Let the memory of Our Mother "Willie Ruth" be with us forever and stay in our hearts...
  • 68 years old
  • Born on November 1, 1943 in Georgia, United States.
  • Passed away on July 15, 2012 in Tifton, Georgia, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our Mother, Willie Harris, born on November 1, 1943 and passed away on July 15, 2012. We will remember her forever.  In Remembrance of our mother's eternal light and love.


Posted by Sheila Peacock on 2nd November 2018
Happy 75th! Happy Heavenly Birthday!
Posted by Angelinia Kenata on 15th July 2018
Today marks the 6th Anniversary of the most inspirational and driven woman I had the honor of being raised with. My grandmother was a humble servant of Jesus Christ but also a mother and grandmother. My grandmother is the one of the reasons I know Jesus. She taught me the bible at a very young age and "dragged" me to church lol. Yes "dragged" nobody likes Sunday school, but mainly she introduce me and so many others the unconditional love of Christ. My Grandmother was a believer and a unwavering prayer warrior. Throughout my life, in so many trying times, I’ve felt a special grace around me and I know it was from the prayers she prayed around my family. I always knew I could depend on her over the years to lift up me. I miss you but most of all thank you for your wisdom and teaching. Rest peacefully Grandma you will be missed!!!!XOX
Posted by Sheila Peacock on 15th July 2018
Always remembered, Never Forgotten.
Posted by ANGELINIA PEACOCK on 2nd November 2017
Happy 74th my beloved grandmother. You will always be missed and never forgotten. I don’t think a day goes by where I forget to think about you. You were a role model in my eyes. I thought about you the other the day when I was stressing. You use to tell me “Boop you should never look how you feel.” Words to live by I say. You were always that extra push for me, my go harder and my work harder. I got my mother drive and your attitude sprinkled all over it. I will continue to be better because that is all you have ever wanted for me. Thank you for contributing to a better me! XOXO RIP Willie R. Harris
Posted by Sheila Peacock on 24th January 2017
I stopped in to light a candle in your memory. I had revelation of what you had to endure while you were present with us. I have had to endure a trial myself by home bound due to ankle injury. The one thing I learned my dear mother that God says he would never leave me or forsake me. I thank God for giving me enduring power something I remember you had. forever missed WRH
Posted by Sheila Peacock on 1st November 2016
I thank God I have a memory of you my spiritual mother. God bless the hours that you brought forth the Gospel and held up a high standard before all who knew you and loved you.
Posted by Angel Green on 21st July 2016
My Auntie minced words for no man, and that's what made you stand out the most. Your spirit would reach Clearwater long before the Greyhound would, people would start asking Mama, when is your sister Ruth coming? The memories I have with are so great that I am honored that I can sit and recall anytime in my life where you were there. So many laughs and scolding stop, as only you could, but the good FAR out weighs those. I MISS YOU AND LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!
Posted by Joe Peacock Jr. on 21st July 2016
Keep the light on . So I will always no that you are here . And keep an eye on your own Babie- Ruth .
Posted by Joe Peacock Jr. on 20th July 2016
4 years today . I guest it took this long to say the words . Tears rain ,pain came , but the could not except yet . Unity United Church . The name came to me this morning ,for the things that you wanted to do in God's name ! Lead me in your way . I hope you be proud .Amen !
Posted by Sheila Peacock on 20th July 2016
Mother, As I continue on my spiritual journey, I remember your words and reflections. You were a true woman of God.You always pushed to stay on the right path.I hoped I been a mother like you to have shaped my children into strong adults to love God and serve others.You played a role in who I am today, and will always be remembered for no one could touch my life as you have. Remembrance in life's passing is the truest form of love one can give, for a memory of loved one.
Posted by Angelinia Kenata on 20th July 2016
For most people who know me and my grandmother they know we had our own special relationship. She was like a second mother to me when my father wasn't around and even when he was. I miss her everyday and it's really the simple things I miss. Like the smell of breakfast on Sunday morning right before she makes you get ready for church. I can remember the smell of the bacon (that she wasn't suppose to have) and Cooling Water playing throughout the house. She was a special woman straightforward and God fearing which made her very intimidating sometimes. I have always wanted to live up to her standards. When I was in most vulnerable moments she would tell me to pray and remember who God is for he makes the final decision. Her wisdom and determination made her who she was. Without her education she pushed herself to learn how to read the word of God. In my eyes she was powerful and unstoppable from the pulpit to the mother's corner. Whatever roles she was in she was dedicated and humble and that will always make her memorable.
Posted by Sheila Peacock on 15th July 2015
In memory of my Spiritual Mom who called to heaven.
Posted by Angelinia Kenata on 15th July 2015
Granny, I know you want receive this as a stamped enveloped to Bell view Circle. I can only hope that you would be able to read this or hear me as I write it. I have not always been the perfect granddaughter or the nicest but I am a mirror image of you. I am bluntly honest to a fault but its me. I am spending my days trying not to think of you and that missing part of me that went away with you. The thought of me not hearing your voice seems unbearable but I can only live on knowing that one day we will meet again. I don't know the number of days I have left on this Earth but I can only pray that I am able to make you and my mother proud by being the woman that you and mommy whipped, lectured, and molded me to be. OK, that sounded harsh:) So, I will say that you and my mother have prayed many prayers on my behalf and I am forever thankful. I have been going through some things lately and not a lot of people know or can understand. I just wish I had both my prayer warriors. Mommy does what she can but you too were a powerful and unstoppable duo. I see a little more of you in her everyday and i'm glad she hasn't lost her way to God because of grief. Granny, I am trying to find my way back to me and God but at times I feel so lost. I want give up "Weeping may endure for a night, But joy comes in the morning....So, today is a new day. Gone but never forgotten. I LOVE YOU GRANNY
Posted by ANGELINIA PEACOCK on 4th May 2015
Remembering Proverbs 20:30 "Sometimes it takes a painful situation to make us change our ways." My grandmother read this verse to me on more than on occasion. I have experienced hurt and sadness that most people wouldn't believe, but my grandmother stayed encouraging. She always spoke on forgiving the people who hurt you the most. I remember her words and I still have trouble applying it to my life. So, for every painful situation I have been that has changed me...I am able to say I FORGIVE myself and all that have hurt me and caused me pain. I am ready to be a better me and be the woman that my mother and grandmother raised me to be. -I hope I make them proud because I am definitely proud of them-
Posted by Twanda Williams on 30th April 2015
Mrs. Harris was a sweet lady..
Posted by Sheila Peacock on 29th April 2015
You will always be loved my Spiritual Mother, confidant, and friend. ~Your Daughter in Law~

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