Let the memory of William be with us forever
  • 59 years old
  • Born on June 17, 1957 .
  • Passed away on September 10, 2016 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, William Veillette 59 years old, born on June 17, 1957 and passed away on September 10, 2016. We will remember him forever.
Posted by LIZ SEARS on 5th July 2017
I wish to express the love we feel from all of you who have posted such beautiful words of feelings for my brother. I miss him dearly yet know he is no longer suffering. He spoke of you all and memories he had shared with us of you. Thank you for being that friend, neighbor, brother or sister from another it means the world to me.
Posted by Patty Wright on 14th September 2016
I remember the first time i met Bill. He came into the Girard, Ohio Petro and he had a bandage on his head that went down around his chin. The first thing i said to him was. "If i cut that bandage off would your jaw drop like Jacob Marley in the Christmas Carol". We laughed and after that we became good friends. Me and my husband would pick him up at the truck stop and take him to the house to get out of the truck and to go to the DQ his favorite place to go.. We picked him up a couple times in the Monte Carlo we had and he loved riding around with us. I miss you Bill and all the fun times. You will always be in my heart. Love you
Posted by Dave Mccauley on 13th September 2016
Bill was a very good friend of mine and I'm sorry to see him go. Although I know he's in a better place and out of all the pain he was in, I will miss him. Sometimes life will put people in your path not to guide you or hold you back but to just be there as a friend. Yet Bill was more like a big brother to me and friends like that don't come around all that often. When I met him he was bigger than life. He walked with a cane but still yet climbed up in his truck and worked his ass off with a smile. On late night drives we kept each other awake talking on the phone until one of us got to where we needed, and that didn't stop even when he got sick. He was that kinda friend that wanted me to be safe and he didn't care how he was feeling. If he knew I was driving late he'd call to make sure I was ok (but I think he liked to hear the noise from the truck). This is how I'm going to remember my friend my brother. A man who loved his family, a man who loved his friends and a man who left us all way to soon. I posted this on Facebook but it felt like I should put it here to.
Posted by Rich Rolles on 12th September 2016
A little over 25 years ago I started driving for Allied Van Lines. I met a young couple and we became friends. The husband was Billy. Billy was the kind of guy that would give you the shirt off his back if he had one. I cannot tell you the number of times he helped me. One of those times I was going through a rough patch in my life and Billy was always there to listen. one of the things we used to do is late tonight if we were both driving or if one of us was driving and the other was just sitting somewhere we would turn off the CB radio and talk on the cell phone for hours usually about nothing but a lot of times about life. We both have the same kind of luck or should I say the same kind of bad luck lol. Billy was a fighter. No matter what life threw at Billy he kept going. And I lot of ways Billy was the brother I never had. We didn't agree on everything but we always got past it. And the next day the late night phone calls would start again. Lol very good there was one thing that Billy love more than driving truck and that was his family. Even though he didn't always get along with a lot of them he always spoke about them with a caring attitude. I remember a time when Billy was going through a rough time and his personal life. This will probably upset some people but during that time a lot of people stop talking to Billy because they were tired of hearing about it. Not that he got into a lot of details with associates but it did cause him to wonder about those he called friends. During that time my job as a friend was to listen and not judge. I remember one day and particular spending time with Billy in a bunch of drivers years ago at the San Jose flea market. Billy didn't want to go because of his spine damage and he felt he would just be a burden on the group. We convinced him to go. And you know what? That is a day that I will never forget because even though it was pretty uneventful I got to spend time walking around the flea market b*********** and joking with Billy and my father in law along with Mike. There were some other people there but we were pretty much are own little group. The flea market it turns out had the wheelchairs with the big wheels and the baskets on it. So we pushed belly around in the wheelchair for most of the day meanwhile he got to carry all of this s*** that we bought lol. What someone like Billy its not the big eventful days that you learn to appreciate. It is 2 times where you would stop to have a cup of coffee and shoot the s*** for a couple hours. We did that a lot. Recently in discussing his passing someone told me that Billy was glad to have a friend like me. I told them no its the other way around. One of the last time I saw Billy he was going through Binghamton and he was having problems with his exhaust so I met him at the truck stop and on the way there for some reason I brought my nephew and my son met us there. Because of his physical condition Billy could not do the repairs himself nor good here for the price of a shop to do the work at the time. So the four of us work on his exhaust and made some minor repairs to the truck while we're at it. And then we went in and had lunch and coffee. We spent almost as much time drinking coffee as we did working on the truck lol. The four of us had a great time. The one thing that I can advise people. Billy would say is the next time you see somebody going through a rough patch in life open your mind and your ears. They don't need you to believe in everything they say they just need somebody to hear it and not judge them. To Billy's family each and every one I offer my deepest condolences. My friend and your brother cousin uncle Grampa whatever he was to you will be missed by many but know that he is still watching and he will never feel pain again. Even though this might seem like a long message it is nothing not even a drop in the bucket compared to him. Goodbye old friend.
Posted by Janet Lanci on 11th September 2016
Bill was one of the first friends I made when I moved back to CT. I will cherish the memories. I am so very happy he and I found that friendship again with the help of FB. I will miss the friend I was just getting to know again. My condolences go to his family, he is a place where he is a peace no more treatments, no more pain. My thoughts and prayers are with y’all.
Posted by Rita Jaffer on 10th September 2016
Bill you were a long time friend with many memories that will not be forgotten..RIP my buddy
Posted by Dan Welton on 10th September 2016
" I've traveled each and every highway. " What an under statement. Traveling though the sttates all the adventures. I could imagine the stories he could tell.
Posted by Dave Mccauley on 10th September 2016
Bill was more than just a friend you'd talk to once in awhile, he was more of a brother to me. From day one we spent hours talking weather on the phone or face to face. He was a good man , friend and family and I will miss him. My thoughts and prayers are with him, his wife and family.
Posted by Sue Tkach on 10th September 2016
Billy you were one of my earliest childhood friends. The world was a better place with you in it. RIP
Posted by Rick Pelaggi on 10th September 2016
Bill was a great friend , man, and Family man, He will be missed by all of us, Prayers and condolences go out to the entire family, God Bless You, William Veillette
Posted by Rich Rolles on 10th September 2016
for now all i can say is you will be missed.in life we have very few true friends and im glad i had you as one.

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