The Best Man Ever

Shared by Dorothy Denis on March 18, 2010

He was my boss. There is so much to say. But he took me and Nessa in when we had no where else to go. I can still remember the first time Janessa called him DAD. He was so happy. It surprised us all. That day we became a family. He loved her so much. They played so much. Willie loved that girl more than any man could love a child. And the feeling was mutual. If I ever pinched willie or played to hard with him. Janessa would get mad and tell me dont hurt my daddy. He used to love getting me in trouble. What a wonderful Human Being. He loved his family so very much. Thats all we talked about. Besides Golf and the Lakers. My only regret is not marrying this man. Manly because of being young and stupid.But the deep love was always there. And always will be.

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