This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Willie Edwards who was born on October 23, 1961 and passed away on November 6, 2010. We will remember him forever.  Willie's wishes were to donate his organs.  All his organs were strong and healthy and went to people in need, a lasting legacy, a gift of life. 

Posted by Allissa Edwards on November 7, 2019
Its seems so long ago and just like yesterday. You are forever missed and I never forget our time together. xoxox
Posted by Chauntel McFadden on November 6, 2019
McFaddens are thinking about you Willie! We miss you and know we will re-connect someday. Until then our dear friend....Peace & Love
Posted by James Jendro on November 6, 2019
Think of you often,all the great times we had, miss you
Posted by Allissa Edwards on October 23, 2019
Happy Birthday Willie Man! I have to fill you in on our son, our boys. This is somewhat a timeline for me on where he is at in his life. Vince has a girlfriend Andrea, he has been dating for over a year now. They moved into a place in Seattle together. I am going to visit their new place in a few weeks. I have to see him in person, see for myself. I dot get much, he keeps his cards close in. I believe he is very happy and wish you could see that. I don't see Buck much but last time I did, he was good and hung out with us. Me and All my boys. My Dad, Buck, Vince and Ben. It was nice. We all miss you so very much!
Posted by Allissa Edwards on November 1, 2018
I didn't forget your birthday this year. I never will. I think of you all the time but this time of year, with Vince's Birthday, your birthday and then your passing, it is bittersweet. Many tears, many memories, I wish you were here!
Posted by James Jendro on October 23, 2018
Miss you Willie
Posted by Allissa Edwards on November 7, 2017
I Miss, Willie the dad, to his boys!
Posted by James Jendro on November 6, 2017
Think of you often,miss you my friend
Posted by Allissa Edwards on October 24, 2017
Happy Birthday Monster! I love to come to this site and read all the stories, memories and photos. One minute I am crying the next laughing so hard! I am working on getting some of the old tapes converted to CD so I can add more photo and video memories! It's kinda weird but it helps me to deal with the loss and the pain. You will always hold a special place in my heart and I miss you!
Posted by Allissa Edwards on October 24, 2017
“grief is the reminder of the depth of our love. Without love, there is no grief. So when we feel our grief, uncomfortable and aching as it may be, it is actually a reminder of the beauty of that love, now lost.”

Excerpt From: Douglas Carlton Abrams. “The Book of Joy.” iBooks.
Posted by Allissa Edwards on June 11, 2017
– from Kahlil Gibran
Farewell to you and the youth I have spent with you.
It was but yesterday we met in a dream.
You have sung to me in my aloneness,
and I of your longings have built a tower in the sky.

But now our sleep has fled and our dream is over,
and it is no longer dawn.
The noontide is upon us and our half waking has turned to fuller day
and we must part.

If in the twilight of memory we should meet once again,
we will speak again together and you will sing to me a deeper song.
And if our hands should meet in another dream
we will build another tower in the sky.
Posted by Allissa Edwards on June 11, 2017
I will be going along, a song will come on, a memory will come and I just get this stabbing pain in my heart for you, for me, for our sons! I miss you so very much!
Posted by Larissa Nellis on November 6, 2016
Thinking of you Willie and know that you are shining so bright on the other side! Your spirit is definitely shining bright in the lives of all of your loved ones and the memories are cherished! lighting a candle and sending love to everyone. ❤️
Posted by Chauntel McFadden on November 6, 2016
Can't believe its been 6 years Willie. You are missed and loved and we all wish you were still with us! It's all good though and we will connect again on the other side bro! Thinking of you xoxo
Posted by Lorri Vaughn on October 24, 2016
Happy birthday Willy! Hope you and Nan are celebrating. I miss you. Thinking of you both. Lorri.
Posted by Ken Beebe on October 24, 2016
I miss you.
Posted by Chauntel McFadden on October 24, 2016
Happy Birthday Willie Man! We were just talking about you and know and feel your presence at times. You are missed Bro but we know you're our angel watching over us all and keeping things in line on the other side of this crazy planet!! Hope you are doing great and flying high in the sky and loving it all!! xoxo
Posted by Allissa Edwards on October 23, 2016
Happy Birthday Willie! I am having dinner with the boys tonight as they sit and watch football. Vince is off to Hawaii again tomorrow. He just got back from doing a 6 month contract working for America Corps. He got to see alot of California. He started in Santa Cruz, worked outside of Palm Spring and in Lake Tahoe. This will be Vince's third year in a row in Hawaii for Halloween!

The Buckster is living with Fred here in Boise and working at Construction. He has worked with this company for 2 years and doing well! He just bought an old jeep cherokee to get around. Thanks god he is off that motorcycle and not trying to ride his bike 10 miles across town anymore.

We lost mom a few months ago, so I hope you two are up there living it up! I miss you always and i know i say it everytime but I see you in both of these boys!  I LOVE THAT!  You would be a proud poppa!
Posted by James Jendro on October 23, 2016
Miss you bro
Posted by Heather & Taylor Rae Tres... on October 27, 2015
My parents and I were just talking about you and Willie the other day. It's a story that never tires and always brings smiles. The Hawaii trip when he came a couple days later and they never saw you guys for days! He was a good and happy soul and we will always think of him and miss him
Posted by Lorri Vaughn on October 25, 2015
Happy birthday Willy man! Not a year has passed that I have not thought about you and Allissa many times. You are still missed so much. Always in my thoughts.
Posted by Allissa Edwards on October 23, 2015
Looking at old photos today. Working on getting them to load onto this site. So many memories. Our house in Marysville, with the big bouy swings you made in the back yard. Willie always had so much fun with the kids. Taking them hiking, crabing at the beach, putting all the kids to work helping with stacking of the wood. Hiding easter eggs in the forest with money in them. We took Aubrey, Ashley, Buckster, Vince, Neighbor kids, and friends camping and to the lake. Always sitting around the camp fire, giving rides on the jet ski's, going out on the boat.  Fun times in Olalla Canyon with our friends John and Chaun,hiking, rock climbing and playing in the snow. Everyone has a great story or memory with the Willie man!
Posted by James Jendro on October 23, 2015
Happy birthday Willie ,miss you
Posted by Lorri Vaughn on October 27, 2014
Happy birthday Willy! I think about you often and miss your contagious laugh. I know you're flying high and watching over us. Love,Lorri
Posted by Allissa Edwards on October 27, 2014
Thinking of you always but especially this time of the year! I will never forget! SO many thing remind me of you. Tears come to my eyes with just the thoughts. The corn and sunflowers that you planted, The sports that are on, Hoodie sweatshirts, Bon Fires and choppin wood!
Your birthday, Vince's Birthday and Ian's birthday! You were always getting ready to go fishing this time of the year. When I am in Ballard and at Fisherman's terminal. Anytime I see a red miata, or the way William is always riding his bike..... and crashing! LOL Theresa was just here visiting and all those times we shared with our families. Baby Jaynie and Olive. All the nick names you gave everyone. I still have your name in my contact list on my phone. I see your face, your mannerisms and your personality when I look at our boys. That all makes me happy and sad! I will never forget! XOXOXO
Posted by James Jendro on October 23, 2014
Happy birthday Willie, think of you often rest in peace bro!
Posted by James Jendro on November 7, 2013
Think about you everyday miss the great times we had!
Posted by Allissa Edwards on November 6, 2013
Everyday in some small way
Memories of you come our way.
Though absent, you are always near
Still missed, loved and always dear.

Always thinking of you , missing you and wishing you were here.
Posted by Karen Ebel on November 6, 2013
Dear Lord, thank You for communicating to us words of a glorious reunion one day. Thank You that death is not the end. When my grief runs deep, remind my heart to hope in Your truth. I will see my loved ones again. In Jesus' Name, Amen.
Posted by Allissa Edwards on October 24, 2013
Happy Birthday Monster! I Spent time with our boys tonight. We made a toast to you! I miss you so much and wish you were here to see our boys who have grown into men! Its still so hard to realize that you are gone. I see you in the boys and I love that! Buck and Vince are here in Boise so i can see them and share some moments with them. I will never forget our time and our love. xoxox
Posted by Lorri Vaughn on October 24, 2013
Thinking of you Willie and remembering your wonderful laugh. Happy birthday old friend. We all miss you. Just knowing you are in a better place makes it easier. Love always, Lorri
Posted by James Jendro on October 23, 2013
Happy birthday bro I'll never forget love ya
Posted by Christine Clymens on October 23, 2013
Happy Birthday Willie-Man, I still think of you often. My thoughts are always with you and your sweet family! xoxo
Posted by James Jendro on November 11, 2012
its been 2 years brother ,think of you every day,hope all is well in heaven my friend love you bro!!!!!!
Posted by Chauntel McFadden on November 6, 2012
Still missing you bro!! I know youre with us all and I am smiling with you now and forever! You are missing us as well and missing out on so much but I know you're in a far better place! Rest and be still and know that everything is perfect in the Universe!!
Posted by Jim Little on November 6, 2012
Hey buddy,  It's been 2 years and you have not faded one bit from my memory, the tears run down my face as I type this. What I would do to be cutting wood with our chainsaws in Stanley with you, or argue over the election. Life has gone on but there has been a painful void where you used to be and I always regret not doing more to help you Willie, I am sorry brother, you are so missed..
Posted by Lorri Vaughn on October 25, 2012
Happy birthday Willy! We miss your smile every day. Thinking of you always.      Love, Lorri
Posted by Allissa Edwards on October 24, 2012
Happy Birthday Monster! I think of you everyday and see you in our son! The best part of you and the best part of me is him. There are reminders of you everywhere and you will be forever missed. I spent your b-day with our son and it is the best way to honor your memory. May Peace and love be with you. Tuesday, October 23, 2012
Posted by Karen Ebel on October 23, 2012
There is no better looking glass than an old friend

Thomas Fuller
Posted by Christine Clymens on October 23, 2012
Happy Birthday Sweet Willie-Man!! xoxo
Posted by James Jendro on June 17, 2012
happy fathers day willie,watchin the us open wish you were here with me,love ya man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Scott & Gerri And Kelsey ... on November 12, 2011
Willie we think of you often and miss you! Hard to believe it's been a year. Hope you are in a better place. Peace and love. Gerri
Posted by Allissa Edwards on November 7, 2011
You are not forgotten Willie. I think of you always, I miss you and wish u were here and we could talk about our son. He just turned 20 years old and you would be so proud! I hope you smile often as you watch over us all.
Posted by James Jendro on November 7, 2011
i will never forget you brother,i miss talking to you about everything,i hope you are flying with the angels!!!!!!
Posted by Chauntel McFadden on October 23, 2011
Happy Birthday Willie! Tomorrow is your birthday and you are in our heart and thoughts. We miss you dearly and know you're now in a place of deep love and peace. Until we meet in peace bro and we'll continue to remember the good times, the love and the laughs!
Posted by on October 23, 2011
think of you everyday brother,i miss you very much,happy birthday i know you are in a better place,love you man..............
Posted by Jim Little on October 23, 2011
I saw you riding your bike the other day, I saw you in your red Miata, I saw you walking your dog, I see you everywhere but when I take a good look it turns out not to be you, my heart races somehow hoping it is you, I miss you everyday day Willie, everyday. Love ya brother, Jim
Posted by Arlyn Cheney on January 31, 2011
Willie, dear, dear Willie... What a fun-loving fellow he was. I will never forget his kind heart and brillient blue eyes. My heart goes out to you, Allissa, William and Vince.
Posted by Traci Brosman on December 20, 2010
It has been years since we have seen Willy. However, I have very fond memories of our times together during the early 90's. I am glad that you are in place Willy that you have peace and are pain free.
Posted by Larissa Nellis on November 28, 2010
Willie~ what a bright and shining light you are! Your soul will live on forever, and the love you gave to all those who knew you will be cherished always! May peace, and blessings touch the lives of your family.  God bless you Willie~ your spirit lives in everyone's hearts eternally~
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Posted by Allissa Edwards on November 7, 2019
Its seems so long ago and just like yesterday. You are forever missed and I never forget our time together. xoxox
Posted by Chauntel McFadden on November 6, 2019
McFaddens are thinking about you Willie! We miss you and know we will re-connect someday. Until then our dear friend....Peace & Love
Posted by James Jendro on November 6, 2019
Think of you often,all the great times we had, miss you
Recent stories

Poem By Vincent

Shared by Allissa Edwards on March 2, 2013

Lost in the Woods, Lost in Life.
It is winter, the sun is in hiding, like myself.
Looking for a man, a woman, a road,
something that will lead to safety, or satisfaction.
Missing my baby, my wife, my dog that i never had.
Pleading for water, a cigar, a blanket or a doctor
that will bring me happiness.
Alienated, never to be found.

Profoundly Written by Vincent Edwards


Fred & Ethel

Shared by Fred Eggleston on November 17, 2010

Fred and Ethel was Willie favorite thing for Willie to call us.not mom or pops we had willie in our family  for at least 20 years.I remember the day he married my sweetchild he played 18 holes the moring of the wedding he then came to  the hotel to get ready we found him in the bar throwing down gin and tonics. I sent him up stairs. to dress. he could not figure out how to button the shirt to his tux so  he went out to the hallway and found a woman to help him. It was amazing that he could stand up   to marry my daughter. That was just the start Willie was so good to me and always acted like he had miss me so much when he came home from fishing. I think it was for my chicken and noodles or fried chicken. He was so good to us he came to Sacrameto to drive the big truck back to Seattle. He always came when I called for help. I have so many stories I could write all nite.    Fred and I loved Willie Man so much .I can say I have not lit any candles but I cried for 3 days you have read the other stories take those times 100 and that was the fun we had . He had a horrible demon in his head that just took over and as much as we tried we could not seem to help.My parnets died a few years back and if there is heaven i can promise you my mother is waiting at the gate for him.Allof our family will miss him so much . He was a good father a great soninlaw He love his boys so much.He went to the games taught the boys all about sports and sportmanship. He has put a hole in my heart that will never go away but we do have Vinnie and Buck to reminds us that he will never forgotten.I do wish my daughter the strenght to love again and never forget her first love.I miss you Willie we love you and wish you could still be with us. I have to sign off as here come the tears again. Good  nite Willie       love Mom and Pops.

Shared by Gretchen Jendro on November 16, 2010

This is a great site and I have appreciated reading the comments and stories.  I know that James has tons of stories that start out "This one time, Willie and me....".  They shared almost 30 years together, and as Willie would point out he knew all 3 of James' wives.  LOL.  Guess that is a lot of history for sure. 

I could always tell when Willie was on the phone, because he and James would start laughing immediately and talk sports.  Even James' voice would change the minute Willie-man called. 

The first time I met Willie was when he came out to Montana in 2003.  Early spring and I think they had just moved to Boise.  James and I weren't married yet and they stayed at James' folks house.  After a night of partying, we got home in the wee hours.  Part way through the night it started snowing...and snowing...and snowing.  James' dad told Willie he was crazy to leave, but leave he did.  Took him a couple of hours to drive 20 miles it was so bad.  He made it and we laughed about how Willie would recount the road trip home.  Even though things would seem to go wrong on his adventures, we would laugh so hard about every twist and turn.

The second time I met Willie personnally was when James, his son and I went out to Boise.  I didn't make a very good first impression on Allissa and her family I'm sure.  After not eating all day, taking some cold medicine and then started partying immediately...well, let's just say it turned a little ugly.  On the comments I listed earlier that at one point in the night,  Willie pulled up in the car with James and the kids asking why Alex was laying in the driveway, and James saying no, that's my wife.  I didn't remember a whole bunch the next day but apparently I let off a bomb, Willie got a ticket for lighting fireworks in the park and Willie would say for a couple of years later that grass didn't grow where I threw up in their yard in 3 spots.

Willie came out to Montana one other time for St. Patty's Day when our son wasn't quite a year old (2006).  He ended up walking home from a bar at 2:00 a.m., befriending another guy I guess out for a stroll.  They walked together for about an hour (Willie was lost), but Willie helped the guy by counseling him on his problems.  Of course, the way Willie put it was that he wasn't sure if the guy was going to rob him or help him find his hotel so they just kept walking together and talking about the man's troubles.  I do honestly believe that Willie helped that guy in some way -- without ever knowing it.

That was one of the best qualities Willie had -- he always made a friend no matter where he was.  You always felt like you were important to him.  The world has lost a true friend, but the world will never forget him. Peace to you, Willie.  You can now rest.

Peace be with Allissa, Buck and Vince -- you will find it whether it is in a story posted on this site, a few memories around a campfire, or writing your own recollections in a journal.  Sharing is what brings peace and keeps your loved one close.