This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Willie Edwards who was born on October 23, 1961 and passed away on November 6, 2010. We will remember him forever.  Willie's wishes were to donate his organs.  All his organs were strong and healthy and went to people in need, a lasting legacy, a gift of life. 

Posted by TONY BEEBE on November 19, 2010
Tony & Dana beebe
Willie was a great friend and a great brother in-law and will be greatly missed by the whole Beebe family.
He was a good man and a great father and a loving husband to my sister and a great uncle to my girls.
I feel blessed to have been his friend and brother for 18 years and he will be greatly missed by the whole family.

We have so many great memories of Wille and wish the best for Allissa, Vince and Buck in their time off loss
Posted by Heather & Taylor Rae Tres... on November 17, 2010
Willie was the life of the party at Gramma & Grampa's...always joking and having fun and with that huge grin on his face. I think of him joining them & Gramma welcoming him with open, loving arms. We will miss his spirit. Thinking of you, cousins, with sadness for your loss and love in our hearts. Love you guys so much.
Posted by Christine Clymens on November 17, 2010
My dear sweet Edwards and Bebee family...Oh how we all will miss Willie. We had some good times, some great laughs, and an even better friendship! Keaton loved his Willie-Man. One night when he was about 3 we were saying his nightly prayer...we always bless our family at the end and as we were going down the list and about to say "Amen" Keaton stopped me and said..."AND WILLIE-MAN". (so sweet) xo
Posted by Shelly Hooper on November 16, 2010
Allissa and Family,
I am so very sorry for your loss. You'll be in Our thoughts and prayers...
The Hooper Family
Posted by Chauntel McFadden on November 16, 2010
You are in the sweetest corner of my heart and the most tender place in my mind and will remain there forever! Peace & Love Forever Willie ~ Chauntel
Posted by Mark Randolph on November 16, 2010
An all around great guy that would do anything for friends and family. Soo many good times shared, we will cherish the memories.You will be forever missed and remembered.
Posted by Scott & Gerri And Kelsey ... on November 16, 2010
We will miss ya Willie man.
Posted by Jan Stanley on November 15, 2010
To Vinnie and Allissa, Tyler and I are so sorry for your loss. I remember the last time I was at your house for a party...I think it was the same party with the fire in the backyard in the pictures? Willie just had that familiar glint in his eye. Never a dull moment with Willie around!
Posted by Karen Ebel on November 15, 2010
Willie and his family bring back many happy memories for my family.... I know he will be dearly missed by all who came into contact with this family. Allisa my prayers are with you!
Posted by Tami Scarpella on November 15, 2010
Willie your smile and warmth will always be missed, but never forgotten. I'm so sorry for the demons but I know the angels have you in a safer place now. Rest in peace my friend.
Posted by Kelly Lopeman on November 14, 2010
Bret, Tony, and I will all miss Willie and the fun-loving guy he was. He always extended generosity and hospitality to us - if it was his, it was ours as well. Thanks for delicious seafood, fun times, and for teaching Tony to be an amazing poker player! You will be missed Willie...and we hope your peace far outweighs our sadness.
Posted by James Jendro on November 14, 2010
May you fly with the angels and be at peace as we will all unite one day
Posted by Gretchen Jendro on November 14, 2010
Willie, you will be remembered for so many things, but mostly the friendships you gave the world and the laughter you brought into so many lives. You were a husband, father, friend and hero...and I am proud to have known and called you friend. 
Posted by Patricia Skillman on November 14, 2010
Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Willie was a great guy and he will be missed.
Posted by Allissa Edwards on November 14, 2010

I wrote your name in the sky
and the wind blew it away. 

I wrote your name in the sand
and the ocean washed it away.

I wrote your name in my heart
and there it will remain forever.

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Posted by Allissa Edwards on November 7, 2019
Its seems so long ago and just like yesterday. You are forever missed and I never forget our time together. xoxox
Posted by Chauntel McFadden on November 6, 2019
McFaddens are thinking about you Willie! We miss you and know we will re-connect someday. Until then our dear friend....Peace & Love
Posted by James Jendro on November 6, 2019
Think of you often,all the great times we had, miss you
Recent stories

Poem By Vincent

Shared by Allissa Edwards on March 2, 2013

Lost in the Woods, Lost in Life.
It is winter, the sun is in hiding, like myself.
Looking for a man, a woman, a road,
something that will lead to safety, or satisfaction.
Missing my baby, my wife, my dog that i never had.
Pleading for water, a cigar, a blanket or a doctor
that will bring me happiness.
Alienated, never to be found.

Profoundly Written by Vincent Edwards


Fred & Ethel

Shared by Fred Eggleston on November 17, 2010

Fred and Ethel was Willie favorite thing for Willie to call us.not mom or pops we had willie in our family  for at least 20 years.I remember the day he married my sweetchild he played 18 holes the moring of the wedding he then came to  the hotel to get ready we found him in the bar throwing down gin and tonics. I sent him up stairs. to dress. he could not figure out how to button the shirt to his tux so  he went out to the hallway and found a woman to help him. It was amazing that he could stand up   to marry my daughter. That was just the start Willie was so good to me and always acted like he had miss me so much when he came home from fishing. I think it was for my chicken and noodles or fried chicken. He was so good to us he came to Sacrameto to drive the big truck back to Seattle. He always came when I called for help. I have so many stories I could write all nite.    Fred and I loved Willie Man so much .I can say I have not lit any candles but I cried for 3 days you have read the other stories take those times 100 and that was the fun we had . He had a horrible demon in his head that just took over and as much as we tried we could not seem to help.My parnets died a few years back and if there is heaven i can promise you my mother is waiting at the gate for him.Allof our family will miss him so much . He was a good father a great soninlaw He love his boys so much.He went to the games taught the boys all about sports and sportmanship. He has put a hole in my heart that will never go away but we do have Vinnie and Buck to reminds us that he will never forgotten.I do wish my daughter the strenght to love again and never forget her first love.I miss you Willie we love you and wish you could still be with us. I have to sign off as here come the tears again. Good  nite Willie       love Mom and Pops.

Shared by Gretchen Jendro on November 16, 2010

This is a great site and I have appreciated reading the comments and stories.  I know that James has tons of stories that start out "This one time, Willie and me....".  They shared almost 30 years together, and as Willie would point out he knew all 3 of James' wives.  LOL.  Guess that is a lot of history for sure. 

I could always tell when Willie was on the phone, because he and James would start laughing immediately and talk sports.  Even James' voice would change the minute Willie-man called. 

The first time I met Willie was when he came out to Montana in 2003.  Early spring and I think they had just moved to Boise.  James and I weren't married yet and they stayed at James' folks house.  After a night of partying, we got home in the wee hours.  Part way through the night it started snowing...and snowing...and snowing.  James' dad told Willie he was crazy to leave, but leave he did.  Took him a couple of hours to drive 20 miles it was so bad.  He made it and we laughed about how Willie would recount the road trip home.  Even though things would seem to go wrong on his adventures, we would laugh so hard about every twist and turn.

The second time I met Willie personnally was when James, his son and I went out to Boise.  I didn't make a very good first impression on Allissa and her family I'm sure.  After not eating all day, taking some cold medicine and then started partying immediately...well, let's just say it turned a little ugly.  On the comments I listed earlier that at one point in the night,  Willie pulled up in the car with James and the kids asking why Alex was laying in the driveway, and James saying no, that's my wife.  I didn't remember a whole bunch the next day but apparently I let off a bomb, Willie got a ticket for lighting fireworks in the park and Willie would say for a couple of years later that grass didn't grow where I threw up in their yard in 3 spots.

Willie came out to Montana one other time for St. Patty's Day when our son wasn't quite a year old (2006).  He ended up walking home from a bar at 2:00 a.m., befriending another guy I guess out for a stroll.  They walked together for about an hour (Willie was lost), but Willie helped the guy by counseling him on his problems.  Of course, the way Willie put it was that he wasn't sure if the guy was going to rob him or help him find his hotel so they just kept walking together and talking about the man's troubles.  I do honestly believe that Willie helped that guy in some way -- without ever knowing it.

That was one of the best qualities Willie had -- he always made a friend no matter where he was.  You always felt like you were important to him.  The world has lost a true friend, but the world will never forget him. Peace to you, Willie.  You can now rest.

Peace be with Allissa, Buck and Vince -- you will find it whether it is in a story posted on this site, a few memories around a campfire, or writing your own recollections in a journal.  Sharing is what brings peace and keeps your loved one close.