CB Radio Times

Shared by Stephanie Gatlos Johnson on July 29, 2020
When growing up in Maryvale Az. My Dad loved his CB Radios. He loved to tinker with it until till all hours of the night. The most fun for the people in the neighborhood was about 3:30 when he would fire that thing up and stomp all over everyones TV! You could hear kids yelling up and down the block! We could not watch or hear the TV all we could hear was my dad talking and it had lines all over. No one really knew who it was. I guess having a crystal in your CB and talking to people across the world was illegal. Outside the back door there was a pole that was in cement and he could spin it to get better reception. He knew right where he left it when he left it and went to bed. However, it me it was a pole that i could swing on and spin around and around on for hours! He would get so mad about that. His love for CB's had him join a CB Radio Club He called Himself Silver Mountain. We would get to go to Sambo's every week to the meetings and meet new people. One year we got to go to Missouri for a Jamboree and now all theses years later here we are!

Chemo Times

Shared by Rebecca Rickard Harris on July 22, 2020
After dad’s chemo appointments, we would go eat at Wendy’s.  Dad loved his jr bacon cheeseburgers with sriracha sauce on them.  Thankfully during a time when he had trouble eating, he still loved those!  The Tuesday he got out of the ER, July 7, the day before I brought him home to be with me he had his last... and boy did he enjoy it!!  

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