"I'm not gone! I've just gone somewhere fishin' where it's 5:00 all the time!!"
  • 75 years old
  • Born on October 7, 1941 in Astoria, New York, United States.
  • Passed away on June 25, 2017 in Palm Bay, Florida, United States.

Happy 53rd Wedding Anniversary. Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary in Heaven. We love you and miss you. Link to pictures from 50th!


His hobbies were Fishing, BlueGrass Music, Aviation History, and his family! 

My father was the most compassionate, loving, kind, and devoted man I will ever know. I know that must sound cliché, but it is true. Through this permanent online website, I am now able to preserve and share all of my wonderful memories with you.

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I Love You Daddy and may you finally be in that happy place. I know you're not Gone...you're just "Somewhere Fishin'"  ~ your daughter, Veronica Leigh

Posted by Veronica Schade on 17th June 2018
Happy 1st Fathers Day in Heaven Dad. I know you are somewhere fishin’. Love and miss you every moment of every day. Love your daughter, Veronica Leigh
Posted by Veronica Schade on 9th June 2018
Thinking about you Papa. I love and miss you so much, just can't believe you are gone. You were just here yesterday. It's never going to feel real.
Posted by Don & Ann Bergonzoni on 18th April 2018
Still think of you often and all the time shared and lessons learned. Save us a seat up there!
Posted by Jean Wahler on 2nd April 2018
Happy Easter in heaven Bill love and miss you your girl Jean
Posted by Veronica Schade on 1st April 2018
Happy Easter Daddy. Last year this time you were in the hospital. This year I know you are in a fabulous place, perhaps fishing, perhaps strolling through the pines in Maine. Wherever you are, know that we love you and miss you every moment of every day.
Posted by Veronica Schade on 1st January 2018
Happy New Year Dad. Just heard "Margaritaville" on the radio. I know you are here with us. Forever missing you. Love you my sweet papa.
Posted by Jean Wahler on 30th December 2017
Happy New Year in heaven my guy bill we had 54 together and I remember all of them we were lucky to be together that long but I sure do miss you this season. Our first without you. Love your girl Jean
Posted by Veronica Schade on 26th December 2017
Merry Christmas Daddy. Your first in Heaven. Our first without you here. I thought about you every second as we celebrated opening gifts with laughter, hugs, kisses, and having our Christmas feast. I thought about the "roast beast" you used to call our dinner meat. I missed watching A Christmas Carol with you. I did and felt like you were with me just the same. I love you more than I ever did before and somehow I know you are here with me all the time. Thank you Dad for giving me 47 years of fabulous Christmas memories that I will cherish for as long as I live.
Posted by Jean Wahler on 23rd December 2017
Merry Christmas in heaven my guy Bill missing you love your girl Jean
Posted by Jean Wahler on 17th December 2017
Bill today is our sons birthday billy we will miss you so much as we celebrate his 41 st birthday we love you and will be thinking of you love jean
Posted by Arlene Stoecker on 14th December 2017
Happy Anniversary in heaven to a very special friend, I miss you and love you dear Bill !!!!!!!!
Posted by Kenny & Janice Box on 13th December 2017
Happy Birthday Bill, We will fish again someday in a much better place. When I get to Florida next Monday, there will be a big hole in my visit, I'll see you another time in another place
Posted by Jean Wahler on 12th December 2017
Happy anniversary Bill my guy love your girl jean
Posted by Veronica Schade on 12th December 2017
Happy 53rd Anniversary Dad. I brought Mom some flowers and a card with butterflies on it this morning. She cried for you. I cried for you. We know you are close by, but it still hurts. Love you and miss you still so much. Always in my heart and thoughts. Your little girl.
Posted by Veronica Schade on 6th December 2017
Daddy, I know this is late, but I just wanted to let you know that as we celebrated Thanksgiving, I thought of how blessed I was to be with you for that year. Everything and everyone came together to make it possible. What a gift I shall treasure forever and ever. I love you always. Your daughter, Veronica Leigh
Posted by William Thom on 16th October 2017
Jean and Veronica, I just thought of an incident Bill and I shared several times. In Catania, Sicily was the Excelsior Hotel. A very elegant place, I don't remember how we got there the first time. But the European's have the Continental Breakfast. This one had a large pot of coffee(very strong),heated cream(we mixed it 50-50 (cafe e latte), Sicilian bread(hard crust-soft center) about 1-1/2" in diameter, Real butter(that was curled from a cold bar of rich butter, Home made marmalade containing rind and seeds from whatever fruit is was made from. We shared the first serving that came with linen and real silverware. It was meant for two people! Subsequent visits called for; un Altro, Per Favore! This was soon redundant as the Waiter knew we each had our own serving!! This was a morning thing, but just down the alley was a small Mom & Pop eatery(4 tables). He did the cooking and she waited tables. Once again, they soon learned to bring us servings of; Pasta al Forno ( Baked Pasta) it was somewhat like Lasagna with peas, mushrooms, olives and onions, We'd go through a couple loves of Sicilian bread with the delicious butter! Bill had beer or vino. I drank Coca Cola(Original Recipe- now the Pepsi-fied crap of today. Oh yeah, we rode our motorcycles, our only transport! Wiley E.,!
Posted by William Thom on 14th October 2017
Bill and I was stationed together at Naval Air Facility Sigonella, Sicily. Circa 1960. He worked in Ground Support(Meeting visiting aircraft in the yellow FOLLOW ME truck. Among his other duties. His Rating was AMH, which is Aircraft Mechanic Hydraulics. In the Navy you would be placed where you were needed or exploited any skill you had. I am Bill Thom; AMSC(retired). Aircraft Mechanic Structures Chief Petty Officer. I served 21 years. Some of the most memorable times was spent with Rock E Python, alias William Gunther Wahler.. His concoction! I have many stories of our exploits in terrorizing the Sicilian country side on our motorcycles, flying the HU16 Albatross sea plane to Tunisia to the USAF Wheelus Air Base's 'WASH RACK'! IT was a Drive Thru! The Air Force Base Exchange was as big as Sig's Admin Area! I flew as Bill's "Second Mechanic' Crewman. Thanks, Bill! We rode our Motorcycles up thru Europe! I had $184.00 and Bill had $84! That's a story for another time. As with True Friends, Bill and I stayed connected(we still are) no matter how much time elapsed. HAPPY BIRTHDAY< ROCK!!! .
Posted by Veronica Schade on 7th October 2017
Happy 76th Birthday Dad. So for your birthday we got decals made and named our boat the "Dixie Bull" crossbones and all. Just for you. So no matter where we are, you'll be with us on the water always!! Missing you terribly on your special day. We love you so very much! Veronica Leigh & Brian
Posted by Arlene Stoecker on 7th October 2017
My husband Larry was friends with Bill for years, he worked with him in the Police Department and always spoke very highly of him, and always commented about how smart of a person he was. I knew how special he was after hearing many stories from Larry and I grew to love him, just as Larry did. I miss Bill very much on my email, and his ability to write stories about loved ones and friends, I even have printed some of his stories he's written and saved them, as they meant so much ! I love you dearest Bill and miss you tremendously. God Bless you and your special family. Remembering you on your birthday of 76 years.
Posted by John Gandolfo on 7th October 2017
I'll always remember Bill as one of the really great solid guys who I met when I first came to the Eighth Pct . He had a calm reassuring presence and was one of the funniest people I knew . Billy rest in peace , see you down the road .
Posted by Jean Wahler on 7th October 2017
Happy Birthday Bill 76 today all my love your girl Jean miss you babe
Posted by Veronica Schade on 27th September 2017
Naming our boat the Dixie Bull Dad. In memory of you and your favorite pirate! Love you always..
Posted by Veronica Schade on 18th September 2017
Daddy - Missing you everyday of my life. I see you in the yard as that grayish monarch, is that Grandma with you too? Love you always.
Posted by Tony & Dottie Rizzo on 1st September 2017
I first meet Bill in 1963 when we both worked at Grumman Aero Space Plant #4. As we got to know each other, we found that we had the same interests, that's where our friendship began. We both liked working on aircraft, cars and fishing. We both were in the Navy. Sharing some Navy stories , when he said he was stationed in Italy and some of the characters he was stationed with, a name came up of a shipmate I was stationed with at Naval Air Station, Virginia beach. I remember after our shift on Fridays, we would go into Corona, to some of the clubs be knew. That's where he meet Jeannie. I don't remember the exact time frame, but on one occasion, Bill spilled a drink all over Jeannie's white pants. The rest was history.. He was my best man at my wedding and he and Jeannie are the Godparents to my daughter. AS time went on, Bill stayed at plant #4 and I moved around. One day he said to me Tony, I'm going to take the Nassau County Police Test, why don't you join me, I said NO not interested . He persisted and i filled out the paperwork. If it wasn't for Bill's persistence I would never had a career as a Nassau County Police Officer, I am and always will be grateful for that. Bill, enjoyed reading the dictionary, and it showed in the way he wrote. I often told him, he should have been a writer. When Bill and Jeannie moved to Florida, he use to tell me about his fishing adventures and how much he enjoyment he had taking Emma fishing. I could just seem now. in his boat with his captains hat on a cigarette in one hand and a beer close by motoring into the sunset. Miss you Buddy Tony
Posted by Veronica Schade on 29th August 2017
Went outside to sit with Buddy in the sun and started thinking of you and how terrible it must have been for you not to be able to speak clearly what was on your mind. So I looked up and a single big yellow butterfly flew from the right to the left passed me and I swear it just *poof* it vanished right in the air. Was that you? If so, thank you Dad. Thank you for always letting me know you are never far from me.
Posted by Veronica Schade on 24th August 2017
Saw you today as a small monarch butterfly flying through the yard. I love you so much, visit me everyday if you would please. Always loving, Veronica Leigh
Posted by Kenny & Janice Box on 16th August 2017
Bill and I met in 1968 when I was assigned to the Eighth Pct. We remained friends, working together, car pooling and spending time at each others homes. For the past Eight years my wife and I spent at least 3 months a year in Palm Bay Florida. This gave me time to be with him at his home and on the Beach fishing. I'll still go to Palm Bay but there will be a big part of it missing. I Loved William Wahler.
Posted by Robert Spinelli on 10th August 2017
I worked with Bill over 16 years in the 8th and had the greatest times with him. I am sad to say the least . I know we will see each other again in the Big Precinct in the sky. Rest well till then.
Posted by Timmy Ivers on 9th August 2017
I had the distinct pleasure to work with and alongside Bill for many years in the 8th Precinct. Did we ever have experiences; some tragic, some mundane, and many extremely funny. Bill always had his head on straight, and his opinions on procedures and police options were often sought out by superiors. He held most of the street cop positions, and all of duties of the inside, desk responsibilities. He had enormous patience, and was one of the few cops who could handle the myriad of "troubled souls" who knew that if they telephoned the Precinct they could unload on a cop on the other end. Folks like Mr. Bruns, Mrs. Klein, Mrs. Keatley, Mr. Schmeiser, and "window woman" come to mind. Bill would listen to their repetitive troubles and make them feel it was the first time they were able to unload on anyone. Bill also had a delightful sense of humor, a great asset in a stressful occupation. We shared an enormous amount of time with each other and when two co-workers have that invisible bond that you can't quite put your finger on but realize that the reason you like coming to work every day (or night) is because of the people you work alongside, it makes it no longer a job and more like 8 hours of a good time. It was a "great run", Bill, my good friend, and I miss you. And thank you Veronica, you've made him proud.
Posted by Don & Ann Bergonzoni on 9th August 2017
Bill was a coworker at FIT Aviation, a constant reminder of what was truly important in this crazy world, a true friend, a compassionate father and husband. He loved his family and was so proud of each one! We would talk about our days as cops, time served in the military, and the changes we had seen during the course of our lives. That New York strength was always there, and we all knew that if we asked him what he thought about something, he would tell us in his own unique way. He loved music, the arts, and was quite gifted (which many did not know). This world was better for having Bill in it. He will be missed by many, but I am hoping when it's our turn, we will see him again and share more.
Posted by Lou Passaro on 9th August 2017
I miss my "ole email pal" very much. His insight and stories added greatly to my day.
Posted by Veronica Schade on 9th August 2017
Missing you Dad. Love you so much. Good night.
Posted by Chris Polley on 8th August 2017
I have such fond memories of Mr. Wahler and the times the Polleys and the Wahlers spent on the Great South Bay and in Roscoe. He was our fearless leader of the Roscoe Rangers and we had such fabulous times up there. I'm glad they had all of that snake repellant. Mr. Wahler was a second father and he and my dad were such great friends. I never heard them argue or say a bad word about each other. It was truly a great friendship and a model for us as kids. I think my Dad greeted him at the pearly gates with a Natural Light beer (snake repellant) and they're having the greatest time together. RIP "Colonel" Bill Wahler.
Posted by Artie French on 8th August 2017
I met Bill the first day as a Sgt. in the 08 pct. He welcomed me and said we know all about you. There was truth in his eyes and he became a man who I trusted explicitly. he led by example. I miss my friend Bill,,RIP God Bless and that goes to his family as well.
Posted by Veronica Schade on 28th July 2017
Thank you Papa for the rainbow over the Indian River tonight. It was just beautiful...

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