My dad

Shared by Zachary Thurlkill on February 4, 2019

Bill may not have been my biological dad but he cared and loved all 5 of us kids as though we all were. Everytime we were with him he made sure we all had what we needed and wanted. He was my father as I grew up and it hurts to see him go. He loved to see us and I hear stories of how highly he spoke of us all how proud and how much he loved us. He was a collector of eagles, from eagle statues, blankets, lamps a 4 foot eagle fountain and even the eagle that stretched across his back. He loved to fish when we would go to Florida you bet we were going on a fishing trip while we were down there although he got jealous when our grandma caught a shark and the best he got that day was some blowfish. I can remember times when I was around 6 or 7 he would sneak me out bright and early and the two of us would fish all morning. I can still hum the tone of one of his favorite shows M.A.S.H. and sing most of the song leaving on a jet plane because he would sing it to us when we were younger. He never made a ton of money but the Christmas tree never failed to be full of gifts and as long as we finished our dinner the freezer stayed stocked with tubs of ice cream. He would always be there for us if we needed anything. Even when he moved to New Jersey he constantly called and text to check up and never missed a single holiday or event. Bill will forever be in the hearts and minds of us all and I'm sure he is looking down on us from heaven alongside pap and gigi and aunt sharon. I will always love him and miss him.

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