A golden heart quit beating. Hard working hands were put to rest. God broke our hearts to prove to us he only takes the best.
  • 87 years old
  • Born on December 16, 1922 in Combs, Kentucky, United States.
  • Passed away on May 10, 2010 in Bethel, Ohio, United States.

Wilma M. Williams was a grade school teacher for 36 years. She began teaching in a one room school house in Hazard, Kentucky for 13 years and spent the remaining 23 years in Bethel, Ohio. She loved all of her students dearly. She talked about her memories of her teaching days often. She was a small woman with a BIG heart. She loved my great grandfather (Harold) dearly and remained true to him til' her last breath. She is an irreplaceable and remarkable woman. I admit, I was VERY  blessed to of had her in my life as my great grandmother. She was always on my side, even if I was wrong. She was a fighter. I lived with her for 17yrs and like any grandma would..she had me spoiled. She was my biggest fan and was ALWAYS full of laughs and helpful advice. I told her everything. She passed away 05/10/2010. Was I ready..? No! Was she ready..? Yes. Now It is my time to be strong and accept her decision to go home to my grandfather. I love you and I miss you. Farewell for now..

-Amanda Renae Rutherford.


Posted by Amanda Rutherford on October 21, 2010
Hey mam-maw! I was thinking about you again today. I'm doing my best to keep the memory of you alive. I miss you soo much. Sometimes I feel like I'll do ANYTHING to see you now but I know it's not my time yet. I'll see you soon! I love you<33
Posted by Amanda Rutherford on October 19, 2010
Your always on my mind mam-maw. Today has just been a little harder for some reason. I've been missing you more and more each day. EVERYTHING is different without you. I miss your voice telling me you love me and your arms wraped around me. your hugs were always so warm and welcoming. i miss you mam-maw!! The one and ONLY!
Love always,
Amanda Rutherford
Posted by Sydney Napier on September 2, 2010
Wilma was truly an amazing woman. When i visited, She would sit there and share stories with me. We're from the same area so we compared what it was like when she lived there, And when i did. Ive been back in the rutheford's home since her death, but i can honestly say it doesn't feel the same. She made everyone feel welcome, She gave a warm feeling to the house.No one could deny it. You're missed

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