Posted by Amanda Rutherford on October 21, 2010
Hey mam-maw! I was thinking about you again today. I'm doing my best to keep the memory of you alive. I miss you soo much. Sometimes I feel like I'll do ANYTHING to see you now but I know it's not my time yet. I'll see you soon! I love you<33
Posted by Amanda Rutherford on October 19, 2010
Your always on my mind mam-maw. Today has just been a little harder for some reason. I've been missing you more and more each day. EVERYTHING is different without you. I miss your voice telling me you love me and your arms wraped around me. your hugs were always so warm and welcoming. i miss you mam-maw!! The one and ONLY!
Love always,
Amanda Rutherford
Posted by Sydney Napier on September 2, 2010
Wilma was truly an amazing woman. When i visited, She would sit there and share stories with me. We're from the same area so we compared what it was like when she lived there, And when i did. Ive been back in the rutheford's home since her death, but i can honestly say it doesn't feel the same. She made everyone feel welcome, She gave a warm feeling to the house.No one could deny it. You're missed

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