Posted by Claudette Cricket Thornbu... on April 19, 2018
Hi Bud. It's been a long time. I still think of you, every single day, I think. Please keep me in your prayers as you're much closer than I am and maybe they will be answered. It was another rough year and I moved again the end of February again. My new apartment is very small so I have lots of things to get rid of. It's nice enough and I've met a lot of nice people but I sure do feel lonely. Hope to see you in my dreams soon as that would be so awesome it would also be an encouragement for me to continue on trying. Spoke with Kathy Noggle and she's not doing well. She has been diagnosed with cancer they cannot cure and James was on oxygen, so neither one of them are doing well. I hope to go to Texas and see them soon, before it's too late. Well I'm going to go for now it's getting late and almost tomorrow, so I need to get some sleep. I love you, always will, and maybe I'll get to see you soon. Bye for now!!!
Posted by Claudette Cricket Thornbu... on April 11, 2016
Happy birthday baby !!! Well another year has passed and I'm a year older and you're still staying the same. I'm catching up to you. I hate growing old, but like you were, I don't feel old and guess I don't look or act my age, at least I hope not. I do wish you could come back and visit me again, but I do feel so very Blessed that you were able to once. Not many people get that. Please keep praying for me, I could use something good to happen in my life. I miss you as always, My Love!!
Posted by Claudette Cricket Thornbu... on April 20, 2015
Hi Bud. I didn't forget you on your birthday, in fact I did write a message and I saved it but it didn't post. Guess I did something wrong. I didn't work on the 17th and 18th I just wanted to spend some time alone.
As always, I know you're with me everyday and I miss you as much as ever. Please pray for me. I need that, you know.
I love you still and always will!!!
Posted by Claudette Cricket Thornbu... on April 26, 2013
Hi Baby, Well I made it through the worst part of April, again this year. Sometimes, I think it was even harder than last year. The loneliness is really almost overwhelming. It is so hard to keep focused on my studies and no motivation to even try, but I do try. I love you as much today as always, my love. Please continue watching over and protecting me, I will always Love You!!!
Posted by Claudette Cricket Thornbu... on April 11, 2013
Happy Birthday my love!!! You would be 84 today, but I don't guess they count them in heaven.
Bud, I still carry your memory with me, every single day, and I love you just as much as always...I know you are still watching over me, protecting me. I feel comforted knowing that. I will love you always my dear sweet baby...
Posted by Leeona Yardley on April 23, 2012
Bud, I can't say how much it means to me to know your not suffering any longer. I know my dear friends and I are missing you every day but I know your happy and waiting for us all.
Posted by Kirsten Bomar on April 22, 2012
To you Bud, a blessed angel watching over my dear friend Cricket.
Posted by Janet Thornburg on April 21, 2012
Dear Bud,
  Time heals they say , and thank God for that - because it does ease the pain... but time doesn't take away memories and thank God for That because that leaves the joy .Thanks for the memories and the joy of knowing you.                Love ,  Janet
Posted by Claudette Cricket Thornbu... on April 20, 2012
My love, this has been a long week. Lynette, Judy & l went out to dinner in remembrance of your Birthday. How I wish you could have been sitting at my side. I wanted to be left alone this week & just be with my memories. Today, one year ago, we had your Memorial Mass. I don't really think it is any easier now than it was then.
I will never stop missing or loving you. Forever Yours!
Posted by Janet Thornburg on April 11, 2012
Happy Birthday , Bud ! We had some great birthday bashes in our days. I used to love taking you to the Gas Lamp for a big Prime Rib Dinner and back to the Brothers for a little celebrating. Bet the celebrations you enjoy now are even more HEAVENLY but when the rest of us get there it"ll be spectacular !!!     Much Love - Janet
Posted by Claudette Cricket Thornbu... on April 11, 2012
"Happy Birthday, my love"!
I know you must be adjusted to the changes between here & There by now & I just bet you are very happy, being back with your mom & dad & so many other family members. We are happy for you, but we still really miss you here. I still miss you every day, but I keep myself pretty busy, trying not to think about you too much. I love you!!!
Posted by Claudette Cricket Thornbu... on February 14, 2012
Dearest Bud
Today is our 29th aniversary. It just doesn't seem right with you out of my sight, even though you are never far out of my thoughts. Two days ago, I turned 70. That didn't seem right without you either. The family had a really nice luncheon for me. Now that you are gone, little Jace hugs me like he did you. We love you so much!!! 
Posted by Janet Thornburg on January 11, 2012
Bud - what a rich experience you were to my life. Thinking of you brings a soft smile and many warm and happy memories. You were a wonderful friend, boyfriend, husband , friend and I will NEVER forget you. God bless you and keep you in the palm of His hand forever - Amen
Posted by Claudette Cricket Thornbu... on January 9, 2012
I love the memory of your soft and gentle touch and the love I felt every time you touched me or just looked me in the eye. You gave me a love I never thought possible, even in my dreams. You changed my life in a very good way...forever...I love you so much, and await the time when you can hold me in your loving arms again.
Together Forever my love, my sweet baby.

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