William Jack Wickline
  • 75 years old
  • Date of birth: May 5, 1940
  • Place of birth:
    Ironton, Ohio, United States
  • Date of passing: Feb 20, 2016
  • Place of passing:
    Port Townsend, Washington, United States
We will forever remember Bill's gentle nature, warm smile, impish sense of humor and generous spirit.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, William Wickline (Bill) of Port Townsend, Washington.  Bill passed away suddenly on February 20, 2016, due to complications from cancer.  He was 75.  

A celebration of Bill’s life will be held at 2 p.m. on March 5, 2016, at the Fort Worden Chapel, 200 Battery Way, Port Townsend, Washington.  A potluck reception will follow. 


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Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Selma & Dan Kolke Kolke on 5th May 2017

"Bill was one of the finest men I have ever known. He as earned my highest praise and respect as a husband, father and grandfather. And of course, as a craftsman and as a chef. His precious memories remain with us always! We keep his "Loved Ones" in our hearts and prayers!"

This tribute was added by Sarah DuBose on 17th March 2016

"Bill was a gentle soul and in his own quiet way, made all those around him feel comfortable and at ease.  I know he will be missed and we send out good thoughts and prayers to you Patti."

This tribute was added by Fred Cordova on 9th March 2016

"My thoughts about Bill, the first time I met him and the last time I saw him.
The first time was when we both were in the Inglewood Active 20-30 club.
It was made up of young professionals. We used to meet weekly. The president would
Randomly pick one of the members and he had to introduce all the attendees. You would
Get fined $ for every one you missed.
On one of our meetings, there were two Bills! We could not tell a Bill from a Kurt.
It was like “which one is Bill and which one is Kurt?” The club was enriched with quite
A few $’s.
The last time I saw Bill was when the Wicklines and the Cordovas toured the South
We were packed in a flex ford. Bill was driving and Kurt was navigating. Kurt's GPS was more
Like a compass. Patti was in the extreme end of the Flex and you could see she was worried
That we might be lost. She said “Bill do you know where you are going?”
And Bill’s response was “No but were sure are making good time!”"

This tribute was added by celia hartley on 6th March 2016

"Bill was a dear person, a fitting match with Patti, also a dear person.I will miss him and was fortunate to see him (bring me a bottle of wine!) a few weeks ago, when he looked well and felt well.
All best wishes to Patti, the girls and Brent.
Love, Celia"

This tribute was added by Jon Appleton on 5th March 2016

"George Carlin once said “I’m always relieved when someone is delivering a eulogy and I realize I’m listening to it.”  I guess that principle also applies when you yourself are delivering a eulogy, so the good news is we’ve all got that going for us.

Bill was my father-in-law.  I first met Bill and Patti 37 years ago when, as a 16-year old dressed up in a lovely light blue tux with a ruffled beige shirt and a huge blue velvet bow tie, I showed up at their house to pick up their pretty 16-year old daughter for a high school formal.

As I’ve reflected these past days on what it is I wanted to share with you here today, my mind just kept coming back to one theme: Bill was a really unique dude.  And he was a fantastic father-in-law.  

I’m certain I’ve never met, nor will I ever meet again, a guy like Bill.  To some extent, I have to admit this must be due, in part at least, to the fact Bill took on what will be a once-in-a-lifetime role in the screenplay of my life: that of the father-in-law.  But Bill was not just any father-in-law; he was the old-fashioned kind of father-in-law that I actually met when I myself was still a child.  That dynamic, of course, used to be the norm in our society, but it’s much more rare these days.  This is something I’ve never really thought about until this week, but I now realize just how lucky I have been to have had the benefit of four people in my life who have influenced me as parents.  

Bill and Patti (and the entire Wickline brood, for that matter) introduced completely new perspectives and ideas into my life:
- different nuances on right and wrong,
- unique twists on work ethic and stoicism,
- particular (and sometimes peculiar) senses and sensibilities,
- distinctive takes on creativity and personal expression (often verrrry distinctive),
- a whole new set of one-of-a-kind family dynamics,
- new viewpoints on one’s relationship to nature and how to nurture the magic that exists in the world, and
- well, let’s face it, incomparable personality disor..., um, traits (most undiagnosed),

all of which coalesced with the lessons from my own family and the experiences from my life to shape me into the person I am today.

At the end of the day, Bill was his own man, a man with many facets.

He was both an open book and a man who was hard to get to know.
He was a simple man, but incredibly complex.
He came across as subdued, but he also had an impish sense of humor and did not back away from instigating a little tension every now and then.
He was introverted, yet unabashed.
He was incredibly generous, but at the same time about as, let's say, frugal as they come.
He was inherently conservative and yet liberal in the truest sense of the word, strongly standing for liberty and equality, as he understood it.
He was unpredictably creative, creating endlessly, yet he was painstakingly methodical.
He was a hopeless romantic, which may surprise a few, but he also was exceedingly pragmatic, which will surprise no one.
He, somehow, mastered being both remarkably dapper and insipidly dowdy at the same time.  
He, truly, was one-of-a-kind and, yet, an identical twin.

But, let’s face it, this confluence of dichotomies probably describes each and every one of us.  We are all walking dialectics, each our own unique individual.  Understanding and accepting this about someone is what it means to know that person, to love that person and to learn from that person.  The one thing that I will mostly remember about Bill, however, was his gentleness.  In 37 years, I never once saw him angry.  On this point, I could find no potentially conflicting trait.

So, let me close with a short poem from John Updike:

“And another regrettable thing about death is the ceasing of your own brand of magic, which took a whole life to develop and market -- 
the quips, the witticisms, the slant adjusted to a few, those loved ones nearest the lip of the stage, their soft faces blanched 
in the footlight glow, their laughter close to tears, their tears confused with their diamond earrings, 
their warm pooled breath in and out with your heartbeat, their response and your performance twinned. 
The jokes over the phone.  The memories packed in the rapid-access file.  The whole act.  
Who will do it again?  That's it: no one; imitators and descendants aren't the same.”"

This tribute was added by Jon Appleton on 5th March 2016

"From Fred and Belen Cordova:

Bill was a true friend, loyal, caring and fun to be around.  We were blessed to have shared so many good times and memories on our trips to the South Pacific, Mexico and South Carolina and during our numerous visits to Lizzie's.  We especially admired his woodworking like Crystal & Ray's awesome dining table, which was just one of many projects.

Bill had a keen sense of humor.  One of those instances that cracked us up was when he introduced his twin brother Kurt at church as his “wombmate”.

We will miss you, dear friend, but you hold them pearly gates open for us and maybe we can all squeeze through."

This tribute was added by janet hammer on 5th March 2016

"Your quote on this page is so perfect: "We will forever remember Bill's gentle nature, warm smile, impish sense of humor and generous spirit."
Every time I tried to put my feelings into words -- those are the characteristics that come to mind.  And so much more - special family time shared, projects, and laughs. Our love and support is with you at this time. With a heavy heart - Janet & Senya"

This tribute was added by Ann Flaherty on 4th March 2016

"Although I did not know Bill well, my good friend, Crystal would tell me all about him.  He seemed to always be working on some project in his woodshop.  I remember when I first saw the dining table he built for Ray and Crystal.  I was speechless.  What talent and on such a grand scale.  He was an amazing man.  I only wish I could have talked with him more.  God bless you, Crystal and your family.  My prayers are with you all."

This tribute was added by Steve Kraght on 4th March 2016

"I met Bill and Patti 20 years ago when we moved to Port Townsend.  They welcomed us immediately like we were family.  If you define true gentleman you would start by saying, "like Bill Wickline"."

This tribute was added by Selma & Dan Kolke Kolke on 2nd March 2016

"Dear Papa Bill!
It has been a rare privilege to share our grandfather's partnership. I am saddened that you have handed your part of grandfather's-ship to me so suddenly. I have genuinely enjoyed your quiet manner and keen perception, with an occasional injection of humor. With my deepest respect for your memories you have left for us!

Precious memories, unseen angels, Sent from somewhere to my soul; How they linger, ever near me, And the sacred past unfold. Precious FATHER, precious loved ones, Fly across the lonely years; And old home scenes of our childhood, In fond memory appears;--In the stillness of the midnight, Echoes from the past I hear; Old time singing, gladness bring, From that lovely land somewhere.--
Precious Memories, how they linger, How they ever flood my soul. In the stillness of the midnight, Precious, sacred scenes unfold. Precious sacred scenes unfold.

Enjoy the blissfulness of being for ever with the Lord -- where we shall meet you again and together spend Eternity with Jesus Christ, our Lord!
We are yours always, Dan & Selma Kolke"

This tribute was added by Bruce Peterson on 1st March 2016

"The time I knew you was too brief. Also having a twin brother, we had more to talk about then most. I always enjoyed hearing the stories about you and the vacations with the Ashbrooks. I will remember your wit with the valentines presents to your wife (sponge bouquet, tortilla chip bouquet). I will remember your visit with Patti and the Kolke clan to my lab and the afternoon we all spent at the beach while Brent created his sand masterpiece. We had more memories to make but God had another plan and I, among many, will miss you. I suspect that Bill Ashbrook was part of your welcoming party in Heaven and greeted you with a big grin and a warm hug. We shall meet again..."

This tribute was added by Kim Fulbright on 28th February 2016

"My beloved Uncle Bill. My heart is heavy knowing that I will never see you again here on Earth. Our family gatherings will never be the same without you. You have left a big hole. You always made me feel special and that I mattered. I was one of the lucky ones to be the recipient of one of your nick names. You named me "KJ" at a very early age, and I loved it.  I will never forget you making all the arrangements with one of your friends to do my laser surgery.  You drove me to his office and stayed with me the entire time to make sure everything went well. That was an act of kindness and generosity I will never forget. I am also truly grateful to you for being so loving and kind to my mom by encouraging and welcoming her to travel with you and Aunt Patti after my dad died. That always meant so much to me. You were a kind, loving and gentle man. With the knowledge that you loved our Lord Jesus, I have the comfort of knowing I will see you again in Heaven. Thank you for being a wonderful uncle. I will miss you until I see you again. I love you!  KJ"

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