miss you so much! Your memory is truly a blessing. Rest easy my friend.
Posted by Christina Hill on January 26, 2022
Dear Michael,
I’m writing this as if you are still here with us and in a sense you are. You touched my life indelibly and I salute you today. You enriched my life and I’m eternally grateful that our paths crossed. Until we meet again…
Posted by Toni Patillo on January 26, 2022
My beloved Michael, we wish you a beautiful heavenly birthday. We think of you regularly and we miss you so much. However, we are grateful you are not having to deal with the many challenges our world is facing today, particularly over these past two years. We feel your presence and protection daily and thank you for all the blessings you gifted us. I Love You and Thank You Again for your beauty and your legacy. Sincerely, Toni 
Posted by Barbara Kwong on January 23, 2022
Mr. Melton and Mr. Galyen were my two favorite teachers at Marshall. They both influenced the direction of my life. I became a zoology major in college after taking Biology from Mr. Galyen. Mr. Melton showed me that everyone is special. I remember an assignment he gave us to show that everyone has something to be proud of. He was funny and inspirational.
I hope they both Rest In Peace and know that they made a difference to many people.
Posted by Toni Patillo on April 13, 2021
We feel your presence with us daily. It's hard to believe it's been two years. I am relieved that you did not have to live through these recent challenges we've undergone since the pandemic, the elections, the social & racial injustices and the climate change. Thank you for your gracious acts and loving support always. We miss you and love you so much.

Toni and Trish
Posted by Doug Dellwo on February 1, 2021
These continuing remembrances again remind me of the Micheal I knew. He is such a generous person in my heart now as he was in my life. I knew him through my Aunt Ruthie Reiquam who now is going through her own process of leaving me (us).

They both showed me what friendship could be and want defines loving relationships. Michael, you did well in life and made my life richer. 

Through you, I am sure you made my loved one lives richer too.
Posted by Janice Melton on January 29, 2021
Hi Michael,

Thinking of you. Your cousin Janice Melton. xo
Posted by Toni Patillo on January 28, 2021
Happy Birthday my Love! We never missed a year of celebrating our birthdays together. It was a big void in the last two years of our birthdays not having you with us to celebrate. We Love You and Miss You So Much!
Posted by Toni Patillo on January 28, 2021
There is not a day that goes by where I don't think about you and have conversations with you. Thank You for your consistent presence with us. I am grateful that you didn't have to experience this COVID-19 pandemic, the crazy racial injustice, the political drama and the climate challenges. It's been so insane and often I hear your voice with dismay of the entire situation. We love you always and miss you so much!. Thank you for your graciousness, your blessings and your Unconditional Love! I Love You!
Posted by Louise Imaoka on January 26, 2021
Hau'oli Lā Hānau e Michael (1/26). May your light always shine bright. Miss you my dear friend.
Posted by David Shapiro on October 9, 2020
I am sad to find out Mr Melton passed. He had a profound influence upon me in high school. He was more than a teacher. I consider him to have been one of my first Mentors. I frequently tell people about his calling us Sleeping Giants, and also how he would refer to us as Doctor when we would raise our hands in class. Until then I hadn't conceived I would be much. Years later he visited me while I was earning a Ph.D. at UT Austin. It was a special kind of relationship he afforded my best frienda and me - not just a Teacher/Student dynamic but also in many ways Friends. I recall us going to his home in Alta Loma around graduation with my best friends. What an honor for him to open his life to us that way. I definitely believe my life took a very different course then it would bave had he not recognized in me what I was to become.
Posted by Kieron Dwyer on October 9, 2020
I just learned of Mr. Melton’s passing tonight and it makes me so sad that I hadn’t seen or spoken to him for so many years, probably not since graduating from North Hollywood High in 1985.

Tonight I was in Altadena for the first time in nearly as long and I always thought of him in relation to this sweet town because some fellow classmates and I had the lovely pleasure of spending an evening with Michael and his husband at their home back in the “old days.” Tonight I thought of him and wondered if he was still here and thought maybe I’d try and drop in on him if possible. Our mutual friend Paul discovered this page and broke the bad news to me. Especially so because the reason I am here in LA is to help shepherd my own father through his end of life process.

Michael was a wonderful teacher and mentor to me and some of my friends and I always enjoyed my day at NHHS so much more when I had his class to look forward to. I had many challenges to shoulder during some of my high school years but Mr. Melton was a kind and steady presence in my life during that time. He was charming, smart, witty, and his sly mischievous smile was completely disarming. He called me a “sleeping giant” which I took as a compliment, even while I knew it was probably a term he used for many of us kids who were coasting through our school years. I wish I had kept in touch with him over the years to let him know that while I may not be a giant yet, I am most certainly sleeping no more.

RIP Michael, and thank you for being a part of my life.

Posted by Janice Melton on August 15, 2020
While researching an art project about my father, I begin thinking about my family, specifically my cousin Michael and sadly, I found this page. I send my sincere condolences to those close to him and wish we had stayed in touch. I will always think of you Michael.

Your cousin, Janice Melton
Posted by John Silvers on April 14, 2020
Thought about you all day yesterday, my dear friend Michael (as I often do). This time last year I was reeling from the event of your passing and it all seemed pretty surreal. Now that a year has passed, I still miss you and often think of calling to tell you some news I know you'd want to hear. I am so grateful for the friendship we shared and the time we spent enjoying life. I will always be blessed by your presence and I know that you are enjoying your new adventure in spirit! Much Love to you always!

Your friend,
Posted by Toni Patillo on April 13, 2020
It's hard to believe that it's been a year since we said goodbye. God knows I'm talking to you on a regular basis and Trish and I are missing you big time. Our laughs, our dinners, your parties, our outings. Things are so different in our world today. I'm actually grateful that you are not here dealing with these conditions. You would not be happy with the current orders the entire world is under. All restaurants are closed, all parks, all beaches, all malls, only essential services are open. It's unreal and surreal. We love you so much and are sending you Light of the Highest Potency! I pray that you are able to keep your eyes on all of us and protect us. Blessings to you Michael. Continue to RIP - Love Toni and Trish
Posted by Dana Fields on January 26, 2020
Happy Birthday to my beloved Godfather. It is still hard to believe you are no longer with us.  I miss you dearly and you will forever be in my heart. I toast you today on your 74th birthday.

Your loving Goddaughter...Dana
Posted by John Silvers on September 21, 2019
I have waited until now to say something about my friend, Mike. He is such a fixture in my life that the impact of his passing has somewhat up-ended me.
I never quite realized the depth of the impact that our friendship had on me and I am still recovering from the loss. I am forever grateful to have known him and to have shared such a close bond.

Michael was caring, generous, kind-hearted, mischievous, erudite, fun-loving, playful, loyal, loving , childlike, silly, sensitive, stubborn, confident, gregarious and the list goes on........
I will always love and cherish our time together.
Posted by Elaine Wrice on August 10, 2019
This is an additional tribute I forgot to add. On
April 18, 2019, the USGS officially retired the name Michael as a Hurricane name. Even they knew how special he was. True story. Look it up!!
Elaine Wrice, forever friend.
Posted by Doug Dellwo on July 2, 2019
A brief tribute to my friend, Michael Melton;
Michael was a fine human being and a great teacher. He cared about his students and would do anything for them. I worked with him at North Hollywood High and the kids loved him. They knew he really cared for them. He worked hard so that they received the value of a good education and would do well for themselves. He was not easy on them, but they loved him for that very reason.
He and his partner Ed were my very good friends. We had dinner with friends at their home, weekly, for some time. This was a home that was full of music, laughter and good people. When my relatives would come to visit from Montana and Michael found out, he would have us over, sharing a meal and a swim, opening his home and life to us.
My family loved him; how could you not love him? He had a dignity and authenticity few have. His laugh was infectious, and he loved to have a good drink, a good cigar and some fun. Michael came to Montana a few times over the years and we got to travel together too, once to New Orleans over Spring Break. Teachers on Spring Break, the kids had nothing on us!
My life was made better by Michael’s friendship and I would like to think that my friendship made his life better too. You are missed my friend.
Ruthie Reiquam
Posted by Todd Melnick on June 29, 2019
I regret that I only knew him as Mr. Melton, my 11th grade English teacher. But his impression on me was powerful and permanent. I recall him addressing his students as "Doctor" as in "What do you think, Dr. Bravo?" I vividly remember him referring to Lady Macbeth as a "vile bitch." He was smart and funny and we wanted to make him laugh or to think well of us. We knew that he was a messenger from cultured and slightly risque adulthood and we hoped to be worthy of perhaps entering that select club one day. His class hinted that literature was one of the credentials of admission. 
My life was deeply influenced by all of my teachers but particularly by English faculty at T.S. King and John Marshall. I owe a huge debt to Ms. Higashi, Mr. Goulet, Mr. Mintzer, Mrs. Rattay, Mr. Melton, and Mr. Hickman. They opened to me the word of intellect and emotion and expression. They made me feel valued and made me want to excell.
Mr. Melton was an excellent teacher and a lovely man. I am sorry that he is gone.
Posted by David Artadi on June 29, 2019
I am so saddened by Michael's passing, as he was not only a friend, but a wonderful mentor. Michael was my high school English teacher at John Marshall High School, and he opened my eyes to the world in so many ways. First, academically, he had us read "Invisible Man" by Ralph Ellison, which made me realize the importance of rectifying social injustice and of making sure everyone in our society and world is seen and heard. Second, Michael became a role model for me, helping me come out and accept everything about authentic self. Now living in the South (Atlanta), Michael's friendship and mentorship over the last 35 years or so has only become more dear to me - he even attended my wedding to my husband in Atlanta three years ago, which meant the world to me. Michael, I will miss you, my dearest friend and mentor!!!
Posted by Linella Raff on June 28, 2019
We are extremely heartbroken at Michael's passing. Howard, myself (Linella), and Micaela have known Michael for many, many years of having dinner and sharing music at Stoney Point. Michael was always there smiling and cheering me on as a Singer on most Saturday nights. He was funny, with a great dry sense of humor, and also very sweet and supportive of me, as well as our daughter, Micaela, who also sang and played piano at Stoney Point. We were happy to have him as a friend at our home for parties, where he enjoyed my coconut cake immensely!! I made it especially for HIM again this last year, but sadly he was unable to make it over. We went out socially as well, in support of other singers. I always looked for his smiling face at the bar, while I was singing, and seeing his "thumbs-up" in appreciation... We love you Michael, and want you to know that we miss you greatly, and things will never be the same without you!!!
Posted by Kathy Rattay on June 27, 2019
When I arrived at Marshall High in 1975, I was assigned to Michael's classroom on a temporary basis while he worked with the school district on the upcoming centennial. Throughout the year, I heard of his professional reputation of excellence and his generosity of spirit, which I learned were mere understatements. We became friends upon his return and our work responsibilities frequently put us in the same circle long after we left Marshall. I will always remember his smile, wit, and genuine kindness. He was a treasure. Miss you.
Posted by Maiedell Rose on June 21, 2019
I came to North Hollywood High School from a junior high, and being the new teacher on the block, I "floated" from room to room. I was blessed to find myself in the office behind Michael's classroom during my conference period. From there I could hear this marvelous man engage students of all levels, entreat the most difficult ones to learn, expound on literature in enticing ways, and charm the students into doing their best. Students of all levels and backgrounds respected and loved this exceptional man. He became my model. Teachers admired him for his knowledge, leadership, social hostessing, love of the arts. I'm so upset he's gone so unexpectedly. I will miss this true gentleman.
Posted by Elaine Wrice on June 20, 2019
I met Michael in the early 80's. I taught at Colfax Elementary and he, Yvonne, Odessa and Sherwin taught at North Hollywood High School. They had a Black Faculty Club. I immediately appointed myself President!!! We met regularly for happy hours after work. Then we took turns holding house parties. If someone at a party misused a word, the party would come to a screeching halt. Michael would yell "Get the dictionary." The party would NOT RESUME until all agreed on the proper use of the word.
I will always remember the pure joy he took in my antics. We shared many jokes, tall tales, a love of AMTRAK train travel, and his deep love and respect for his unbelievably beautiful mother ( A DELTA like me).
My husband and I were blessed to be with him on 5 different occasions in his last 5 months. We weren't aware of his limited time on this earth. I know he was because he was really saying goodbye to us in the most loving way. God Bless You, Michael Melton.
Posted by Michael Dawson on June 20, 2019
I met Michael in 1973 during my junior year at Marshall High School. He was such an important influence in my life during that period and we remained friends over many years. What do you say about someone who introduced you to Herman Melville, W.E.B. Du Bois, Mantan Moreland and Giacomo Puccini? Michael shared his passion for life and all its possibilities. This was especially refreshing and stimulating for a high school student with an expanding intellect feeling constrained by the conformity of teenage social life. I will never forget the double feature billing of "Jules and Jim" and "Black Orpheus" that Michael would always drag a group of friends to whenever it made the rounds of the art house theaters. Long evenings listening to opera at his apartment are vivid memories. During my college years, mint juleps and dinner at Kowloon was always on the agenda when I visited Los Angeles. Rest in peace dear friend. You live on in the hearts and minds of all of us who knew you and treasured your friendship.
Posted by Frank Scherer on June 11, 2019
Michael was not only a neighbor to us for 21 years, but also a friend. We were able to do many things and events together and shared many thoughts and laughter. Michael was a very kind, generous and loving person. His intelligence and culture made the relationship with him even more desirable. I remember he was the last person I hugged, before I handed they keys to the buyer of my house and that was a sad moment. Rest in Peace, dear Michael, now I miss you even more..
Posted by Sheridan Cole on May 28, 2019
Michael was always there for me, even if months separated our visits. The shock of him slipping away so quietly still shakes me. I remember so many qualities - his knowledge of music, civil rights, politics, food; his sardonic wit, and especially his honesty. He pulled no punches. Never minced words. We laughed a lot too. I spent several hours with him last fall and had no idea he was ill. He was always "his own man." By Sheridan Cole
Posted by Jerri Woods on May 24, 2019
My dear sweet angel, Michael. I miss you so much. Your beaming and beautiful smile always melted my heart. Your generosity and kindness goes unmatched by anyone I have ever known. You knew how to bring people together to share laughs, stories, love and good times.
Your influence in my life was significant, and I feel so blessed. You would always remind me that family and friends are the key ingredients to a happy life. I am so grateful for all the joy, love and wonderful times we shared.
You are, and will always be my sweet angel.
I pray the Lord to hold you safely in the palm of his hand....until we meet again.
God bless you....I love you.
Posted by Claire and Shep Goldblum on May 20, 2019
Michael and I attended Dorsey High School eleven years apart, and Michael started teaching at John Marshall High School eleven years after I had started my career there.  To meet Michael was to fall in love.  His amazing smile, his wonderful laugh, his twinkling eyes, his sharp tongue and wit, his brilliance, captivated me. He was an EDUCATOR. One day he invited me and my class to join his class to hear Mantan Moreland speak, just a year or two before Mr. Moreland died. No civil rights lesson could have been more powerful, then the one we learned that day.
After leaving Marshall High School he taught at North Hollywood High School where my daughter had the privilege of being in his English class in her junior year. He effected her as deeply as he had effected me.
He was lovely, he was graceful, he was full of light and love and he will be dearly missed. Michael Melton: you have left your fingerprints on my heart, and on the hearts of the thousands of students and colleagues with whom you have worked.
Posted by Timothy Miller on May 20, 2019
So glad that our paths crossed in this thing called life my Alpha Brother and educator. Will miss our chats when we saw each other about the craziness occurring in LAUSD. Thank you for your advice as I climbed the administrative chain. Your advice always reminded me how important it was to value our teachers and the things they do.
As you have ascended into Omega Chapter, I know that you are shining your bright light on all the brothers who have gone before. You are missed.
Posted by Dana Fields on May 19, 2019
To My Beloved Godfather (“Uncle Mike”) ~
I can’t accept the reality that you are gone. You have been there for me my entire life being so loving and supportive. You never missed a birthday and were there for every momentous occasion. Life is short but the joy you brought me shall never die. My eyes cannot see you, but my heart can find your laughter and your love is etched deep in my mind. Death will never break our tie. Lives may fade, but my memories will never die. My parents couldn’t have selected a more perfect Godfather. Till the day we meet again, you will forever be in my heart and I will miss you dearly every day of my life.
Your Loving Goddaughter...Dana
Posted by Tommy Dodson on May 18, 2019
Michael and I both attended Dorsey High School in Los Angeles for a while. Then I transferred to Los Angeles High School where I graduated. I lost track of Michael as we all called him. It was years later when I was performing at "The Other Side", a well known piano bar in the Silverlake district of LA. He would be there every time Iwas was performing. Our friendship grew. I remember the many Christmas parties at Micheal's house when he would invite several musicians. As the evening went along and we all got stuffed and full on good liquor, the music would start. Michael was a great cook. His chitterlings were every bit as good as my mothers...and I did not eat everybody's chitterlings for many reasons. When I moved to Palm Springs, Michael would find the clubs I worked at and would show up periodically. The last time I saw Michael was probably in January of this year when he made a last visit to a club I was performing in. He was limping and complained of his legs, but other than that seemed OK. He will forever be missed even though I did not see him as often as I would have liked. The rest are secrets between Michael and myself, and boy we had some. RIP my friend. I know you are perched on some cloud at a piano bar in heaven enjoying the good music. RIP my friend.
Posted by Sherman Hardaway on May 18, 2019
"Manly deeds, scholarship and love for all mankind are the aims of our dear fraternity..."
Brother Michael Melton exemplified all the best traits of a true ALPHA man. He transitioned to the OMEGA Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.
    Black and Old Gold forever.
Posted by Veril Thompson on April 23, 2019
If there was ever a person I could think of to ask to save me a spot in heaven it definately would have been you Mr. William Michael Melton! God instructed us to LOVE and that you did without even trying. Knowing you was an honour and a gift. From the moment Toni introduced me to you up until the moment you requested my care I will forever be grateful for the love and laughter and all the great opportunities that comes along with just being associated with you! You are a positive light that will continue to shine in all of our hearts! Love you always
Posted by Louise Imaoka on April 18, 2019
Oh what fun we had throughout the years and their were so many both the good times and the sad times. Hard to believe that i can not call you at midnight just to say i love you. But thats okay you are now pain free and once again be able to have that cigar and jack daniels..........The heavens have opened up and greeted you with open arms rest in peace my dear dear long time friend.
Posted by Barbara Layton on April 17, 2019
Forty nine years ago on the opening day of the school year, Michael and I spotted each other, the only African American teachers at Marshall High School. We immediately became close friends, shared happy and serious times, political views, love of music, (especially opera), history lessons, and most memorable, travels to Italy. Michael offered educational advice, confort, and fun activities to young members of our family who adored him. His insights will guide all of us forever and he will always live in our hearts.
Barbara Layton
Posted by Toni Patillo on April 15, 2019
I never imagined that I would be writing this tribute so soon. Oh my dearest beloved Michael, my brother, my friend, my mentor and teacher and my confidant. I will miss you more than you know. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for your Genuine and Unconditional Love, your Kindness, your Joy, your Laughter, your Sense of Humor and mostly your Generosity. You have Blessed all of us who have grown so close to you with your Presence, your Gift and Your Light! I Love You Michael, Rest in Peace.
Toni Elizabeth

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Posted by Christina Hill on April 13, 2022
Dear Michael I miss you so much! Your memory is truly a blessing. Rest easy my friend.
Posted by Christina Hill on January 26, 2022
Dear Michael,
I’m writing this as if you are still here with us and in a sense you are. You touched my life indelibly and I salute you today. You enriched my life and I’m eternally grateful that our paths crossed. Until we meet again…
Posted by Toni Patillo on January 26, 2022
My beloved Michael, we wish you a beautiful heavenly birthday. We think of you regularly and we miss you so much. However, we are grateful you are not having to deal with the many challenges our world is facing today, particularly over these past two years. We feel your presence and protection daily and thank you for all the blessings you gifted us. I Love You and Thank You Again for your beauty and your legacy. Sincerely, Toni 
his Life


William Michael Melton, fondly known as Michael Melton, was born January 26th, 1946 to William Robert Melton II and Ada Louise Evans Melton, in Tuskegee, Alabama. He was an only child to this union. Michael made his transition Saturday, April 13th, 2019 at Kaiser Permanente Hospital, in Los Angeles, California.

During WW II, Michael’s father joined the Army and became a Tuskegee pilot.  He served honorably and continued involvement with the Tuskegee Airmen organization for the rest of his life and was the organization's president for years.

At a very young age Michael and his mother relocated to Los Angeles, California. He attended and graduated from Dorsey High School.Michael then moved to Texas for his undergraduate education – he enrolled at Prairie View A&M University and became a member of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity.He graduated with his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1967.

His first teaching assignment after graduating from Prairie View A&M University was at La Marque High School in La Marque, Tx.  He taught history and English for two years and then moved back to LA. Michael taught English at John Marshall High School in the Silver Lake neighborhood of LA as well as North Hollywood High School in the San Fernando Valley.He went on to become an Assistant Principal and eventually a senior administrator for LAUSD.

He had the opportunity to teach both very privileged and very underprivileged youth in his teaching career. He had a fondness for elevating his underprivileged students to the level of their more privileged classmates. To that end, he even mentored having members initially placed in remedial high school English classes and helping them to reach their potential as AP English literature students.Many of them went on to score 5's on the AP Exam, the highest score possible, which provided them an exit out of a life that put them in great danger. He was brilliant, witty, sweet, generous and incredibly wise.

Michael did a lot to address deficiencies in the administration of LAUSD, from hiring and mentoring up and coming talent within LAUSD to excising problematic individuals who had, until his tenure, been left untouched for years. He was so focused on his students' success..

Michael taught Advanced Placement Classes (college preparatory classes) and was on the national panel responsible for writing and grading the exam. He resisted being an administrator within the district for a long time but saw where his impact could enhance students inside and outside of the District even more due to the partnerships he established.  He retired after 40 years with LAUSD. A Phenomenal man he was.

Michael donated generously to A New Way of Life Re-Entry Project; an organization devoted to supporting previously incarcerated women. He was also the Chairperson of the African-Americans for LA Opera, a critical division of the Opera League of Los Angeles (on whose Board of Directors he served for several years).In his role as Chairperson of AALAO, he was instrumental in promoting and introducing young African American opera singers, and produced and hosted many musical events to showcase their talents.He loved opera very much, and amassed a significant collection of recordings, many of them historical, over the years.He also served on the Los Angeles (Pacific) Region’s organizing committee for the famous Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions.

Michael lived a very controlled life and he was his own Alpha Male.  At the same time, though, he was caring, culturally refined and appreciative, curious, adventurous, bold yet set in his ways. He built his life in a way that brought him immense satisfaction. His friend and partner, Edgar Galyen, was also loved by many, for his kindness and genuine nature. Ed's death and the death of his mother Ada significantly impacted Michael, but he carried on.... determined to do all things his own special way. 

In retirement, Michael loved Europe and traveled there on an annual basis.He became an even greater lover of the arts, theatre, classical music and opera. He sat on several opera boards, and was a genuine foodie.

Michael was a Lover of Life, People, Events, Music, Restaurants, Cooking, Travel, a committed Philanthropist and a very generous human being who had an impact on many lives.

He was proceeded in death by his parents, William Robert Melton II and Ada Louise Evans Cannady; his grandparents William Robert Melton Sr. and Delores Julia Hodges Melton Smith, and Dr. Edward B. Sr. and Lucille L. Evans; Uncle Henry and Aunt Regina Melton; Uncle Edward B Jr. and Aunt Catherine Evans. Michael is survived by his first cousins Marcia Melton Wade, Susan Melton Wilson, Henry Christopher Melton, Edward B. “Bertram” Evans III and his wife Arnell, Dr. Carolyn Evans-Shabazz and her husband Malik Shabazz, Cathy L. Jackson and her husband Fred Jackson, Charlotte L. Williams and her husband Dr. Jamie Williams, and Marc T. Evans; his step sister Cynthia C. Cannady; and his lifelong friends Dwight and Barbara Fields, Perris Fields, his goddaughter Dana Fields; Patricia Patillo aka Trish Turner, Toni Patillo, Joe Waxman and Barbara Layton Waxman, John & Wendy Silvers and goddaughter Joie May Silvers, Kevin and Crystal Harrison, Halynn and Lee Harrison, and a host of uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces, nephews, and hundreds of friends. Michael was known to many as “Uncle Mike”.

We celebrate today the full and productive life of this remarkable man. Michael will certainly be missed.

Recent stories

Summer 1975

Shared by Karin Santiago on February 22, 2021
Mr. Melton was the best teacher that I ever had, it was summer 1975. The class was small, honestly we were all riveted by his teaching, his personality, his knowledge. In 1982 Ray Albera and I got married, we visited Mr Melton at his home in Altadena/Sierra Madre, he came to our wedding. I thought of him very often throughout the years. He was a truly wonderful person, I am so sorry to receive this notice. Bless you Mr. Melton we will never forget you
Karin Santiag

My friend

Shared by C. buck Columna on September 17, 2019
I am only hearing of Michaels passing tonight - after failing to reach him over this past year I searched announcements and sadly came to this site.

I was a student in his class at Marshall High and he was more than my teacher - he was mentor, friend, shrink and life guard when I was adrift. 

Through his generous sharing of his intellect, wisdom and library I discovered a beautiful, imperfect, joyful, sexy world existed on the otherside of high school. 

I am happy to have reconnected in time to be able to tell him how important he was to me then. How my life today is in his debt.

So gutted. Would very much like to know more of his last year if anyone reads this. 

Prairie View Cemetery - Graveside Service, Memorial Program

Shared by Toni Patillo on May 27, 2019

William Michael Melton was buried with his Grandfather Dr. Edward B. Evans, former Principal and later the first President of Prairie View Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas.