WILLIAM NLEND NATTY , for ever in our memories .
  • 50 years old
  • Born on July 27, 1966 in KUMBA, SOUTH WEST REGION, Cameroon.
  • Passed away on October 6, 2016 in Maryland, United States.

Dear family and friends .
   The Natty clan continue to thank you for  all the support , during this difficult times in their lives with the death of Mr Williams Natty.

   Please leave  a memorial below  if you can .

   While the clan continues to build on this memorial website being put together for his  honor, please ,

   Use the following contact numbers for information in the time being and check back on the website for new information as often as you can .

   Mr NGAN NATTY , UNITED KINGDOM  --------447736597243
   MR JIMMY NATTY , USA ---------202-498-4549.



   PA EBAKO               CAMEROON 


Posted by Armstrong Agbortabi on 6th October 2017
Willie Nat, I can't believe its been a year already. I know you are in Heaven waiting for us. May GOD Almighty grant you eternal rest till we meet again to part no more.
Posted by Karl Takang on 8th October 2016
Willy, it's very hard to believe you are no more, the gentle man, we will miss you, but happy that God your heaven father needs you more than we do. Journey well and may your soul fine sollace in God wonderful Kingdom. Adieu.
Posted by Armstrong Agbortabi on 8th October 2016
Willy I am still in shock that you are gone. Our very last conversation was about the passing of our classmate Amos Folabit, and you told me that you were going to do a complete checkup including Colonoscopy, and you said; "Man no di know," Little did I know that was going to be our last conversation. Willy boh, may your gentle soul find rest in our Lord Jesus Christ.Rest In Perfect Peace my dear friend.
Posted by Thompson Ntuba on 8th October 2016
Ashi Willy, i remember our conversations and the possibilities that stood ahead of us . Your fatherly way you approached life , and ability to smile at it all . You always encouraged me each time i finished preaching a sermon and you were present . We worked together to give your mother in law Ma Elokobi a befitting life celebration in Maryland not to long ago and you were so proud to have us all your blood join your inlaws do that , to the pride of General Elokobi of Cameroon . Ashi as i confessed to family here , i was not ready for this, this was too soon and you have seen my tears . Ashi it was so soon . Love . DR REV AKWO THOMPSON NTUBA

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