Her Life

Feb 10 1925

Anna or Annie Heinde limmagrated from Prauge Checkolslavokia to the US through Ellis Island in 1923, she was only 19. She went to work for a wealthy Bohemian farmers family as a housekeeper and childcare provider. We would like to think that Anna and the farmer loved each other and when she became pregnant he did the only right thing he could do...He took her to and paid for her to stay at The Willows, known as the "Ritz or Waldorf" of homes for unwed mothers.

Wilma, the first one of twins Born to Anna, Willa and William(their names were later changed to Wilma and Willis) were born at The Willows Maternity Home(Opened in 1905 and closed in 1969, after 64 years of providing a haven and help for "unfortunate" girls and adoption services for their newborns.)