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Shared by Claudette Cricket Thornbu... on April 11, 2017

  Hi Bud!

My but it has been a long time. Today you would be 88 years old but that is so unreal to me.  Life is so different without you.

Things have changed so much.  I sold the house in February and moved into a 2 bedroom apartment in West Omaha, out near Boys Town.  I won't have all the expenses of owning a home.   You know,  it sold as easily as the house in Texas.  I never even had to put it on the market.

   I also left the company I worked for.  I'm getting too old too keep working all the time ☺  Now I'm working for another health care company, less hours plus I only work when I want to and I only take easy assignments.  I really like it as they are very easy good caring people.

Well baby, it's been a long day and I have things to do before bed so I'll write agan next week.  I'll add "HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE"!!! Even though you're not here it is still your birthday.  Bye for now  

Our Wedding Day: February 14, 1983

Shared by Claudette Cricket Thornbu... on April 11, 2013

This had to be the best thing I had/have ever done.  Bud had a touch about him that was almost magical.  Anytime he put his arms around me,  I just felt the greatest sensation go through me.  In our 28 years together, it never stopped.  

Remembering 4th of July Fireworks

Shared by Claudette Cricket Thornbu... on July 5, 2012

I was remembering all the times we would go out to watch the Fireworks.  I didn't know if you had any real interest in watching, I really think you did it just to please me. From our roof, we could see fireworks all around us.  How I loved that.  The problem is that I have this fear of getting down from high places.  I can climb up ok sometimes, just scared to death of getting back down. You would always have to help me get down.  You never complained, nor did you ever remind me that if I climbed up I would need help getting down.  Instead, you would always say "are you sure you want to climb up there"?  Forgetting my fears, I would insist that I wanted to see everything I could, so away I'd go.

Later on in years, after you got that awful Maculure Degeneration, we would go for a ride, usually ending up @ the school and watch the city fireworks. 

It is a beautiful full moon tonight, fireworks going off all around, while I am thinking of you & some of the beautiful things we shared.  I'm trying so very hard to adjust, but life will never be full without you. Sometimes I can't even allow myself to think about you, or I will cry. Tonight has become one of those nights, so I must say "so-long for now my love, my sweet baby"!  Forever My Love!!!

Shared by Janet Thornburg on January 11, 2012

   Sharing a life with Bud and later a friendship with Bud and Cricket , totaling 42 years in all , has given me a wealth of wonderful memories . Bud had a way of adding so much enjoyment to what might have been just an ordinary experience , being with him was like Christmas every day. He was so soft spoken everybody had a hard time hearing him but they all agreed whatever he had to say was always well worth the effort it took to hear him . He had a wicked sense of humor and I can still hear that chuckle he'd try to hide when he knew he shouldn't be laughing . He was an honorable man with an old fashioned set of values and beyond his little onery streak was a true gentleman . His marriage to Cricket was one of his most brilliant moves. They were a match of warmth and love that was inspiring to see . She took devoted and untiring care of him throughout his lengthy and debilitating illness , her love for him always obvious in her gentle thoughtfulness. He was worthy of that love and care , a great loss to all of us who knew and loved him. I think of him often and miss him alot. Thank you Cricket , for the opportunity to voice just a few of my thoughts of Bud - WHAT A GUY !!!!

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