Let the memory of WILLIAM be with us forever
  • 64 years old
  • Born on April 3, 1948 in Shisong, Kumbo, Cameroon.
  • Passed away on October 8, 2012 in Yaounde, Cameroon.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, WILLIAM TALLAH 64 years old , born on April 3, 1948 and passed away on October 8, 2012. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Mary Tumban on 3rd August 2018
Posted by Esther Tallah on 3rd April 2017
Willie happy birth day! We remember you and miss you. However we continue thanking God for your life and pray for you knowing that you are interceding for us. Thank you Willie for the love you had and continue having for your family. Explore the Almighty to continue guiding and leading us towards heaven where we shall meet to part no more. Amen. Esther
Posted by Esther Tallah on 8th October 2016
Willie it was a special day as Mgr Prieto and the entire general assembly of Tiama prayed for you at Holy Mass today on the occasion of your 4th anniversary. I believe you were present with us at that Holy Mass with the choirs of Angels and Saints with our Most Holy Virgin, praising God. Join us in thanking God for the blessings we received this year, our family is growing with one more grandchild this year, Cla finally matched. We are so thankful to God our Father. Thank you Willie for being there for us until such a time when we shall meet to part no more. God be praised always. With love from your us all.
Posted by Tatah Mbuy on 4th February 2016
We are brought into this world by God for a purpose and each of us must live in such a way as to accomplish the mission for which we came. I think William did his best to accomplish his own mission. May the good Lord reward him for all the good that he did. Fr Tatah Mbuy
Posted by Esther Tallah on 8th October 2015
Willie I continue thanking God almighty for your life. Thank you Willie for accompanying us always. We felt your presence during the two heart lifting events that occurred in our family this year. Thank you for the love you have for your family. You continually manifest it and we are very thankful to God for this. Intercede to God for our salvation, that we end the race as winners also. We pray that the almighty God admit you into his heavenly kingdom. Looking forward to when we shall meet to part no more, where there is joy and peace eternally. Amen
Posted by Eugine Ngalim on 8th October 2014
How time flies. Two years has come and gone and it is like you passed away just two days ago. It is because you are present among us that we keep feeling your presence. As we wish you well, we look forward to meeting with you when we are called by the Almighty.
Posted by Esther Tallah on 8th October 2014
Willie, I keep on hoping that you will walk into the house but I don't see you come back home. I see you mostly in numerous dreams and I know that you are, for sure, accompanying me and our children closely, and interceding for us on high. Happy that we shall meet again to part no more. I thank God profusely for His love for you and us all. Present our special intensions to Mother Mary.
Posted by Edwin Kimbo on 8th October 2013
Unbelievable, it has been one year already. I missed it yesterday. Willie you will forever remain in our hearts. You were such a good man, an icon for us to follow in your good steps: good looks, sharp dressing, radiance, out-spoken, honesty, and concern and service to those in need. God bless you brother!
Posted by Solomon King on 8th October 2013
Many believe you are not present but you are still present among us because i have heard you several times in my dreams and i know you will continue to guide us along with all the others who have left us. until we meet again, stay well and continue to guide us.
Posted by Esther Tallah on 8th October 2013
Willie I can’t believe that it is already one year. It still feels like yesterday and those special moments of your last days here on earth will never be forgotten. Yes, God gave me a strong message through you. HE said never to weary, never to give up, always persevere and to the end. Yes He said HE is most loving and most merciful. He grave you and I a most special moment and at a most special t
Posted by Nico & Phyllis Bruin on 9th November 2012
Many have been blessed by William's love and friendship. We too are among those who could not have done it without him. He followed his callings and they were many. We mourn the loss of a brother and share his family's grief. If it be God's Will, we will continue our task without William and if it be God's Will, we will know him again soon.
Posted by Jude Dzekawong on 5th November 2012
uncle willy is like a dream that i will not see you again when we come to cameroon, all i will say is why and only God knows the answer, you have gone to prepare a place for us, we will meet again may your soul and the soul of all the faithful departed rest in peace. uncle we love you and we will really miss you.
Posted by Eugine Ngalim on 29th October 2012
Dear Uncle, you were one of my greatest mentors and inspired me with many words of wisdom on the challenges of life. You were so simple, an upright, honest, humble, sincere, peaceful and good man. You shared with the young and the old, the rich and the poor, the laity and the religious alike. You left such an indelible mark in me as I keep seeing your ever smiling face.
Posted by Edwin Kimbo on 27th October 2012
William, unique indeed! There was always this contagious smile, radiance, glamour and a sense of security around him. A gentleman with glitz and groom. He portrayed life in its simplicity, humility and greatness.Thanks for all you did for me when I was sick in Yaounde and in London. May God bless you and the loved ones you have left behind to celebrate your life-Dr. Kimbo Edwin and family
Posted by Divine Verbe on 26th October 2012
Unique, generous, meticulous. Those were the stand-out features of the few times I ever met you. As I read your tributes, I realise how underrated your time on earth has been. I have once been at the receiving end of your generosity so I can feel the pain. You had an impact on people beyond your age-group, close friends and family members. You will be sorely missed. Divine Verbe
Posted by Mapri Maimo on 25th October 2012
I remember the last time I saw you Uncle Willy and I remember the kind words you shared with me. You leave behind your legacy,family and friends who fondly remember you and love you. Our faith reassures us that this transition has placed you in the Good Lord's loving hands. We have you in our prayers. Our condolences to the entire family. We love and miss you Uncle Willy.
Posted by Emmanuelle Watonsi on 25th October 2012
Your time on earth was spent impacting others. Your memories are forever to be remembered, and your drive for excellence is perpetually ingraved and passed on to those you left on earth. May your soul rest in peace & may Christ be the ultimate comforter to those of us who mourn your passing.
Posted by Chofor Che on 25th October 2012
My condolences go to the entire family, especially to my buddy Franklin. Boboh take heart and remember you are the rock of the family. We will dearly miss Daddy, but God knows why he had to call him to his side now. R.I.P Daddy WILLIAM S TALLAH
Posted by Bertrand Maimo on 24th October 2012
The passing of one close to our hearts reminds us that this is not a perfect world, be we desire compassion, forgiveness, love, friendship, companionship ........Uncle you were loved very much, and will be missed very dearly...
Posted by Kenneth Wirlen on 24th October 2012
Uncle T, the news of you passing away got to me like a boom blast especially when I never learned that you were sick. Having worked very close with you as a youngman I was compelled to understand your dynamics on how things are done. You reached out to all with exception of non. May your soul rest in perfect peace. Fare thee well. Adieu Mr. T. Till we meet again.
Posted by Robert Tanto on 23rd October 2012
Gosh! News of your death took me by total surprise. You were so close when, less than a year ago, my mother passed to glory! I pray she meets you there with a smile. Adieu, William!
Posted by Julienne Nsai on 22nd October 2012
Dr Uncle,you will be forever missed,above all,remembered for your kindhearted spirit,and generosity.i still remember like it was yesterday our last phone convo just after my wedding...i would continue to follow your advice..one thing i have learned from your passing and life on earth is that life is too short,we should make the best out of our time left .Adieu and RIP,LOVE Yaya & sibblings
Posted by Mak Yuyun on 22nd October 2012
Daddy, I will forever miss you! Thank you for all the lessons; love, generosity,confidence and justice. You were such a great man with a free spirit. I cheerish all the moments I spent with you cos they were full of laughter and great teachings. Thank you for everything Daddy. Go well.
Posted by Ernestine Tallah on 22nd October 2012
Uncle, My eyes are full with tears as I am writing this tribute to you. I was looking forward to seeing you in Cameroon as earlier planned but God decided to take you away from us. Your mission on earth has been accomplished through your love and generosity. I miss you dearly and pray for the repose of your soul. You will be welcomed by my Daddy and Mama. Rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Patrick Walker on 21st October 2012
"Gone To Soon. Uncle Willie you will be missed by all. We need you but God has a plan. With you being a Master Planner, God needed you even more. Thank you for all the fun Evenings Eating Kentucy, Drinking Red Wine, Making Plans and having Great Conversations. As I talk to family Members and Friends all I hear is "What a Men". I thank God for you being a part of our Lives. Rest in Peace.
Posted by Roy Obi on 21st October 2012
You touched a lot of lives and continue to still do so. It was divine providence that you came to the US just a couple of months ago, to possibly give your adieu's. I never thought shaking your hand then would be the last time. I will do my best to make your wife ( my aunt) as happy as she can be. And I will always be there for my cousins. Rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Becky Chie on 20th October 2012
William rest pacefull in the hands of the Lord.I know you fulfill your purpose on earth. Our love for each other was so noticeable.I will always be lost without you, but I know I will soon see you face to face.
Posted by Zena Moore on 19th October 2012
Mr. Tallah, I am glad that i was able to finally meet you. You were a gracious host upon my visit to Cameroon. It was nice to be able to speak with you. I feel like I just saw you, and was driving you around running your different errands. Im shocked you are gone. You will be missed.
Posted by Eunice Ndzerem Shang on 19th October 2012
Dear Uncle,You were a Father to most of us & we'll never forget you. You thought us to believe & strive for higher ideals.Yes...you taught us well.You fought a great fight,you finished your course and you kept the faith.You were ours for a moment but heaven's forever.Our memories will carry us through as the angels have carried you away.Until we meet again-Fare ye well Uncle, Fare ye well
Posted by Solomon King on 19th October 2012
I never knew that was the last supper and the last handshake before returning to italy the last time I was in cameroon. May your soul rest in peace along with all the other family members (Big mammy, Lilly, Uncle Lawrence, Papa, Mama) , relatives and friends who are now with you until we meet again.- Collins Bongadu.
Posted by Mary-Judith Moore on 19th October 2012
Daddy, I will really miss your laughter. It's funny how i keep remembering your laughter. I still cannot believe you died.

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