Posted by Sherry Regan on February 12, 2020
Happy happy 95th birthday to you and uncle Willy we miss you so much mama !there’s so much going on with your family But we will always honor you and your memory.
I Love e you
Your Loving daughter
Posted by Sherry Regan on December 17, 2019
Good morning Mama you are on our hearts today We shared all the good times and the bad times but you laughed all the time ! You always had a smile on your face we miss you so much. It has been a few years and I will be back here to celebrate your 94thB day!
I Love you with All my heart ❤️
Posted by Sherry Regan on February 10, 2018
Happy Happy 93rd Bday Momma❤️ We think about you all the time and you are sooo missed
Posted by Sherry Regan on December 18, 2017
He Momma . Hope you had a great day in Heaven. Yesterday marked the 6th year that you have been gone. We try to have dinners with corn and or sweet potato casserole. Tom is happy and I bake him a cake every month. He is enjoying his new home and family. You would be Happy to see him m doing well. I have a new job and am now sell furniture ,electrionics and appliances.
Yawhee blessings on you
I will see you when We go to my reward
Say Hi to Debbie, Nanny , Grammies and Poppie and of course Guy and Helen . Tell Willie I made as him too. I Love You with all my Heart and Soul Momma.

Your last bing daughter
Posted by Sheryl Regan on December 17, 2015
Happy 5th BDAY with Jesus. I know you are so happy and feeling no pain.I know you are playing the piano fOR God and all those that have gone before you.We miss you Momma. There is not a day that goes by that you are not thought of kindly.I know you are spending a lot of time with Debbie Ann, Vickie, Gregory Willie,Grandma Mabel,George,Charlie and Audrey, Margaret,Aunt Myrtle and more.Kiss Guy for me and tell him I really miss and think about him. Tom is good and I see Jim at least once a month.
I Love you!
Posted by Sherry Regan on February 10, 2015
Happy 90th B day Mama.We miss you so much.Your love,compassion, humbleness. And laughter will always keeps us going.I pray t h at yyou are having a beautiful 90th BDay party in heaven. With Willie.Nannie,Gregory,Vickie and my sweet little sister Debbie Ann.,Happy Happiest 90th BDay Mama,,I Love You..Sherry
Posted by Sheryl Regan on December 17, 2014
Happy 4th Anniversary of going to your Reward and meeting Jesus.By now you have found all of your family that passed before you.You George,Virginia and Mom Regan are. Probably hanging out together.I know you see Debbie everyday.I know you found your Momma and Daddy.I bet Gregiry and Vickie spend time with you too..We are all Happy well and God continues to bless us Hugely. Nick has been promoted and Gina is a banker..We still have corn on the cob. For some dinners as you are so Fondly Remembered and missed so much.Say Hi to Uncle Willie. For all of us.We will all meet in Heaven and sing and Prause Jesus.Your Loving Daughter..Sherry..P,S. I am taking texting and waiting for my Richie James to come to Colorado. .You would Love him.He has a heart for Jesus..Keep You posted..
Posted by Sherry Regan on December 17, 2013
good morning Moma.Happ
3rd Annversary of you being taken to your Reward.Moma we think of you often and Miss you so much.You were the Best Moma ,ever and I Strive. Hard t
O follow in your footsteps with the humbleness.Love and compassion you had fo your family and others.WE ARE NOW IN loveland and go to church to celebrat Jesus birth and he leads our lives.You will be Haooy to hearthat
The Lord put me back in a health store.Vitamin World as rhe Assistant
manager,Yes I help people once again with their health and Herbs as you always said.
Yoy wouldsay.A hopskip and a junp from home.Tom is Happy and Well taken care of in Wellington Assisted living.I hope you have been playing the piano for Nanny,Willie.Debbie.Virgina and Guy.MAY THE Lord God shine on you Today and let you uknowhow much you aee Remembrred and Loved.Missed. Your Loving daughter..Sherry
Posted by Sheryl Regan on February 10, 2013
Hi Momma, I know you are having a big 88th B-day party in Heaven with Jesus. I bet you are playing all your favorite songs and the angles are singing with you. Tom has a new home and is well taken care of. . He wants to go to church now and I know he will soon accept Jesus.
We miss you and will see you soon as the Lord continues to use qll of us here
Posted by Sheryl Regan on December 17, 2012
Momma, I think of you fondly and I know
Gods grace was and will always be with you. We talk about you and everytime a holiday comes up. We always acknowledge what you loved about that day. You were a Great Mother and the Greatest Grand Ma. We will always cherish the days, months and years we had with you and we will all be together in Heaven.
Posted by Sheryl Regan on December 17, 2011
My friends used to ask me if My Momma was an angel. She never had an enemy. She brought joy and happiness no matter where she was and who she was with. She had many people who were her extended family and called her Grandma. I miss you Mama, but I know you are in a much better place and playing the piano for God with all of your grace and talent. Your Loving daughter Sherry Lou.
Posted by Gina Miller on December 16, 2011
I Miss You so Much GRANDma, I think about you everyday!

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